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  1. i almost smashed my head on a dresser
  2. i and my friend andrew made soom ganadab comics---ganadab(aka clay)
  3. link likes the naraku sig:D
  4. no one will ever know who legend murosaki is:p:p
  5. wow i just knew it-_-; You are GAARA! Power. It's easiest to sum you up in that single word. Power. Life has been hard, but you've come out of it strong, and while you may not be a people person, you'll never be short of opponents. You're power is like a magnet, drawing people in... to their deaths! Muah-hah-ha-HAHAHAHA! but im really Legend Murosaki
  6. i have movie 1 and i might just might get movie 2 well i hope:happy:
  7. why am i not in it???
  8. my friend kevin can lick his elbow its gross since he broke his arm 2O_O
  9. the new naruto web site is open:happy::happy::happy:
  10. i hate how they call him sasuke---sas-k:x
  11. well u arent supposed to that's what makes it funny^_^;
  12. well not anymore since i made more
  13. thanks:happy:
  14. yeah that happens a lot in school so i just ask my art teacher :/ and she always knows best.
  15. kind of scary
  16. cool:cool:
  17. middle what!!! the friggen picture thats what!!!! man u r getting on my nerves noob.
  18. the middle one looks like uffy???? wtf?!
  19. gay
  20. naruto is gay sasuke!!!
  21. it sucked a**
  22. no arguing
  23. sasuke!!!!!