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  1. i haven't seen it yet, but i remember guyver said it was pretty good.
  2. seriously.. i was having some doubts about apollo's role in the series. i'm glad they finally showed off his fighting skills.
  3. baal still has super soilders i think. and whatever remaining Goa'uld are left will probably try to regroup and retake their territories.. from what baal said, he knew the jaffar were becoming a liability.. they must have some other forces.. another alternative is that the wraith will invade the galaxy (as per atlantis episodes) and start a war with all living things (jaffar, goa'uld and humans alike). btw, did anyone notice the subtle hint about the ancient device? daniel heard it in the coffee shop.. they said: "the device was created to 'make life' not destroy it.. it reseeded the galaxy after the plague." on atlantis there was an epsiode with a plauge/nanomachine virus that killed off some of the crew (keep in mind there were no animals on atlantis, i figure all life forms would be affected by this thing except those with the ancient gene). they determined that the ancients nor the wraith created it.. putting two and two together i came up with this theory: another force were at battle with the ancients and released the 'plague' to destroy everything dear to them.. which resulted in the ancients having to set off a device to reseed the galaxy.. (think back to star trek movie: genesis) by setting off such a device they probably left the galaxy to stay out of its wake and thus ended up in the galaxy star gate atlantis now resides in.
  4. her story doesn't hold up.. and it seems odd that she would show up now. its like the cylons knew this ship would survive. hell, it almost feels like they're being herded.. i think she's a cylon.. but we'll never find out the truth from baltar.. his entire cylon detector may have just been a ruse to take out one of their nukes.
  5. i didn't know they were going to do another season.. i hope they'll do more cross-over episodes with atlantis *remembers classic xena/hercules crossover eps* i'm excited about "John Chriton" being on stargate. he can do the serious, asshole, comedy roles with ease. i also remember a few eps back, the girl that played "Erin Suyn (sp?)" also made a guest apperance on the sg1 series.. i'd love to see an episode were the two of them work together.
  6. sg1, damn.. stop killing off daniel! i think he ascended again tho.. SG1 sure is winding down and the end looks like its only a few eps away. *waits for a promethius spin-off* they way the preview for atlantis looks, it kinda destroys the urgency of the impending invasion. i hope they go somewhere with that ep, because it does look like a filler.
  7. in a way they remind me of the cantoi.. they are working towards the end of humanity (and everything), but they still strive to be human with their "becoming".
  8. i remember guyver did a review for hellsing last year.. i need to get all these reviews transferred to the new site..
  9. i still don't understand the significance of helo and boomer on capricus (sp?). are the cylons trying to test the human psyche or are they testing the limits of cylon/human interations? and dr. baltar is loosing his mind.. i wonder if he'll end up commanding a cylon basestar like in the old series.
  10. i think she means shigure from fruits basket.
  11. i also did a family guy / gundam wing crossover.
  12. 29 volumes so far.
  13. me n lady talked about that.. we figure they could do flash backs for the fairy girl (i forget her name). as for skull knight.. maybe they'll start the series off right where the first season ended and introduce him there. *shrug*
  14. photoshop and previous ling training.
  15. Berserk season 2 in near future?
  16. you knew this was going to happen sooner or later. all animes are destined to become tainted and/or exploited. EDIT *UPDATE* CN gets the broadcast rights for Naruto. good bye naruto fansubs. \
  17. yep, no more free fansubs. \ but at least naruto will gain popularity and its fanbase will explode once it gets televised. *imagines the crazy amount of action figures that will be spawned*
  18. Naruto is coming to the States! i wonder how good the english voice actors will be. ShoPro/Viz Announces Naruto Anime!
  19. i'll be blunt and to the point. i know some ppl really like eva but i'm not one. i didn't care for evangelion. i think its the most over-hyped anime to ever exist aside from akira. the beginning of eva is slow until they bring asuka into the series.. then it has amazing potential! but then things die down again.. and then its as if the series stops abruptly and a monkey draws the ending. X'D as for the movies. end of evangelion is the actual ending for the series (its the last two episodes redone because the monkies did a horrible job in my opinion). but it is still far from straight forward and leaves you with a face. and movie 2 is an overview of the entire series (including the first movie) and contains about 5 minutes of extra footage. my overall opinion: fav character: asuka most hated character: shinji fav episode: the one where shinji and asuka have to dance and synchronize together. final comments: could have been better. hell of a marketing job tho!
  20. if you're ever up at 1:00 am, scifi repeats all three episodes right after battlestar. stargate 8pm, stargate atlantis 9pm, battlestar 10pm repeats: stargate 11pm, stargate atlantis 12am, battlestar 1am *tried watching the first half of battlestar at 1am last night and passed out*
  21. 1. Gundam Wing 2. InuYasha 3. Yu Yu Hakusho 4. Fushigi Yugi 5. Great Teacher Onizuka 6. Slayers 7. Bleach 8. Full Metal Panic 9. Trigun 10. Kenshin alternatives: Escaflowne, Fullmetal Alchimest and a few others.
  22. i think i've only seen a few eps of the 1980 show. i remember they could jump extatically high because the gravity they were used to throughout their lives was much stronger than the gravity on earth. lets go guys.. *jumps over a couple buildings* X'D btw, sci fi renews galactica for a second season!