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  1. *cries* I was on your side meanies! *rolls away to find suitable weapons Aha! *pulls out a sword fashioned from over starched jeans* (Yay inside jokes) *begins smacking chibi eppys away, making a bee line for eppy himself* This attack may or may not have been my fault lol
  2. *patpaptpat* i blame you.

  3. *grabs an arm full of chibis and cuddles them* yaaayyyy!
  4. I had mine out when I was 11 >_>; surgery was fun to sleep through but yes recovery sucks...
  5. I seem to only post when I have a life update, but hey. I love AC >_>;; Anyway, here I am 21 years old. I've been place and made mistakes. Let's start where I think I left off. I stopped taking meds altogether and I am happy to say I am doing amazingly well! I was living in Austin, Texas with ryouga_p-chan for a bit and we moved back here to California. Alas, nothing lasts forever. We would have been dating for 3 years next week, but things just got complicated. I don't really feel like delving too much into it so I shall continue. He is moving back to Texas in September and I will be moving back in with my parents which I am totally excited about! It means I have to find a home for my cat but that's okay. She will be happier being an only pet. I will miss my apartment and my feeling of freedom but my parents, God Bless them ;, are paying for my school. For the first time since 2006 I am signed up as a full time student. Yep, you heard me, Sana is going to school for a degree! I will be studying Early Childhood Education. Things just feel so good for me right now. I have a FANTASTIC vacation planned before school starts. This Friday I am roadtripping it up to Washington, stopping off in Oregon for a few days as well. Then I have Jury duty then it's off to Anaheim for Blizzcon 2009! Then school. I cannot wait for this school year to start So that's pretty much my update in a nutshell!
  6. yes hooray me! lol. too bad shit hit the fan on my vaca and had to come home early ;;
  7. d'oh! well i hope it gets up and running soon. cuz i'm -always- on facebook ;
  8. cam O_O our convo cut off cuz my phone died >_

  9. I used to drink about 5 MINIMUM a day. I'm down to about 1 every other 1-3 days now. O-o
  10. Otay <3 mine's allyann4

  11. Mike runs dual monitors. Yup. Oh and don't mind the little red square haha. Confidential crap >.<.
  12. I haven't touched any sort of photoshop thing a couple of years so I decided to -attempt- to make something. I think it came out okay. I should have chosen a different picture of Rei, but meh! What do you think? I think I did the size right >.> if not please let me know!
  13. =D how's it going?

  14. Okay, so here I am in Texas. I'm doing great! Mike and I will be moving to california sometime this summer if all goes well I made a resume and sent it in to this company. (applying for a game master position with blizzard) I got a call 5 minutes after I sent it in. They want me to go in for an interview but since I don't have a car and Mike is my only ride to places they declined me an interview. I also told them I am in walking distance of the main office (which is true) She didn't seem to care. So i e-mailed my mom and said I didn't get the interview. I receive one back form my dad a few minutes later saying that I can come home and get my job with the school district back and get some money and then Mike can come later when everything is settled here in Tx. Here's the emotional catch... I've gained a significant amount of weight and I don't want my parents seeing me like this. I've been here 6 months without a job and we have been dealing just fine/ Mike says I don't need to get a job (since we would be moving in a couple or months) What should I do? Move back in with my parents and tell them I have gained 20 pounds since I moved also live without my boyfriend for months. Or stay in Texas and try to burn the weight off and be with boyfriend >.<
  15. Thanks for the advice goku and lady. I guess the reason I am really worrying about my weight and what my parents are going to say is because my mom has been bugging me about my weight for years. Even when I was at the right weight for my age and height she said I needed to lose more. So, to be all rebellious I started bad habits. Eating junk food all the time. I think I went to far^^; Mike's co-workers are starting a soccer team, I am hoping they let me join even though I don't work at Blizzard. =]
  16. To you, who has been hurt and decided to use trickery as revenge. Pain has been dealt and shared. We ended because of someone and our friendship became lost because of a decision. You ordered me not to contact you but there's something you need to know. I don't blame you for anything, but I know you blame me for everything. Here is the last that you will ever hear of me. Hell, I know for a fact that you won't even get this far, but I hope you do. I want to thank you for everything that we had/ My heart, though aching, is not broken like you had wanted it to. We had great times and we had down right crappy times. I dislike the way we ended. But this time, it was all on you. You wanted me back and I came. I would call you and you would pretend to be busy. Though I am angered by you, I do not wish you harm in your life. I never have. I knew the whole time that you were lying to me and using me to buy you cigarettes and food. But I loved you with everything I am and I paid no attention to your lies. Now approaches a time where we will have to confront each other again. All I have to ask you is this, "Will you be ready"?
  17. yay happy bday =D
  18. But how do I know I won't be one of those random people one time rofl oh well it's not like I sleep at night anyhow
  19. I guess I am glad you don't have my number, eh 56k? =P <3
  20. lemmie know if it's excruciatingly painful. I've been wanting one for some time now =P
  21. actually, facebook used to be for college students ONLY up until late 06 i believe. So myspace was used by more. Well at least that i knew. o.0 I have both facebook and myspace. Most of the people I know dont have myspace because they say it's overrated. but meh. what can ya do? =]
  22. i got smashed and played rock band.