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  1. G Gundam is an atrocity. As big of a Gundam fan that I am I can't bring myself to like this one. It rates higher then SEED and SEED Destiny in my books but it's still a horrible show
  2. I will attest to this. GX is an awesome show. Dangit now I want to watch GX again. I'd say see Turn-A but I haven't watched it yet. I've had all the eps dled for about a year just haven't had a chance to sit down and watch them. Heard its awesome though.
  3. Meh, F91 wasn't fleshed out enough. The movie was basically 50 eps worth of a series idea and smashed into a 2 and a half hour movie. It was good don't get me wrong but it would have been so much better if Tomino would of had the funding to make a series. Good to see you've finally seen all of MSG Sledge (even I haven't finished it, have only seen eps 1-35 and the last two). You'll love Zeta, tis such a beautiful series.
  4. As I always say to each there own. Not everyone is gonna like Lain and your one of them. It's not for everyone. It's only for those who like animes that make you think. Everything in the anime makes complete sense only if you take the time to try and understand it and have a good knowledge of computers. Otherwise to the untrained or otherwise uncaring individual it's all going to sound like nonsense. You'd also be surprised how you make that final question end up true. It's questions like those that make anime like Lain extremely good. Then again you also have to have some sort of liking or interest in Philosophy. Still nice to see you gave it a try. Gotta give you points for that. I've known my fair share of individuals who write the story off after 15 minutes into the first ep.
  5. Heh, I've had this song downloaded for ages. It is quite possible the best song ever (after a few others).
  6. Meh, SG-1 has lost my interest since they started all this Ori crap. True they needed somewhere to keep the story going but I just can't get into it. With the loss of O'Niel the show just ain't the same anymore. (Though I'll admit I do like the new guy a little bit). I've missed a lot of Atlantis but what I saw last night had me hooked to keep watching. I'll say this Atlantis is no SG-1 but it's still interesting to watch. It could of just been all the flashy explosions and what not. Don't know. I originally quit watching it awhile ago because Weir annoys the hell out of me
  7. I'm not on a high horse, sorry. When you start a discussion you should be more then willing to discuss it. Not end it by just saying a half assed answer like "Wing Rules and thats that". You just backing out. I'm not asking you to explain yourself since I've seen more Gundam or because I research Gundam as a hobby, I'm asking you to explain yourself more in hopes of getting a discussion thats interesting and worth my time to post in (like Dubie, goku, and everyone else in here have done). Sorry if I seem to be on a high horse or an ass but when it comes to Gundam discussion (whether it's about one I like or not) I expect a certain level of understanding of the show and a willingness from the person that posted the topic to discuss it and be able to support their info. As I said I'm a Gundam Otaku, I want discussion. Not just one liners with no backing info. As for the one you're talking about you'll need to be more specific. The only Gundam shows to ever be shown on Cartoon Network were: Gundam Wing Mobile Suit Gundam (though it never finished airing) Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory Mobile Suit Gundam: The 8th MS Team G Gundam SD Gundam (or whatever the hell it was called) Gundam SEED As far as I know it could be any of these. SEED is the most recently shown Gundam. I can't say much on this. What time frame can you give us for the answer? Like was it shown real recently (it'd be SEED then) or a few years back (then it could be any of the others but Wing and MSG).
  8. Now if only that could end the discussion. I know a fair share of GW fans who'd like to end a discussion like this. Frankly it's good to state why you like it or don't. It draws out conversation which are what boards are for. As I said before this is why I hate this generation and the new generation of Gundam fans. They don't state reasons as to why and they don't want too. (Just for your info I break Gundam fans into three groups: Old School, GW Gen, and New Gen. The majority of AC falls into GW Gen with a few of us having moved to Old School and a few of the n00bs being from the Next Gen (aka SEED Gen)). You guys just want to end the discussion without having to provide backing info because you're afraid to make yourself look bad when someone comes in and destroys your argument. Dubie it's always good to have a Gundam discussion with ya. Great info and I commend you for trying to destroy the misconceptions that people have a GW (I know you destroyed a fair share of the ones I had, though those were few in number). I just wish more GW fans were like you, I might actually get more intelligent Gundam conversations out of people. Also w00t for Mythbusters, best show on TV to date. Anyways I'm done in here now. Don't want this to go down the wrong path plus we need this to stay on topic (more then a fair share of Gundam discussions have been derailed in here). Continue on with why GW is so popular (beyond the reasons already stated).
  9. Ah thanks for the info on Shenlong and Deathscythe. Been years since I saw it so I couldn't remember when they were destroyed and why (I have a bad memory). True, give an awesome pilot an awesome suit and they'll be a powerhouse (as seen with Char and a few other pilots in the UC series as well as AC series). It's just that the GW Gundams are actually more powerful then you believe them to be as compared to other timeline series (UC series and GX). Only real reason I know this is not by having seen those series but because I actually read and understand the technical specs that are out on the net for them (MAHQ is my bible for mech tech specs). I'm somewhat of a nerd for specs. I could care less what a suit looks like, I want to know what it's truly capable of and that can only be seen thru the technical specs. This is why the GW Gundams are considered so powerful. They're capable of things that nothing could realistically be capable of even a 25 meter humanoid weapon. UC Gundam isn't for everyone thats why I can see you not getting into it. Sadly this is what I don't like about the new generation of Gundam fans. They only watch it for the flashy Gundams, pretty boy/girl pilots, and fanservice (as seen in SEED/SEED Destiny). None of them are in it for the story or awesome character development that was seen in the original Gundam and subsequent UC series (Tomino is the man, all I have to say about that). Meh, I'm done now. Enough Gundam spouting out of me. Need to turn this back on track to GW and why it's so popular.
  10. Oh I don't know. Take quite a few of the UC series where, until the pilot learns how to use the suit to it's full extent, get the crap beat out of them. I don't now about you but too me that what makes the UC timeline great. Adds more of a realistic spin to it instead of having suits that can easily take a suit out without even trying. Then again thats just me. Oh yes and remember two of those GW suits got destroyed because of the pilot self-destructing them, not due to fighting (Heero self-destructing Wing and Quatre self-destructing Sandrock, can't say I remember Deathscythe and Shenlong being destroyed). Just thought I'd point that out. Not trying to start anything, just wanted to point that little point out. Wing didn't get mostly destroyed in a fight until it took the direct hit from Libra when Une was piloting it.
  11. Well for one set your Feathered option under the rectangular marquee tool to zero. If it's set to anything but zero it leaves a blur around the area cut out. As for why it's not selecting in a rectangle is beyond me. I haven't met this problem yet with mine.
  12. Thats one of the reasons the series rubbed me the wrong way, Relena's naieve ideas. Others were the uber powerful mechs and what not. Frankly GW ranks higher then G Gundam and both SEEDs on my list of what Gundam shows are good and what not (probably because it was the first Gundam series I had ever seen). As you said Dubie it's not for everyone and sadly being the huge Gundam fan I am I find myself having to discuss the topic of Wing more then I'd like. Dubie is right though, CN had a big role to play in it's popularity in the US. I was just going by a general aspect of it around the world (the reason it was a big hit in Japan was the Bishie pilots and the multitude of Gundams int he show).
  13. Don't say every anime fan reveres it cause I certainly don't, both as a self-respecting anime fan and as a Gundam Otaku (I'm crazy about everything Gundams except G Gundam, Gundam Wing, the atrocity known as SEED, and the even worse atrocity SEED Destiny). The big popularity with it is the pretty boy pilots, the uber powerful Gundams, and the lack of political intrigue (ok others will say it has lots of political intrigue, I found it rather lack luster. Total pacifism is a dream, it'll never happen and the premise of this bogged down an otherwise ok plot). Also, one of the few reasons why Wing has a huge following is because the majority of Wing fans are girls because, as stated by the creator, Wing was the first Gundam series made to appeal to the opposite sex (meaning females here, Gundam is and originally was targeted at the male audience until Wing was made. Since then it's been shifted to appeal to both audiences (as seen with the ever so craptacular SEED and SEED Destiny). Also I have a feeling that this belongs in the Gundam subboard but it'll get moved eventually.
  14. Currently halfway thru reading "The Antichrist" by Friedrich Nietzsche. Very good read then again most philosophical books are a good read.
  15. another good one and it's a true mind-fuck. Yes if you like Lain check out Texhnolyze, this one will make your brain explode. *is still having problems figuring the show out*
  16. Singer: Cristina Scabbia from Lacuna Coil (she's really hot) Actress: Jessica Alba (she's hot also)
  17. From Anime News Network: Lain Iwakura appears to be an ordinary girl, with almost no experience with computers. Yet the sudden suicide of a schoolmate, and a number of strange occurrences, conspire to pull Lain into the world of the Wired, where she gradually learns that nothing is what it seems to be... not even Lain herself. And it's 13 eps GG.
  18. Loved it. Great series (I have the limited edition boxset in fact). Quick warning: It's not for those who don't like to think while watching an anime. Brings up a lot of thought provoking questions and is an all around mind-fuck (screws with your head). Still a good series to see though and like most people you probably won't understand it all the first time thru.
  19. Heh, I can't remember that far back to actually remember what go me into anime. I know for certain the first anime I ever saw was Sailor Moon back when I was like 6. Had no idea it was anime back then or what anime was (I just thought it was another American Cartoon). My actual fandom in anime was cemented with Dragonball Z (which I completely loathe now, I don't even know how I could get interested in something like this) back in sixth grade when the new kid, who is now my best friend, mentioned I should start watching it so I did. I then watched whatever CN had for anime up thru the years (until about three years ago, Toonami/Adult Swin has had no anime worth watching since then), what I could catch on Thursday on Movie Plex, and various other stations that showed it. Skip forward till now and I'm one of the biggest otaku in my area (believe me I am). Sadly I miss the old days though when I'd get home from school, sit in the comfortable lazyboy, and be glued to the TV so I could watch CN's lineup (ah the days of Voltron, Sailor Moon, DBZ, Tenchi, etc.)
  20. Constantly have my MP3 player with me everywhere I go (yes, even to work) and it's usually always on (unless I'm talking to my boss, a friend, or my parents). I listen to music basically all night up until I go to bed on my laptop (unless I'm playing WoW or another computer game). I suppose you could say I total upwheres of 16-17 hours a day of listening to music (as well as I should, I have so damn much of it (40+ gigs of music on my laptop)).
  21. They have the suits (referring to Blue Destiny) on MAHQ but sadly only detailed specs on the first unit and very little on the second and third units. I don't paint my models, never got into that habit. I tried once with my 1/144th Ez-8 but it didn't turn out. It was either the paint or my lack of model painting skills (I'm an awesome painter, I just suck at painting models). I take more joy out of putting the model together then I do painting them. I'd say you're far from obsessed. You're only obsessed with Gundam when you can reference every little detail about any MS found in the Gundam universe, have stacks upon stacks of hand-written technical jargon you've picked up relating to Gundam, papers on the various aspects of each series from characters to how the Gundam universe works, stacks upon stacks of custom made suits and revamped suits currently existing in the universe, and the list goes on (and yes I have and can do everything I listed above plus more). You're well on your way though but enough rambling about that.
  22. Bandai has been behind lately on releasing kits from spin-off series. I really want to see a Blue Destiny kit, not a conversion kit. As to your question GG, only way to get them cheap is to find a local hobby shop and see if they carry them or an online site that has a store in your area. Gundam models don't come cheap sadly, even in a store. My only way to get models is to order them because no place around here carries Gundam models (well Toy's R Us does but sadly they don't have any Master or Perfect grades).
  23. Meh, I've listened to the CD (friend had me listen to it after he bought it). Wasn't to impressed and I only liked a few songs. Guess I'm not really into rap music anymore or it was just his style that didn't appeal to me.
  24. Seen them both completely through and I loved every minute of them. And yes Kun Kun ftw! Best character in the show besides Suisei-seki (who happens to be my favorite of the dolls).
  25. Meh, I'm not a patient person so I'd probably import if I ordered it. Much easier, just gotta pay more.