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  1. Apparently Kojima likes naked Reedus Even though I understand nothing of whats going on in that trailer I'm intrigued enough that I might have to buy this. I did love how everyone went nuts when he came out during the Sony Press Conference, can definitely tell people are happy to have him back in the saddle.
  2. Sadly that's been happening more in recent years then I'd like. This is why these big name titles have been flailing about recently and it's getting ridiculous (I mean look at Destiny). Meh, until they realize that The Division needs more then loot grinding (I got on recently and the max GS you can get doing HM Missions is 165, they're practically forcing you to do Challenging and to do the Incursions if you want to gear up. That or grinding the DZ constantly) to keep it going. I really have no hope for the upcoming expansion, I'll play it in hopes we get some good story but other than that I don't see myself getting back into it. I don't ever think we'll get The Division we were promised, the same way we'll never get the Destiny game we were promised. These developers and publishers need to quit promising us things they can't possibly deliver on. I have hopes they'll eventually get it right one of these days but until they do be prepared to have downgraded games like these (a sad truth).
  3. Meh, downgrades happen. Why people make such a big deal out of it I'll never know. Graphically speaking R6S is still a damn good looking game and judging it on old footage of one map that was revamped and redone is kinda harsh. Yea, I'm biased because of my love for the game but I still think it looks damn good (then again I'm not a stickler for graphics like a lot of people are, I was angrier at Ubisoft's handling of The Division (lets face it, as fun as it was that was not the game we were promised and this video proves it) then I was at the graphical downgrade for R6S).
  4. Well I'm officially sold. The combat looks like it took cues from the Dynasty Warriors games (main combat) and I love the one-on-one fighting system. Definitely on my to buy list for next year.
  5. Meh, my controller is an official one but my laptop doesn't want to recognize it (and believe me I tried everything to get it to work). I should dig out my old white one and see if it works with my laptop or not (my black one is the one that doesn't work (I own 2 360's. The original white one and the slim black one)). It's not that big of a deal since I can't play the game on my laptop anyways and I own very few games were I prefer a controller over my mouse and keyboard.
  6. Chain link was an awesome game mode, sadly it didn't get the love it should of on PS4. It's probably my favorite game mode besides Conquest. Operations mode sounds amazing and I really hope it gets implemented right. Just think of the amazing battles that we're going to have, going from one map to the next. God I absolutely can't wait for this game now.
  7. As much as I hate to say it I agree with hoping it gets delayed (and it might but by the looks of the MP trailer things are pretty much ironed out and ready to go, maybe some last minute testing to shore up any bugs but it honestly looks ready to ship at this time). As much as I want to see COD get completely crushed it's just to unfair to put Respawn in this situation. I'm pretty damn sure Titanfall 2 will sell extremely well but it's going to divide the overall player pool for this genre in 2 forcing both it and BF1 to suffer (and we all know how bad smaller player pools are going to effect the overall game play). EA seriously needs to rethink this before October comes around.
  8. Oh it never will. The PC version with all of the graphical overhaul mods will be better looking then the PS4/XBone overhauls. I'll most likely pick this up since I haven't actually gotten a chance to play through it (I own the Legendary Edition on Steam but the graphics card in my laptop can barely handle playing it on low settings and I really have no quarrel buying another copy of it (in fact I have multiple copies of various games (I own three copies of Dust (PS4/PC/360), two copies of Valiant Hearts (PC/PS4), two copies of FFXIV (PC/PS4), and a few others)). Plus I can't play games like these with a keyboard and mouse, just throws me off (I refuse to by an XBone controller just to play it on my PC and I don't have the proper connections to hook up and use my 360 controller on my PC (I've tried to get it working but it won't work no matter what I do).
  9. They stated the day and age of long range sniping is gone now, they actually want us to be in medium to close range while we play (pretty much saying engage at the right distances, so no more 2000+ meter sniping thought I'm sure we'll still have those asshats that due it in 4 will still attempt it here). After watching that I feel I might actually be able to snipe in this one with the increased muzzle velocities but I get the feeling I'll be sticking more with the Medic and Assault (maybe Support if I see some better LMG play) as those are more my play style. I do like how they're making the Scout a more aggressive class now. I'm wondering what we're going to get for other gadgets as well considering that only seems to show the Flare Gun and I think the Anti-tank rounds (I get the feeling they probably won't give us dynamite for this class (that will most likely be support/assault)). They might get mines but I'm also assuming that's probably going to end up on the Assault class or even the Support (there were no claymore type weapons used during WWI (the S-Mine or better known as the Bouncing Betty hadn't been invented yet) but who knows, we may get something along those lines (or maybe a choice to rig something up that functions the same way (trip wire grenades anyone)).
  10. Heh, I suck at flying as well but I might give it another go. Who knows if I still suck I'll just be your backseat gunner, I'm really good at doing those sort of things I actually had to agree with one of the people in chat which was to follow XFactor because he was pretty much the only one who stayed alive long enough to show anything interesting (besides Jack, Matimi0, and Stonemountain). Honestly I was getting sick of the aerial views, yes the map was beautiful but we don't need to continually see it. We wanted actual game play, not scenic views and people dying over and over again. Still mad that Neebs team lost though, was really rooting for them (he probably would of won had he not lost Level and those two others he mentioned in the interview after).
  11. While it looks fun (that grappling hook is going to be a huge game changer for Titanfall) I have to question EA's retarded idea to release this 7 DAYS after BF1. They're practically shooting themselves in the foot here and I can't justify buying two games back to back like that (the last time I did it I ended up only playing one of them and letting the other collect dust). I might get it but it won't be until either Christmas or sometime after (and that's only if I get sick of BF1).
  12. I'm overly happy with everything I saw during the live stream (though I wasn't impressed with their way of showing it, they were switching views to fast to really get a feel for anything). Gun play looks amazing and I like the idea of sniper scopes on the semi-auto's. Gives you a chance to actually play a bit of range while using them and still have the ability to hip fire them at close range effectively. Liking the SMG's as well but I'm a little iffy on the LMG's (Support is my favorite class in BF so I'm very particular about the guns they use). Yea I know we're limited on what guns we use but I'm still a little put off by them. I can also guarantee that I won't be sniping in this one. I'm horrendous at sniping in BF4 and with the scopes they had available during WWI I'm going to be even worse. I like the looks of the tank play as well. Having multiple people in a tank is going to be amazing though I wonder how well it's going to work on console with communication only being available in squads (going to be really hard to coordinate with the driver and other gunners if you're all in separate squads, hopefully they can implement a VOIP like PC users get for us console players). The airship is going to be a lot of fun, I can sense it. Plus the ability to control it and the knowledge that having it crash can drastically change the battlefield is awesome. Dynamic weather is going to be awesome as well because I like the idea of going into battle on a sunny day and then it all of a sudden changes into a thunderstorm or having fog roll in (which I totally see, like DX pointed out, that it's going to be the number one thing players complain about). I'm seriously hyped now. Can't wait to see more game play footage come out in the next few days from the youtubers at the event (I already watched Jack's video (right after the live stream actually) and was rather impressed by what I saw). I'll definitely be pre-ordering this once I get the money for it (or I can just con the money out of family since the game does come out three days after my birthday).
  13. That was fucking amazing and I'm glad I watched it live. Chat was freaking hype during it.
  14. I'm going to admit I got slightly interested when I saw the trailer, more so since they're actually putting some focus on the story. Sadly that's about all I got excited for. I watch Teawrex and KingGothalion play Destiny when no one else that I follow is on and honestly the game is just as boring and just as grindy as we remember it (even more so now with all the new shit they added in since The Taken King launched). Fuck they put a point scoring system on Prison of Elders now calling it the Challenge of Elders. If that's true about the preorder Gally Bungie is going to have a shit ton of pissed off gamers they're going to have to deal with. Honestly a year 2 version of the Gally probably wouldn't even be welcomed in the game as there are so many better exotic heavy weapons to choose from now (not to mention some pretty nice Special and Primary weapons). Most people would only grab it to say they have it. I do like the idea of it being a bounty though, so much easier to get instead of hoping for that godly drop or for Xur to sell it.
  15. While the game mechanics remain mostly the same in every GTA they do bring in new things from time to time (Heists are completely original to 5 and was a very nice and very welcome change). I never really started getting into the story element until GTA4 (before that I had only played the first one and I honestly can't tell you what the plot, if there was one, was even about. I mostly spent hours running around town killing people, stealing cop cars, and enabling cheats for infinite ammo and the tank). I think the major draw of GTA is that, at the time, it was one of the few sandbox games released around that time and gave people their first taste of being able to do what you want, when you want, and how you want and not be confined to a linear play style or plot. Honestly GTA remains, imo, the best sandbox title we've ever gotten (I never really got into Saints Row and while Assassin's Creed is a sandbox title it's still an extremely linear title).
  16. Sadly I couldn't watch it, my cable provider is completely fucking up lately and has been treating certain channels as premium channels and blocking our access and sadly one of those channels happens to be the History channel. I'm hoping the problem is resolved by Monday so I can catch the next one and hopefully the first ep.
  17. While I like the new abilities and some of the new stuff our new guy can do I'm going to have to wait and see more on this game before I decide if I want to get it or not (I still haven't beaten the first one yet). I'd of preferred an actual sequel to the first one as well. With games like BF1 and Deus Ex releasing before it it'll have to do quite a bit to get me hyped for it.
  18. And hence the reason why I'm glad, like DX, that I never got into this series (I couldn't get past the fact they were mising SE characters with Disney characters (hey I was young and opinionated when the first one came out). I heard it was a great game with a great story but I was too invested in other titles back then to take the plunge and buy it (or rent it, I did a lot of game renting back then)). A lot of my friends, who were fans of the KH series, actually ended up buying every system to play it. Emulation, while fun, requires a lot of set-up for anything past the SNES era (hell to play PS1 and PS2 games on you PC you actually need to get your hands on the bios for both systems, extremely illegal (even more so then pirating games) and they're hard to find without getting some virus downloading them (I only know this because I have emulated PS games before but stopped doing it as I can't play old school PS games without getting a serious headache)). Considering how SE has already done this with the FF series (the sequel to IV, Crisis Core, Tactics Advance and Tactics Advance 2) I can forsee them taking this path with FFXV (if the game ends up being a multi-game release, they'd be fucking stupid if they pulled this. XIII and it's two sequels did not do as well as some people think they did and ended up loosing SE a lot of pull with their fans as well as money (the only reason XIII sold so well was because it was a numbered title and it was the first numbered title to come out in 3 years at the time)). This is the reason why I'm only blowing money on FFXIV and the Star Ocean series, the only good FF around now-a-days and the only good series SE has been putting out in recent years (which reminds me I should really get around to beating II, III, and IV (Star Ocean that is)).
  19. Heh, I completely forgot about it until Matimi0 mentioned it on his stream today. Man I can't wait until that comes out, that trailer has me even more intrigued (finally happy to have a release date attached as well).
  20. It's a very good read and thankfully it saves me from having to read the book myself (I've got to much other shit to read and I honestly don't want to touch this new canon with a 10ft pole).
  21. Heh, the only things I watch on Discovery are Deadliest Catch (I love this show, it's gotten a little too Reality TV for me in recent seasons but the show is still a good watch (I know it's not their fault but when Phil died was when the show started tanking hard)) and Alaskan Bush People (yea I know, it's actually quite entertaining for how ridiculous it is at times). I pretty much stay clear of Discovery other then that. I did forget to mention this but I do love Mountain Men on History. That's probably the only show I still watch on History besides the random documentaries they may have on and when I catch reruns of Vikings (I'm two seasons behind atm, lost interest in it when Ragnar became King). The only thing I used to watch on the Travel Channel was No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain. That show was and still is one of my favorite TV shows since not only did you see the different foods and drink the areas he visited had but it also gave you a look into the culture as well. I still watch random episodes from time to time on Netflix (I was pissed when they lost the rights to the entire show, now it's just a bunch of random episodes from different seasons being offered (and sadly none of the real good ones)). I'd give anything to get my hands on the Science Channel but sadly it's not offered in the cable package I have. I used to watch that shit all the time down in Arizona when I visited friends who had it (we didn't have cable in my apartment, roommate and I decided against it. We used Netflix and other means to watch the shows we wanted to watch).
  22. I'll actually have to watch this, seems rather interesting (my favorite History subjects were always WWI, WWII, Feudal Japan, and Ancient Greece. Rome has never been a big part of my interests but this does look amazing). I wish History would go back to those days (it's pretty much what the Smithsonian channel has turned into, at least three times a week they have something about WWII on for a huge block of time) instead of all these other shit shows (Pawn Stars was good in the beginning but no it's just crap, Swamp People is interesting to watch but not really related to what the channel is about, etc). Much like DX I never got H2 so I didn't get to see a lot of the shows they had on (some of which seemed rather interesting and good, the one you mentioned included) so I'm happy they're going to release similar shows on the main channel.
  23. It seems no worse then the animation problems with Sailor Moon Crystal (which lets be honest there were plenty during the TV run of the first two seasons). Just gotta give them time to work the animation kinks out as the series progresses. Plus that's a major problem with mixing CG animation with Traditional animation, you get those wonky ass inconsistencies (which are highly noticeable in mech related shows (there was some funky ass shit going on with the animation in Gundam 00 and even in Macross Frontier)).
  24. Hmmm, I'm intrigued. I'll have to give this a shot being the Voltron fan that I am.
  25. I know this they're going to have to re-balance the whole same hero picking system because PC players are starting to complain and I honestly see why. JackFrags and his group ran into a group that had 5 Mei's and a Lucio on the defending side. They still won the match but it's safe to say it took them almost 4 minutes to capture the first point due to every Mei rotating out their Ice Wall on the entrance points (they countered it with a 4 Pharah rush from above but this shouldn't be a necessary tactic just to play the game). Multiple of the same hero shouldn't be a thing and was my major complaint when I first started playing the beta (I honestly see no reason for repeat heroes on teams, though I will admit it's hilarious to see teams troll other teams with the tactic). I don't know how prevalent this is on console however because I mainly watch PC streamers. Mei does need to be reworked and that was evident in the beta. She's the best hero for crowd control if you play her right, her attacks are devastating (the ability to freeze other heroes and then one shot them with the icicle shot is a little to overpowered), her ultimate is the ultimate objective cleaner if your team works together, and she's extremely hard to kill with her ability to wrap herself in ice. While I admit she's a nice counter to certain heroes she shouldn't be the ultimate counter to every hero. Considering how popular she is (on PC at least) I don't really see any major nerfs coming down for her until either Blizzard finds a way to do it without pissing people off or they bring in a new hero to play (as of right now I've not seen an effective counter for her). Genji has a steep learning curve (he's extremely agile, the only hero that can double jump, wields both ranged and melee weapons, his Ult is hard to use effectively, and he's extremely squishy). While he's not that hard to play he's hard to master. I thought I did pretty well playing him in the beta but even I admit I'm no where near that good at playing him (his main two attacks are weird and extremely hard to land and his sword attack, while effective, is hard to properly wield). Battleborn, while I loved the game while I played the beta, suffers from not enough advertising (hell I never heard of it until the beta went live). It's no real surprise they dropped the price for it when Overwatch launched because they knew they were going to lose quite a bit of their player base once Overwatch fully launched (and like DX said they're player numbers are low). Gearbox should of put more into advertising the game and generating more hype for it (something Blizzard did extremely well for the game having multiple closed betas, plenty of press, and those amazing Animated Shorts).