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Character's new look

Meh, just decided to throw this in to show off the new look my character has to go with her new weapon. Also this and the other three screenshots were taken in my Apartment in game. I may or may not take pictures of the whole thing if I feel like it (currently deciding how I want to remodel it).

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She's a cat girl (damn anime and it's influencing my character design decisions), those ears are real (as is the tail you can't see).

Apartments was SE's way of placating those of us that couldn't afford a housing plot (small plots cost 3 million gil while large plots cost over 52 million (on my server, bigger pop servers cost even more)) or didn't get a chance to buy one due to scarcity. I'd love a house but I can't afford one at the moment and my server has no small plots available.

They're still somewhat expensive (300,000 gil) but it's better then nothing (even if the room is small). If I remember I'll take pictures of my Free Company's Medium sized mansion (our FC Master blew a lot of gil on it) to shoe the size.

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XD, poor Sledge. Yea they come in Small, Medium, and Large and as I said cost a fortune just to buy the plot. All things said and done you could probably spend well over 100 million gil just to buy the plot and the materials to build your house.

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