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Found 22 results

  1. From the album: FFXIV Pics

    So, to my surprise, they actually added another step in with patch 3.55a bringing anima weapons up to par with the raid weapons of the game (item level 275). So I now have a weapons on par with the best weapons in the game and probably better for me anyways since the weapon is tailored to what I want. I do like the blue glow it has now but I still think the swords are rather bland looking. I might glamour the Spurs of the Thorn Prince over them at some point but that blue is just to pretty. On a side note I've actually had these done for two weeks an took the screen shots shortly after getting them but I was, yet again, too lazy to post the pics (that and Horizon took all my free time that weekend).
  2. From the album: FFXIV Pics

    Another side view for your viewing pleasure.
  3. From the album: FFXIV Pics

    Side view for your viewing pleasure.
  4. From the album: FFXIV Pics

    Meh, just decided to throw this in to show off the new look my character has to go with her new weapon. Also this and the other three screenshots were taken in my Apartment in game. I may or may not take pictures of the whole thing if I feel like it (currently deciding how I want to remodel it).
  5. From the album: FFXIV Pics

    So yeah, here's the completed Anima weapons. It's been done for about a month but I've been to damn lazy to upload the screen shots. Quite frankly I don't really like the looks of it so I'll probably buy a replica of the step before it and glamour it on these. I'm just so freaking glad they're done after grinding A1S (first raid dungeon on Savage difficulty (Alexander)) for two weeks straight. There's supposedly another step coming in the next patch but whether it changes the weapon at all or not I don't know but if it does I'll post pics.
  6. From the album: FFXIV Pics

    I failed to do this when I finally got the weapon upgraded to it i260 version two weeks ago. Wasn't a hard quest to do which means when patch 3.5 hits the last step for i270 is going to be a bitch. As you can see the weapon now has glowy bits on it (as I predicted) and it's called the Sharpened Spurs of the Thorn Prince. Yes my glamour on my armor has changed mostly due to replacing my old gear. What you see is a mix of the i210 Ninja Relic Armor (or the Iga set as it's called. Those pieces would be the chest piece, gloves, and boots), the Miqo'te Female Skirt dyed black (starting clothing when you first start out as a female Miqo'te (the cat race that my character is)), and the Minstrel's Spectacles dyed black. Might be hard to make them all out in the image but that's what the armor glamour is made up of. Wanted to go for a more ninja feel until I get my Alexander Chest piece so I can glamour that with the rest of the set onto my armor. Any character you might see in the screenshots are NPC's by the way, I took these screenshots in the city-state of Gridania (whose Grand Company (Order of the Twin Adder) my character serves in as a First Serpent Lieutenant).
  7. From the album: FFXIV Pics

    Bottom angle side view on the anima weapon in idle battle stance.
  8. From the album: FFXIV Pics

    A top down side view of the anima weapon in idle battle stance.
  9. From the album: FFXIV Pics

    Another frontal view in idle battle stance.
  10. Strider Hiryu

    UI Screenshot

    From the album: FFXIV Pics

    So to give you guys a glimpse of what my hot/action bars look like in FFXIV here you go (yea I took this while flying back to the main city on my white fat chocobo after taking those screenshots). Yes, I pretty much use every single one of those abilities in the middle three bars (the left bars hold other things not pertaining to my job and are shared between all my jobs). Some more then others but for the most part they all get used at some point. Yea we have a lot of buttons to press (my usual rotation is 18 buttons, give or take a few depending on the engagement).
  11. From the album: FFXIV Pics

    Here's a pic of the White Fat Chocobo (or Original Fat Chocobo as it's called in game). I received this when I got my Maid set (I'll post pics later of my White Mage who's gear is glamoured to look like a maid, I have them taken just haven't gotten around to uploading them) during that Amazon promotion. He even has a little crown. His animations are exactly the same as the yellow one so that's why the greens are present again.
  12. From the album: FFXIV Pics

    Another pic of my chocobo. I took this screenshot in front of Alexander (the newest Primal threat we're facing, he's currently our 8-man raid dungeon and in the next patch (on Tuesday) we'll get the last raid tier for him).
  13. From the album: FFXIV Pics

    This is my personal Chocobo I was given at level 20 (after doing a quest line and joining a Grand Company). His name is Aria (after Aria Pokoteng from the manga/anima Aria). We can use our personal chocobos as companions when we're questing out in the world so that's why I'm not riding him (it's a quest line that ends with the ability to summon him as a companion). He's wearing the Wild Rose Barding (a gift for being subscribed for some many days). I have multiple bardings for him but this is the one I currently have him equipped with. No, he wasn't born Snow White (his color). I had to feed him specific foods for his feathers to change color (cost me roughly 100,000 gil to get him this color, he used to be Lavender in color).
  14. From the album: FFXIV Pics

    This is the Fat Chocobo I was given for buying the Digital Collector's Edition of FFXIV: ARR. Considering it's a fat chocobo the joke to get him to run is hanging Gyashi Greens in front of him hence the pole with the greens.
  15. From the album: FFXIV Pics

    Here's the Fat Chocobo in flight. Since greens make him run it's only obvious that cake would make him fly. When you actually move he makes attempts to eat the cake (and the greens if he's running).
  16. From the album: FFXIV Pics

    Here's the White Fat Chocobo in flight. Again same animations hence the cake.
  17. From the album: FFXIV Pics

    Another pic of my chocobo.
  18. From the album: FFXIV Pics

    So after months of grinding I finally finished my anima weapon's quest line (and right before patch 3.4, well until patch 3.45 when they add in the last step) and got my Spurs of the Thorn Prince for my Ninja. Also since I've never actually posted any photos of her here is Aylanis, my main (I do have alts but she's primarily the character I play the most (I have 78 days of total game time on her, I need a life)). Depending on if others want to see them I can take screenshots of her as a Monk, White Mage (not much to really see as she's glamoured to look like a maid), Dragoon (though I warn you her armor is goofy as hell on Dragoon, I kind of let that job take a sideline to the others), Bard, and Machinist (though my Bard and Machinist look the same just with different weapons as they share the same gear). Also she's currently glamoured to look like my favorite NPC in the game (her name is Y'shtola and yes I paid real money for her gear set).
  19. From the album: FFXIV Pics

    View of the anime weapon in the ninja's battle stance
  20. From the album: FFXIV Pics

    Side view of my anima weapon
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