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  1. The first 2 days back at school I couldn't find my friends that I celebrated with, on Friday I found out that someone of them had gotten sick...probably some type of apple juice poisoning since we were all chugging by the box after the coke and mocha lattes ran out... I find it strange that I was the only one who wasn't affected I believe most stuff is cheaper on January the first or is on clearance, cause we went to the mall that day found that hot topic was having a 10-15% off on all their hoodies =^-^= it was worth being kidnapped at that point
  2. I was kidnapped from my room, from my house, from my neighborhood!! It has been a while since I've been away from my computer for so long, I spent the night at one of my bffs house and we "partied". There's youtube videos too *sniffs* so, decided to tell you all now before you find them and decide to make a joke about them. Make your jobs a little easier. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgbcFpl9xyE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ksg0jWDZwE4 Enjoy What'd you guys all do to bring in the New Year?
  3. ~ipod classic...i named it Edward...i like to name things ~New speakers for my computer so i can hook Edward to so i can hear it through my computer ~itrip so i can listen to Edward through the radio ~clothes ~money ~watch and matching bracelet ~ I'm waiting till January to get my last Christmas gift >.< ....all i wanted was a microscope....-.- oh well...i'm not complaining :3
  4. Let's see..... Saturday-panicked when I woke up to an empty house Sunday- panicked then got pissed because no one left me a damn note then made cookies Monday-listened to MoonDoggie complain and played Oprah trying to comfort peoples. then I went to chat rooms and I made friends ......the end
  5. When I was that age I got a lot of boy clothes (1 cause I was a tomboy 2 more guys in the family then girls) Then at 11 my mom was like "why do u wear all those baggy boy clothes", "where girl clothes", "you look like a dike", etc so at ....12-13 I started "dressing" more like the girl's my age I'm glad to say I'm not one of those girls cause I figured out the balance (want to keep the boys guessing XDDDD)
  6. "I'm Too Sexy" by Right Said Fred rotflmao XDDDDDDDDD I'm not worthy of that song
  7. Keep in mind that I'm black cause I'm going to throw some of my opinions in 1. Dont care about the kkk, which isnt all about black people now it's about immigrants, legal and not 2. I dont care that the state house in South Carolina fliesthe confederate flag beacue all it's showing is southern pride nothing more nothing less in my opinion 3. I'd wear a picture of the confederate flag on my shirt with southern pride written on it as long as it doesn't have some sheet wearing hick on it 4. You don't have to be white to be a redneck, I'm redneckish I'm going to back Moonie up on the one about mental health, you do see more white people in places like that then black people and other races. Mainly cause some people have that kind of money to pretend or think that they have those illness and have the docotor give them suger pills.
  8. Oh wow that cat is sneaky. It looks at the guy like "morning?....feed me?"
  9. eh...$5.50...that's all i have on me so that's how much it's worth Maybe next time when you're not a cripple I'll invite you to come to the zoo If you listen closely you can hear why we're all laughing and giggling, and at the end there's some random guy off in the distance if you're wondering why i said "some murder" I didn't know my voice was so high pitched, I sound like one of those peppy girls that lead the spirit squad
  10. I had 2 signs up on my door The first one said: Use your imagination, it's easier than decorating, imagine this is the scariest house on the street. Don't ring the doorbell if you have no imagination. Happy Halloween!! The second one said: Say trick-or-treat for some FREE candy, after the door has been open, it's the least you can do Then after my mom turned the porch light off she almost shut Emmett in the door But all and all it was a good year (had some left over candy, gave out the kind we didn't want from the variety bag)
  11. They're both squares, duh You take b and straighten it out and bend in 4, 90 degree angles and make sure all the sides are the same length I'm a genius
  12. I can't help but feel it's my fault ....I was pointing to Lindsay with an "A" not Lindsey with an "E". I should of said that ...but it's sad that the poor girl couldn't tell the difference between male and female
  13. g-slide by lil'mama avril lavigne & lil'mama- girlfriend (it's the remix) FABULOUS!!!!
  14. wasn't that the day you had to come to school in a dress and had to wear like purplish black eye shadow for like some club or what ever? you're going to get beat up one day from your smart little mouth lol
  15. Ecah you're such a dork You're the only person i know who'd take all the furniture out of their room and take all the posters and pictures down too, to clean their room. YOU NEED HELP SERIOUS HELP I remember that first one, that was hilarious.
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