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  1. It feels like I just saw this yesterday. It struck a chord with me as a kid watching Toonami after school, and even more so today. [ame] [/ame]
  2. For some reason today, I just decided to revisit the Clan. Looking back on it, I realized just how much of an influence this site had on me. I remember joining when I was ridiculously young, either 10 or 11, and coming for my love of Gundam. I'm not really into anime at all anymore, but from 4th grade to 9th grade, it (and this site) was a major influence on me. I remember making a picture with all the AC inside jokes that won me something on here, signatures for myself and others on here, fueling my anime addiction, making an ass of myself, and occasionally posting some (probably terrible) poetry that I no longer even have, but would probably get a good laugh from. It's crazy how much I changed, from a socially awkward skinny 4th grader to a college student with a 3.9 gpa, aspirations of law school, prepping for my first bodybuilding contest, interning for a senator, and working for Ron Paul's campaign. Never in a million years would I think I could be where I am today. Ancient Clan really helped push me out of my shell, and go out and DO THINGS. While I can't see my earliest posts (probably for the best ), reading the few posts that weren't pruned just made me remember a great time in my life. While I don't think I will be all back up in this bitch posting, I'll still remember to stop in and say hi once in a while. Thanks for the memories guys. I can't believe it's been over 8 years. Now time to watch old Toonami intros with TOM and show promos and reminisce about my childhood and how much things have changed, and just how great the future can be. ...and so I end with this. I loved it as a kid, and stumbled onto it yesterday. I think it was what pushed me back here. [ame] [/ame](Holy SHIT that was long) /endrant
  3. I remember our failed Otakon meet-up! Yeah, wow. That was a LOOOONG time ago.
  4. I believe there was a topic like this long ago, but this is where you can post screenies of your current desktop. Here's mine, very minimalistic, it suits me well.
  5. Merry Christmas everybody! I got mostly clothes, but I got Oakleys, cheap skullcandy earbuds that are actually really great, a few blue ray disks and cds, and a bunch of small things from the german family I stayed with overseas this summer. Way too much than I deserve, but hey.
  6. It feels good to finally be back here at AC. Because of AP course overload, wrestling, and a whole buncha stuff I really lost a lot of free time, but now that I have things in check its good to be back. As Rick Astley once said, "I'm never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you."
  7. Unfortunately, this will probably turn into another piece of live action crap, despite all our hopes that it will be good. It just looks to "unpolished" (is that the right word?!) to be good. Besides, wasn't the last cartoon-->real life movie John Goodman was in "The Flintstones?" 'Nuff Said.
  8. Awesome school project done by my upperclassmen friends. Not really that funny unless you know who the guy is impersonating-a teacher who has been known to give out detentions and dig through trash if people do not recycle. Even if you don't find it funny, I'm sure it will educate you thoroughly on recycling. Also, for the record, I support recycling, just not to that extreme.
  9. Note to admins: if this is spamming by posting the link then please delete this. Well, last friday our football team had its first game, in which we massacred the other team, and it also was our first real performance. We did pretty good, but on the opener (see video) our sets (the formations) were kinda screwed up. Anyway, I feel like I suck because I am a freshmen and all the other saxophone players are juniors and make my playing seem like crap, but I did make jazz ensemble which was very hard to do, so i guess I'm pretty good. Anyway, I'm the really short guy in the back who plays the bigger sax. (Yes my sax is so much bigger then their's ) Just watch the video (and maybe the game recap, our QB broke the school passing record) on the website.
  10. 3rd one down, 2 one down on the left. Yeah, I'm the smallest guy in the band, and if you want to try to folllow where i am, right at the end of the song im on the left 40 yard line all the way back, right next to the flutes (which make my ears seem like they are bleeding.)
  11. I need to catch up, I've seen like 3 episodes and read the about first 3 tankobons but i am really behind. Who is the best group subbing it?
  12. I vaguely remember you. I think we were sort of friends. Wait-you were given the chance to escape and yet you still can back?! I have to ask you, WHY?! /sarcasm
  13. Holy Crap, I really need this to come out soon since Auto Assault shut down. *cries* Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. However, now the only question is: Dwarves or Greenskins.
  14. I learned how to use the Schwarz. Does that count?
  15. Seed was bad. Destiny was "destined" (haha, pun) to be worse. That being said, they were okay on their own, but as gundam series go, they rank with G and Wing *shudders*
  16. What a weird combination: Hare Hare Yukai (Haruhi) and Push Push Lady Lightning
  17. Just curious on how my collection stands up to people's like Eppy. So.....How much manga does everyone have? My petty collection consists of around 35 volumes. Not that much, but in 25 days I can get a part time job earning $190ish (with taxes) a month which can go completely to my hobbies and other stuffs-manga, anime, (although 99% of my anime is fansubs, and that probably will not change.) airsoft, gunpla, my Warhammer Dwarf army and a car (come on 1969 or 80 Camaro Z28!!!) Also, anyone else have this problem: I keep buying just like 1 volume form each series and then end up with like 12 series that I want to complete, and half are out of print.
  18. I didn't see it, but my brother recorded it on our other tv, so I'll watch it today. I read about it and it looks really good!
  19. I dunno about laptops, but I believe there is a cable you can use to hook up your ps2 to a desktop. I think that even though sony is losing hella money, they should even further lower the price to $50 above the 360. That way people will realize all the "extra" stuffs they are getting for just $50. Of course Sony would need tons of great first party games to make up for the money lost on console sales, but by the holidays there are gonna be some great games. (Lair-4 DAYS!, Heavenly Sword, Warhawk) and then early 2008 it will get Killzone 2 and MGS4. I think that Sony should at least maintain the price drop, even after the 60 gigs run out and they will sell pretty good. (At least outselling the 360.) Just my $.02
  20. I hate liberals, and don't hate our president (just not a fan), but I saw one episode because I saw a commercial during the Colbert Report and it looked funny. Good show, I just think that people take living in America for granted and do not deserve to make fun of our government. (Unless it is the fucking liar Hilary. If see wins I will seriously give up my citizenship because I will have no faith in America.) /Sorry for the politics. Anyway, its a pretty good show, although American Bodyshop rivals it in funny-ness. (is that a word?)
  21. Just downloaded it (the demo) today. It looks pretty good, I'll have a hands on report probably later today or tomorrow. This looks to be one of the killer apps for the PS3. It seems almost like a less violent God of War, probably why it has earned the nickname "Goddess of War." Thats probably why I pre-ordered it yesterday.
  22. Well, heres the hands-on. No storyline spoilers, just gameplay ones, I guess. The demo is really REALLY short. It took me roughly 5 minutes to beat, with not even a climatic boss battle or anything. Still, it was really fun. It starts out with a really nice FMV, and then you get thrown into the action. You slide down some ropes, tarzan style, jumping back and forth using button commands similar to God of War. Then, you're on a platform fighting some generic enemies. Their AI is pretty good, and it is a perfect opportunity to try out the different stances (speed-standard, power-R1 and you use your freekin' BFS (Big F***ing Sword), and range- L1, you swing your sword on a chain, fun-fun) and different combos. After that, which pretty much was the meat of the demo, you face more generic thugs after another FMV. This time you have assorted items that you can pick up and throw at the enemies. As soon as you dispatch them, more guys bust through a gate of sorts and the demo ends. It has great potential, which is why I reserved it, but this demo was just to short to form an opinion. Overall, it was a good demonstration of the stances and real time button press things (like GOW), but I still have no idea of the plot.
  23. *has a dad who collects pinball machines* I pretty much spent all of my afterschool life from 5-9 playing pinball in my basement. Sledge, your making it so I can never leave!!! (or have a life!) thanks.
  24. I just registered, but I do not know how to find and/or customize the signature type thing that Eppy has. While I am adding my anime, I'm starting to realize that for a 14 year old I have seen WAY too much anime, and I still haven't even added my manga.
  25. L'arc en ciel- READY STEADY GO and because i preordered on itunes Doomsday Clock-Smashing Pumpkins