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  1. 300 Soundtrack <3
  2. I was introduced to this awesome anime this weekend called Paradise Kiss. It's a fashion story 12 episodes long and there are crazy works afoot! It's hard to describe, but once you watch an episode you'll be pretty much hooked. I get excited just thinking about watching it! You can find episodes on youtube, which is awesome as well, and they incorporate Franz Ferdinand's Do You Want To? in the series.
  3. Gyahh, I love Foiled. I love saying they're a new sound--some people disagree in which I promptly released a deathray of disintegration upon their wretched souls--because they've got something different to bring to the studio. mmm. . . Blue October. Yummeh.
  4. they're coming to my campus. I'm really excited--and relieved it's not another country band.
  5. Fat Boy Slim's Funk Show Brother
  6. I was surprised because Eva's acting sucked. Characters I liked: Blaze [not bad, baby.] Son of Devil [honestly, the photography was excellent] Best friend [he should've stayed in character and not told the ex-gf/JOURNALIST everything that was happening. Don't Talk to Strangers] Characters that needed work: Eva's personna--less chest and ignorance, please? more acting. Everyone else. I enjoyed the movie because of the graphics, really. The backplot was excellent but the ending could've used a little more umph.
  7. Daria -- Cafe Disaffecto
  8. Delicacy & Strength -- Lifescapes The Best of Massage & Meditation
  9. Photograph -- Nickelback. I love mixes. <3
  10. That band name means "Rainbow" in French.
  11. For those who have fallen ill, friends and family alike, I just want you to know that I'm rooting for you, and to stay away from me until you get better. I don't want whatever you have.
  12. Probaby the only thing I liked about rap were some of the sensuous tunes. Slight fan of Usher. Must respect the pioneers of rap/hip hop no matter your experience. I myself am a rocker.
  13. hahaha, I know those songs. There were some hilarious ones from the '80s.
  14. When I Look to the Sky -- Train
  15. Hun, life is life. Showing your distaste for it just makes it even more honest. More people than you know have felt that same way, have felt the emptiness inside. It's what draws others to them. You wouldn't believe how many times I've wanted to die just because I thought it was pointless. Then I realized that people would miss me. What's better? Ending the pointless existence or leaving only to find out that your family would never be able to get over your absence? We can endure much more that we think we can, all human experience testifies to that. All we need to do is learn not to be afraid of pain. Grit our teeth and let it hurt. Don't be overwhelmed by it. Don't deny it. It will not last forever. One day, the pain will be gone and you will still be there. ~Harold Kushner.
  16. Well, I'm definitely not going to France. I'm not really ready to set foot off the continent just yet. This being said, I was a little bummed out because I wanted to go somewhere outside of the U.S. for once in my younger years. I suddenly wanted something I couldn't have really, since Madame basically said there would be no trip due to some complications. She seemed quite sad about it. I went to her office afterwards and she asked me how I felt about taking my French one step further. If I really wanted to go somewhere with a French atmosphere, she said I could take this summer course offered in Quebec for five weeks with the same amount of money I would spend in France for one week. It would be an intensive study in the language--a social study because I will be using it in a very natural environment. She told me that it didn't matter when I travelled should I actually decide to do this, but passports were usually a good thing to get anyways. She gave me a ride to the courthouse and we picked up the paperwork. I wasn't aware I could get my passport here in Wayne. Strange. So. . . Quebec. That sounds fun. My parents were thinking of letting me travel to Canada anyways because I was feeling a bit down, and this is the perfect opportunity. The only thing I'm semi-worried about is the idea that class would start two days after I graduate from Wayne [June 7th]. I'd have to jump onto a plane right away and that's pretty stressful. Madame's sister lives in Quebec City near the college and I would be able to stay with her if I wanted to save the dorm money. I'm just a little curious to see if I will take my computer. It is special to me and I'd like to not be without it. I think I'm going to Quebec.
  17. Maybe my parents would be open to letting me borrow their nice camera. Who knows, maybe they'll spring and get me a digital. I'd definitely take enough pictures as long as I can afford to send my computer there.
  18. Well, when I do go, I'll be entering their starting visiting season, which means there should be green everywhere. This being said, all I ask for is cool weather while I can see the sights ice-free.
  19. wow, seventies is pushing it. They're not even 60. Now I feel old. I can live with a third, I think.
  20. The Replacements -- movie
  21. ooooooh. . . it's pretty.
  22. Cartoon Heroes! has some very interesting and disturbing lyircs. We are what we're supposed to be Illusions of your fantasy All dots and lines that speak and say What we do is what you wish to do . . . You think we're so mysterious Don't take us all too serious Be original, and remember that What we do is what you just can't do
  23. Eddie Izzard -- Dressed to Kill
  24. Umm. . . I'm a cheap bastardette and don't pay for games. MSN games, Pogo, Super Mario Brothers [random download], Commander Keen [same], Tetris [n-blox]
  25. I can NOT wait for this movie to come out--Spartans and Frank Miller!!! >.<!!