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  1. Competitive mode is all that is streamed now (it's rare to find someone who streams quickplay matches), everyone wants those gold weapon skins (plus competitive actually forces people to play as a team which is what a lot of people wanted from the get go). Honestly the gameplay is boring to watch if you're not playing it which is why I skip Matimi0's stream if he's playing Overwatch now, I'd rather watch someone socially eat over watching Overwatch (yea social eating is now a Twitch category, completely retarded if you ask me). I'm really hoping Ana does change up the Meta to make watching matches enjoyable again. Based on information I gathered from Matt's stream last night one of his viewers were saying that Ana is pretty weak atm. I can't confirm or deny this since, like I said, Matt hasn't been streaming Overwatch but it seems she suffers in the dps department (something about her not getting any damage bonus for headshots making her extremely weak compared to Widowmaker). It seems I was right when I said she'd be the off-healer of the group as her heal isn't that powerful which would make for a bad team comp without another healer. She's pretty much Zenyatta without the massive amount of damage he can do. This is PTR though so I'm sure they'll iron out her deficiencies before she's released on the live servers (if the thing about headshots is true she needs to be buffed in that department, give her half the bonus Widowmaker gets to even it out since she is still a support character).
  2. After having watched he backstory video and the gameplay one earlier today I so want Overwatch now. This is exactly my type of Support character. She can heal from range, buff allies/debuff enemies, put enemies to sleep, her ult is a massive buff, and she can actually be useful in a fight (I'm sorry Mercy, I love you to death but you're shit in a fight). I can honestly say if she was in the game from the start I would of bought this day 1. I wonder how quickly she'll be adopted into Competitive though since it seems everyone likes to have Mercy or Lucio in the group. If anything you're probably going to see more healer stacking with teams running either a Mercy/Ana or Lucio/Ana set-up since you won't really loose any dps since Ana can pretty much play both rolls and would be more of the back-up healer. I really can't wait to see how she'll change up the Meta (as sick as I am of watching Overwatch streams I'll be glued to them once she's actually released just to learn how good she actually is).
  3. Oh hell no, I have a problem with 400% ticket Metro servers lasting up to two hours (and they're all I play now). 5-6 hours would make me cry (and remind me of my old Halo LAN days where a CTF match could last up to 8 hours (and one did)). Even if that doesn't end up being true we're still looking at up to 2 hours depending on how good the defending team is (sounds more like it's Rush on a grander scale with the map only changing if the attacking team captures all defensive points (which, considering the tug-of-war play style, could be extremely hard to do since the defending team can recapture the point). I sense Operations mode is going to cause almost everyone to come in with pre-made squads and hell maybe even pre-made teams due to the teamwork required to play this mode (not complaining, I'm a huge fan of making teamwork more of a priority which is why I love what they're doing with BF1). Will be interesting to see if this game mode really takes off. I won't touch the re-balancing issue. My opinions on it aren't exactly viewed upon with approving eyes (I'm all for it, it's the only way to keep teams fair when one side looses chunks of their team. I'll get lynched for this but if you're doing good on the winning side why can't you be that good on the loosing side. Just because you're side changes doesn't mean you're going to suck. Yea you'll probably still loose (honestly, who cares about win/loss ratio (mine is so bad in BF4 that I just laugh at it everytime I see it)) but whats stopping you from aiming for that top spot by playing the objective). My only opinion is it'll most likely still be a problem in BF1 because we're still using the same engine and it was still around in Hardline.
  4. Considering I eat at Wendy's maybe once a year I'm safe (plus my location isn't on there).
  5. Meh, I know it has a huge following (I've heard so many people say this is the most amazing thing they've read/watched) but this show and manga has not interested me in the least.
  6. Honestly I'm ok with whatever they decide for the revive. I'm so used to charging the defibs from BF4 (I primarily play Assault now, I love all those healing and revive points) it wouldn't bug me if they made us charge the needle (or I guess draw revive fluid (?) from a vial). I wanna know where all these melee weapons are. I know it's an alpha and not everything is in but I'm really hoping they deliver on that promise of multiple melee weapons (I really wanna get my hands on that spiked mace and the sword). The hatchet is cool (so is the shovel) but I'm getting sick of seeing the same take down animations over and over again. I was excited to hear the BAR was going to be in this. That was my go to MG in World at War (until I got the MG42 unlocked). I wonder what type of variations we'll get since that 20 round mag is going to severely limit engagement times and killing potential (unless the thing hits like a truck and can down people in 3-4 shots).
  7. Even though he didn't mention it I believe the landship (if not it's the heavy tank, I don't fully remember) spits out Ammo Boxes as well making both tanks carry secondary roles. The slide thing is cool but I doubt I'll ever use it. Meh, I'll stick to marksman scopes even with the glint. I probably wouldn't hit the broadside of a barn with a sharpshooter scope (plus I really don't like most of the current sights in the alpha, the magnified ones are the only ones I really like). A lot of players are hoping they'll change the res mechanic to act similar to the defibs in BF4 (I know Matt and Level have mentioned it in videos). Who knows if it'll happen but I know some have called for it to be changed (then again a lot of people won't wait to have a medic res them since you can speed up you spawn time now hence why I haven't seen many people play medic while watching Matt and XFactor's streams). About the only good SMG I've seen is the Automatica (or the Beretta M1918 as it's actually known, the one with the vertical mag). It has great hip fire accuracy and unlike the MP-18 it actually has great mid-range accuracy. I've seen Matt drop people at some pretty impressive distances with it. Still not as good as the SMG's we're used to from BF4 but it's probably the one you'll see a lot of people gravitate towards for close to mid-range combat (if they can get over the whole vertical magazine, that thing blocks so much of you're LOS that it's not funny).
  8. Matt makes it look easy, it's honestly not that easy to snipe by what I've seen (and I was watching the stream he used to tape that, he missed quite a bit before landing most of his shots. On average most of his kills took 2-4 shots to kill someone, those 1-2 shot kills were because he was either in the sweet spot/got a headshot (which isn't a guaranteed kill anymore)/enemy was already wounded). They won't nerf sniping in the least, there's no need for it. Snipers are going to be the bread and butter on squads now with Assault, Medic and Support will be more of a niche class now (based on what I've seen, console might be different). The biggest gripe people are going to have is the fact that they can't be gods on Medic like they were on Assault in BF4 (though those semi-auto's are awesome imo). No more having automatic weapons and healing at the same time. After awhile that's all you have. While most buildings can't be fully demolished after awhile good cover becomes quite scarce. Plus with the more close range engagement distances sitting in cover and shooting is honestly a waste of time unless you are sniping (and even then you're looking at 100-200 meter engagement distances for most of the bolt-action rifles, less if you don't have a magnified scope). Flags cap so quick now (with 2-3 people on them) that you can just stay in the open and move shortly after the cap. BF1 is more of a mobile infantry game now then BF4 ever was, camping (while I'm sure we'll still see it) is a thing of the past. Most campers I see on Matt's stream are usually in light tanks holding a point or heavy tanks acting as cover for troops to move behind them. The land ships (Mark V's) are usually the tanks you'll see being extremely mobile, moving from place to place. Then again as I said this is all based off the PC gameplay we've seen. As we know console matches are a lot different then PC matches so the meta for us will probably be extremely different from what we've seen so far.
  9. The one awesome thing about LMG's in BF1 that I originally didn't know is these things get more accurate the longer you hold the trigger down (though the mag sizes don't really play well with this mechanic). There's still a noticeable spread but as long as you use you're bipod the LMG's are devastating. I'm really happy about this even if I don't think I'll be playing Support that often, I'm really liking the new Medic style of gameplay and I'm loving the Scout class gameplay as well. I don't ever see a reason to use the Mechanic's repair tool. You're better off staying in the vehicle and repairing it (you get more protection that way). I really like how vehicles no longer spawn on the map (with the exception of armored cars) and that there is only one class that can repair them (and you have to spawn in as the driver to be said class). I was watching X and Mat play last night since the NDA got lifted and they can stream it now. I'm really liking what I see from BF1 and am really happy that the game is even more skill based now. Vehicle gameplay looks amazing (I think I'll finally be able to pilot of plane for the first time ever in a BF title), I'm loving the looks of the Medic and Scout gameplay, and I really like the changes to the Conquest game mode (finally it's not liked to tickets so kills mean absolutely nothing now, hooray for actually forcing team play and PTFO). I can't wait for the beta to go live, I really want to get my hands on this game (waiting to pre-order it until I've actually played it, want to make sure it's worth the pre-order).
  10. $300-$350 isn't really that bad but then again when you're on a budget it can mean a lot more. Honestly though I never figured these would cost exactly what they said they would. MSRP's are rarely, if ever, followed to the tee. There's always a mark-up based on who you buy it from and how much they want to make off the sale. The 1060 isn't really that bad of a card but for what little upgrade you get you're almost better going with the 480 for price alone (then again is it worth the headache that comes with dealing with AMD and their sub-par driver support). The only reason I'm going to go with the 1070 when I finally get around to it is because I already have that money budgeted (well I did, kinda dipped into that fund to pay bills now) and it's roughly the same price as the card my friend was originally going to put into my computer. I honestly don't care about 4k gaming but it's nice to have the option should I decide to do it (but that will be a long way down the road, 4k monitor prices are atrocious (and I want two monitors) and I'd probably have to switch out most of the parts for my computer to even run 4k games (it won't be high end, I went for middle of the road)).
  11. While I haven't seen much console play on Overwatch (most of the people I watch on Twitch are PC gamers) what little I've seen definitely shows a major difference between PC and Console gameplay. The Widowmaker nerf was due to the PC side. A good WM could wipe an entire team with body shots in no time. Why it carried over to console though is a little strange considering she's hard to use (well for me anyways) with a controller. She's still one of the most picked operators on PC (though only by those that are good with her, I watched Matimi0's ass get handed to him one night by a great Widowmaker player. They were getting head shots left and right, was freaking intense). The McCree nerf was probably one of the best things they could of done. He's still a powerhouse on PC with the nerfts if you understand how to play him post-nerf but they way he could melt Roadhogs and Reinhardts was nuts. I'm sad to hear Reinhardt isn't as good as he was in beta. I really enjoyed playing him as I literally felt like a giant tank and that I was contributing to my team by taking all the damage. He's still used on PC quite a bit (even more so with Competitive Matches going live) but I'm noticing more people moving to the Roadhog/Zarya combo on PC (this combo is sick and I've seen the Squad Up crew dominate other teams with it. You pretty much use Roadhog as Zarya's weapon charger by forcing him to take damage with the shield, it's freaking nuts). I'm happy to hear Reaper is not used that often anymore. He's an extremely overrated character that's really only useful for what you said. I know on PC he's a hard counter for Roadhog and Reinhardt (not sure about console side) but other then that he's not really useful. Don't get me wrong I like him because he hits like a truck when he's up close but he's just not that great of a character. How often (when you play) do you see Genji? He's pretty much one of the most overused characters on PC and he's absolutely devastating in the right hands. I hear a lot of PC players calling for him to be nerfed so I was wondering how it is on the console side. I'm happy to hear Mercy is being utilized more and more. While I may hate getting forced into the healing role she's still my all time favorite hero to play. I always kept my Res on standby in the beta, that's how I got all those freaking 4-5 resurrections (the key is to keep it until you need it and if you're good at healing/boosting you should always have your ult up for those oh shit moments). Zenyatta seriously needs a buff to his health, that poor guy is severely underutilized. While he may not be the best healer he's still an awesome support character with is Discord orbs and he hits like a truck with those balls.
  12. For some reason Firefox just doesn't run that well on my Note which is why I've been using Chrome almost exclusively now (same on my laptop, Firefox has really gone down hill in recent years. My browser crashes almost 5-6 times a night sometimes). I love reddit and I use it almost exclusively on my phone when looking up various things (mostly FFXIV news and what have you). I hate newspaper sites and they're whole subscription thing. Honestly I can get better news from someone else and not have to pay for it. Speaking of news I should really install the BBC app on my phone (I've had it on all my previous phones but never put it on this one).
  13. Unless I'm actually viewing sites that are ad heavy I haven't really noticed mobile advertisements much (unless I'm playing a F2P game or surfing web sites that are known to have bad ad coverage, the main reason I don't visit wiki's on my phone (my god advertisements on wiki's are horrible)). Hell advertising is worse on computers then mobile (I can't go to any webpage, with the exception of a few, that don't pop-up a minimum of 5 ads anymore (thank you Adblock plus and Avast Online Security)). Maybe I'm just lucky but like I said I've never been overly burdened with mobile advertisements since I tend to stick away from ad heavy webpages and apps while using my phone.
  14. They can take their upgrade and shove it (I bypassed the forced upgrade thankfully due to my update settings on my laptop). I hate 10 with a passion and everytime I have to do work on my parents computer I want to bang my head against the wall. It's not bad but it just does everything in the most round about way that it just irks me. I'm sure I'd come to like it if I had it (I mean I didn't like 7 all that much when I upgraded to it) but I just see no reason to upgrade the OS of a 5 year old laptop that's on it's last legs the way it is (yea, I'll have 10 on my new computer when I get around to buying the parts (if I ever get a job, the job market around here is atrocious)). Plus, with the issues I mentioned with my video card in the Nvidia thread, I'd go back to having no video card besides my on board (and that can't even run FFXIV above 30 fps) since I'm sure I'd get saddled with a non-working driver for my Radeon.
  15. Speaking as someone who has always backed AMD I'd suggest going with a GTX, even if it's an older model. Unless they've gotten better over the last couple of years they're shit when it comes to supporting their cards with new drivers (or at least drivers that work correctly). I only say this because I've had nothing but problems with my Radeon in my laptop since I bought it 5 years ago due to shitty driver support. While not all of the blame can be placed on AMD (fuck you Alienware and you're dual video card setups for my laptops, I have to disable my on board intel card to even get my Radeon to work (and it's starting to shit out on me)) there still the manufacturers of this card and to date I don't think their has been an effective fix for the problem I and many others have had (I'm using drivers from 2010, the last set that actually worked for this architecture). I'd still wait to make you're decision until reviews are posted (from reviewers you trust, you know some will have been bought out for good reviews) but I don't think AMD deserves any real backing until they prove they've made strides to fix they're shitty driver support.
  16. I'm also looking forward to that as well. Considering how things ended it'll be interesting to see what he's been up to and even more interesting to find out why he's in New Bordeaux (I wonder if he stayed in the mob or not).
  17. I really wish MMO's would take this route, would make doing some of the crafting quests in FFXIV so much easier if I could just quest for the given items needed.
  18. They changed it in BF4 a few months ago to do this and it actually helped in getting people to PTFO as there was no reason to farm kills anymore (it's 400 points on flag cap + whatever you get for each tick on taking and securing it). You still have you're ass hats that just go for kills but I noticed a pretty major shift in team play once this patch hit BF4 (which is why I'm happy to see they kept this idea for BF1 and even happier that they neutered the points for kills). I honestly don't care about points on defended because really you're not capturing the flag so why should you be given more points to defend it (just my opinion). Honestly, by the looks of the livestream play, it seems you need to defend points to gain score since we're no longer on a ticket bleed (which I'm really happy to see, should make games go a lot quicker). Then again this is Battlefield we're talking about so you'll probably still have streams of people just running between points to recapture them. Honestly I still don't know how to take the changes for LMG's since that's my major play style. I get that the guns shouldn't be laser accurate (and honestly most of them in BF4 aren't, the AWS is the only real one that I've actually seen people snipe with (I've done it myself)) but I'm honestly seeing no reason to run as support outside of ammo packs. Then again LMG's were originally invented for troop suppression and covering fire, they weren't really made for killing unless the enemy was right in front of you. Meh, once the beta hits I'll see what I really think. SMG changes I actually agree with because some of those SMG's in BF4 were a little to accurate at longer ranges for my liking.
  19. , reminds me of when I started playing COD4 when the beta was released (my first shooter with online capabilities, I did play Halo but I didn't have a connection for my XBox when Halo 2 came out). My K/D was atrocious the first day, like .2 or something. I think I got it up to a .9 before the beta ended but I was extremely bad when I first started (this was also well before my shotgun camping days because I never used the shotgun in the beta). But the airplanes DX, we need you to troll those while we capture the points Plus you need to troll the Behemoth. That's it I'm requesting an RPG for this game just for you, we need the anti-air zones you create The only reason my K/D is so high is because I play Metro/Locker only servers when I get on (set to 400% tickets, it's basically a kill farming simulator). If I still played the actual game my K/D would probably be around what yours is because I'd just run around and do stupid shit (I'm a huge fan of playing Engineer and trolling people with the SMAW in normal matches). At least you were using Jeep Stuff for its intended purpose
  20. Honestly I like Levelcap. His videos are made from the perspective of an infantry player which is one of the reasons I really like him as I generally play infantry. Plus his videos are extremely informative for players like me who don't spend our days crunching the numbers on what attachments are good, what weapon is the best in each class, and generally have lives that don't revolve around being elitist pricks. I honestly don't know where he gets the hate, yea he calls for nerfs but it's not like he doesn't provide information to back his reasons (he's not just an infantry player, he does play in vehicles but he prefers infantry game play (a lot like Jack does)). I mean yea some of the things he's called for nerfs on I don't agree with but then again I don't agree with a lot of the stuff Jack, XFactor, and Matimi0 think need to be changed either. I think a lot of those people are just whiny little bitches who have gotten their asses handed to them by him (he's generally at the top of his team in every match he plays, even when he's doing his Monday Loadout where he's given a gun set up from his viewers (which are usually bad set ups). Honestly, I'd say Level is a better player then Jack but that's just my opinion. Don't get me wrong Jack in an amazing player, one of the best, but I've seen Level outdo him more then once (then again I've seen normal, random players do better then Level and Jack)). If having a 2.0 K/D playing infantry only is bad then I must be the worst damn BF player in history. My K/D is sitting at 1.44 last I checked and I play almost exclusively infantry and that's because I actually PTFO and do my job. I might not always be in the top three (hell I think I've only been in the top three like 4 times since I bought BF4) but your damn straight that I walk out of almost every match as either top support or top assault for my team.
  21. That got entirely to scientific for me but none-the-less that's a very interesting take on what little we saw in the trailer.
  22. Magnum rounds would make sense, they did say there is some minor customization options (though I believe that's based on gun set-ups, I'll post Level's video about the Alpha's various weapons). I'd definitely give up mag size for more powerful rounds like that.
  23. $6 for DA: Inquisition is an amazing price, definitely worth picking up for that price (then again it's worth picking up for any price, I'm completely in love with the game (64 hours in and I'm only 2/3rds of the way through it). I wonder if it's the GotY edition though). $30 for Rainbow Six Siege is a damn good price as well (well worth it in my opinion but not everyone is into that sort of gameplay). Man if I wasn't unemployed and had the money I'd be cleaning up. These prices are damn good (especially for Assassin's Creed Unity and Syndicate, yea I want to play them so I can get the whole Assassin's Creed experience (then again I still need to beat 4)).
  24. Hmmm, I'll have to pick this up when it hits PC. I never did finish Limbo (I really should) but what I have played I loved every minute of it.
  25. I seriously doubt that considering the new COD will be right around the corner (and why hurt the next COD's sales by releasing this) and they're still sticking to their guns on this one. They really have nothing to lose by refusing to release it separately, most gamers that have given up on the series have already left it so it's not like they'll lose their hardcore fans (the ones preordering it). I hope they will release it as it's own title but the way things sit now I highly doubt it. While I'm all for free dlc I'm all for paying for well made maps which is why I would have no problem paying for Premium again if they were to go that route again (especially since I'm not a fan of the buying skins route, it works I won't deny it but if I'm going to be spending money to support a game I like I want it to be for something more substantial then a skin for my gun). Honestly I never really noticed a drop in players when the new map packs dropped for BF4, still the same amount that were playing before. The major problem the DLC had were bad maps (I loved the Naval Strike and Dragons Teeth DLC but Last Stand, imo, wasn't really worth the money. Maps were to big for my tastes and catered to our lovely friends the camping snipers) and bad implementation. I still remember the rubber banding problems from the NS DLC. That's the problem with COD though. One campaign mission will be fantastic, the rest will be complete and utter crap making you wish you never bought the game. This is the reason so many people by COD for it's MP, it was the only redeeming thing from the games (Modern Warfare and World at War were great campaign wise, MW2 and Black Ops were shit (I didn't buy any past BO so I don't know how the plot has gotten better, if it even has)) and now that's pretty much been shot to shit.