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  1. the ultimate cuteness: Naga the Serpent! and.. Lina Inverse!
  2. omg, the battles were great! captain marvel vs. superman, superman vs. captain atom. i'm guessing they'll go thru the entire justice lords story line and that would just be awesome. heres a couple ideas i've been thinking about.. does anyone think superman will kill luthor? and, is it just my imagination or was the cadmus woman (i forget her name) completely oblivious to luther's plan to blow up the old cadmus base?
  3. nope. he'll have a lollipop until the uncut dvds come out.. or if you watch the fansubs. btw, mihawk has now entered the scene and what an entrance! one cut with his blade and Krieg's ship was sliced in two! and next weeks ep is pretty damn good.. zoro vs. hawkeye mihawk.
  4. that fight was badass. odoku's insanity is undeniable. the way he attacked inuyasha.. the crazy bastard. sesshomaru and his baby! the cuteness!
  5. *anticipates the fight scene*
  6. i have to take more pics! two of my hens & chicks are going to flower!!! and my peppers are as big as my thumb.
  7. Good bye Dragon Ball GT! who here is a One Piece fan? i've been watching the series on saturday mornings for a while now. i remember i was put off by the animation at first, but the show has really grown on me. i look forward to watching the beginning episodes that i missed. besides, i think i'd rather listen to luffy's voice than pan's any day.
  8. the toonami episodes and the saturday morning episodes are the same cut english dub. theres no difference between them. we watched yesterday morning's ep and damn.. luffy whooped arlongs ass! i loved it! and holy shit.. meehawk knows shanks!? dude.. it looked like shanks was about to take him out! how powerful is he!?
  9. lol.. i wonder why they made all the chefs have new york accents. but sanji's voice.. lol. he sounds like a brooklyn lady's man. Luffy: "hee hee he ha ha!" X'D
  10. i liked the battle scene near the end with the brothers battling to save the women. oh.. and Rin is right on character. shes so cute! oh, and i got the advanced copy of the last part.. sesshomaru is a player.
  11. has anyone seen the latest commercials for the new seasons? it looks like SG Atlantis has a new character that looks strikingly similar to one of the guys from the now-finished Andromeda series. They even got skinner from X-Files. X'D SG1 and Atlantis are grabbing up renowned sci-fi actors left and right.
  12. usopp is deadly with a cannon tho.
  13. a nice chunk of both.
  14. that guy was weird. they showed the ep were zoro took out the octopus guy a few weeks ago.. man, One Piece is so damn edited. luffy bite arlong with his own teeth, arlong bit luffy.. not one drop of blood.
  15. did anyone see that coming!? little slugger got owned! X'D
  16. "japan is the country for manly love!" that episode killed me. X'D
  17. i figure CN's episodes will catch up with 4kids in about 2 or 3 more months. i think sanji makes his first appearance in about 4 more eps. but that entire saga leading up to sanji joining the crew is long and excellent.
  18. the battle has started! now i'm dieing for next weeks ep! whoop his ass luffy!
  19. i don't read many fanfics.. but i do recommend fedic's. Yu Yu Hakusho and Inu Yasha fics. you'll probably like the yu yu ones.
  20. i love the fact that she isn't beating herself up over one thing anymore.. and the fact that she's actually going to finish a story.. *looks at the sessy action figure sitting next to the monitor* thats right sesshomaru, force her to finish your story.
  21. open a new file, draw/crop/edit the pic/pattern/design that you want for your new brush, select it, then click "edit, define brush" hope that helps.
  22. we watched movie 5. hot damn! it was a zolo/zoro movie! the best movie out of all 5! this movie was as good for one piece as movie 3 was for inuyasha (if that makes sense to anyone). anyway, yes! this movie was good! when it comes to all 5 movies, my favorite in order are: 1) Movie 5: Sacred Sword (Zoro movie) 2) Movie 2: Clockwork Island Adventure 3) Movie 4: Dead End Adventure (Pirate race) 4) Movie 1 5) Movie 3: Chopper Kingdom of Strange Animal Island (Chopper movie)
  23. i think i read somewhere that they don't get chopper until around episode 80. ; there could be 5 more rap openings by then. X'D
  24. nope. i didn't pay much attention to movies 2-4's opening, but movie 1 definitely had one appears to be the actual series opening. (all the clips from the rap/CN version are in that opening.) btw, just to screw with everyone and give a little spoiler away. zolo killed at least 20 guys in movie 2! blood flew everywhere! the episodes on CN/4kids must be extremely edited.. lmao.. and yes, sanji is a chain smoker! X'D no edited-in lollipops in the movies! X'D