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  1. Relenax Allenbee it teh secks.
  2. Sakura (naruto),Asuka(evangelion),Rei,(Evangelion),Relena( Gundam Wing), Allenbee(G Gundam),Koaru(Kenshin,Sailor Moon( X'D), Sailor Mercury,Hilde (Gundam Wing),Ayeka(Tenchi), Kiyone(sp? (Tenchi). Ummm, I dont ant to talk about it^_^
  3. :meh:me= king
  4. Lady, I have seen that post many times since I joined and it never gets old.
  5. I might get EQII soon,but im having money troubles with my monthly allowance.
  6. i read the manga of it...its cool
  7. Uhhhh...We were just looking for the bathroom *Slaps*
  8. i loved that guy,and Taishi was so scared...LOL
  9. I just picked up the first manga today cuz of this topic,all im gonna say: Taishi...X'D Kazuki:Where did that TV and Xbox come from? X'D
  10. are you japanese or something becuase thos japanese phrases are so annoying.
  11. what Hong Kong mean? bootleg?
  12. Naruto,JING!!!!(you gotta love Kir)X'D,the gundam wing GNs I own every single manga related to GW.
  13. X'D
  14. give kagome to GRX or just her boobs anyway and he will be happy. X'D
  15. same! X'D
  16. ahhh.MGS,good times,good times...
  17. hmmm..about 80 hours of Age of empires II/warcraft 3(which i sold)