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  2. What was more confusing was re-watching the first season when I bought the DVD's. I didn't know they corrected the order so when I was watching it I was so fucking confused because I was used the order that it aired in (and the order my fansubs were in). I was like "WTH, this isn't the first episode. Where's the Adventures of Mikuru Asahina and that corny ass theme song?". Then I went back to the DVD menu and figured it out (thankfully they did have the option to watch it in its original broadcast order). Yeah S2 is a trip due to that reason. You're watching it expecting it to be taking place after S1 only to find out it's filling in the blanks for S1 (then again it's not the only second season of a show to do this (I'm looking at you Non Non Biyori S2 (while I adored every episode I still wanted a continuation))).
  3. I have a few eps left to go, but it seems to be the reboardcasted version. Funi has 26 eps. The Wiki says there is 28 but only lists 24 of them ending with Suzumiya part V. I can't imagine what the original only 14 was like. reading about it is pretty confusing in itself how Season 2 was basically more eps mixed into season one in the correct order.
  4. Was this both seasons of Haruhi or just the first you watched? Not entirely sure what is currently up for streaming in English considering I watched both season as they aired (and I own the first season). It's a very good show if not downright confusing sometimes (especially since the original order the episodes aired in was not in order (for the first season)) and the relationship between Haruhi and Kyon is the major selling point for me (though I do love his interactions with Yuki). I still need to watch the movie (I've had in downloaded for years, just haven't had time to watch it).
  5. This simuldub season is pretty meh compared to last. If it wasn't for the fact that MHA and out of all things; Black Clover was still running. I'd be hard pressed to keep up. Ep 1 of Overlord season 3 felt like a waste of time, but the second one made things pretty interesting. Angels of Death seems kind of bland so far. How not to Summon a Demon Lord is a typical fanservice trapped in a video game world show. Same goes for The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar. Lord of Vermilion feels like a better Tokyo Majin.. which isn't saying much. Hopefully it will be something better. Harukana Receive is bouncy bikini beach volley ball, but Haruka is a total best girl, so I'll shamelessly enjoy it. XD On the opposite end, I'll skip Free! because I'm not watching a bunch of dudes swim, and I'm already watching HR and Hanebado... an anime about freakin Badminton. With Dies Irae and AoT not staring until later in the month that leaves three unlikely contenders for a surprise best in season for me, that isn't Overlord or AoT which I already expect to be solid at worst.

    Magical Girl Raising Project is apparently a dark ass violent series with cute moe magic girls. XD A total clash of genres. The first two eps only have brief hints at it so far, its mostly just cutesy. But if it turns out like I think it has the potential too. It should be pretty interesting.

    Chio's School Road is a "school" anime thats about Chio's walk to school every day, instead of the actual school day. The absolute absurd happens apparently every time. The first three eps have been pretty hysterical so far. Its different, so I like it.

    Island is a pretty big mystery to me as to what its suppose to be about. It has my interest to see how it unfolds. It can honestly go either way. I guess I'll be reviewing these at the end of the season and we'll see how my opinions have changed since this status update.

    1. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Overlord has been pretty meh so far, thankfully the current arc ended with episode 5 (the most current on CR). I'm all for world building but honestly these side stories are becoming a little to much for me (I know they're part of the books but I want more Ainz action). I won't go any further as it will ruin the character development but it was honestly unnecessary to show this.

      If it wasn't for Overlord I wouldn't be watching any of the new shows this season considering none have seemed interesting to me. My Hero and Steins:Gate 0 are the only currently airing shows I'm watching (and boy has Steins taken a turn for the extremely interesting as of the last episode. MHA is really dragging out this current arc so I'm not entirely sure how this season is going to end, my current prediction might not actually happen until the next, hopefully, season).

    2. DeathscytheX


      I don't understand why they are structuring the anime to have arcs end in the middle of seasons. The open endedness of last season was odd. I figured Steines will be over within the next few weeks. I didn't look up the episode count to avoid spoilers but I know it won't be running through the entirety of this season so I don't count it. I don't even really count MHA or Black Clover since they are continuously to semi-continuously running through multiple seasons.

    3. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      SG0 has the same number of eps as SG so it'll end in little over a month if they don't take breaks (episode 18 is the newest).

      They're doing it the same way they did the books. Each arc is an adaptation of one book though by the sounds of it the current arc was book 8 so they skipped book 7 (which a lot of people are pissed about) and everyone is worried that now we only have 8 episodes to adapt books 7 and 9 for this season (which may or may not be enough episodes). Plus the way they were going we were in for some major story developments (we still are if they do the next 8 episodes right) but I think they're banking on getting a S4 so they're drawing shit out they don't need to (the feeling I've been getting with MHA but at least MHA is guaranteed a 4th season with how popular it is (I mean fuck it's getting an original movie that has nothing to do with the manga)).

  6. SWORDGAI I already stated before after the first season that this was mediocre at best I believe. A lot of reused animation for transformations and what not. I just finished Season 2 a few days ago, and while they upped their game with getting rid of the transformation sequences, and made the story more interesting kinda sorta. It still fell flat. It feels like a poor man's GARO, which is far superior in every way... except for the Crimson Moon season which I never finished. I'd say skip this and go watch GARO and GARO - Vanishing Line instead. Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans I watched this soley because Funi never gets Gundam, but somehow got their hands on this one. The dub was quite excellent with the variety of voices they picked for it. After the first season I would have said it was an ok watch but I wouldn't have recommended it to anyone. Season 2 changed all of that. They are almost like day and night with tone. Season one it felt like nothing could stop Tekkadan, either because they had strong willpower to make it through, or they'd always catch the lucky break. Season 2 takes all of that away. Its a brutal watch with some awesome battle scenes. There was seriously maybe 1 ep where shit wasn't going down in season 2. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya I guess I'm late to the party on this one. I came across this from a random Mother's Basement ep on YouTube. So I checked it out and I adore this anime with all its wackiness. Its an all around Folly of Kyon's everyday life. I love the character chemistry between bat shit hyper Haruhi, and cynical realist Kyon. What seems to be just an average slice of life school anime, turns into something thats just all around nuts and a good time. Somehow it manages to stay grounded though without really going out there like Bobobo or Space Dandy. Although Space Dandy is probably my all time favorite comedy anime next to Fumoffu. Thats a whole other story though
  7. So much legal paperwork with house crap. Its been taking up all my free time for the last month. One more month to go and it should be all done. x_x

  8. Spoiler Alert for Iron Blooded Orphans. Funi put up the rest of season 2. Seriously fuck off... it's been a while since I've so mad about a character death. The way they killed Lafter was gut wrenching. I though Biscuit's death was bad, but fuck that was so fucked up. :(

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    2. DeathscytheX


      Honestly I can't really take "fans" too seriously anymore. I see comments on Funi's post about some random new series thats not gundam and someone just posts "Dubs are trash, and so is this anime, watch Gundam UC timeline". I'm like bruh, this isn't an anime forum 20 years ago... (Think about that We've all known each other for 17-20 years now. XD)

      I really dug the grey area aspect of the story in season 2. There wasn't really a good or bad side per-say. I respect what McGillis was after, and in the end it came to fruition in a way. Elion seemed like not to bad of a guy in the end, even if his ways were a bit convoluted getting there. Tekkadan was just caught in all the wrong places. Orga's death was sad, but it didn't hurt like Lafter's. It was a given that he was a target, so it wasn't much of a surprise. Lafter's death was so senseless off something so petty, it was hard to swallow... especially after the development she had been getting as you said. 

      Even though S2 was better. My favorite moment was when Mikazuki freight trained Carta without warning when she challenged Tekkadan to a 3v3 duel. XD  I love small anti-cliche moments like that. It reminded me of Mugen in Samurai Champloo when a little kid was being held hostage and his holder was like "don't you care if this boy lives or dies?!" and he was like "naaaah, not really" and started kicking ass. XD

    3. DeathscytheX


      Oh and Bael was my favorite mecha of the series.

    4. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Heh, good god how the time flies and boy has the anime forum mentality sure evolved (well depending on where you go. The MAL forums could be pretty toxic back when they were still up).

      Yea, Orga's death more or less felt forced for plot sake. I understand why they took that method (I mean leader of Tekkadan, master of Mikazuki and the Barbatos, and what have you) but it wasn't exactly necessary (even if it did rile Mikazuki up and force the final battle). McGillis, while I admire what he was after, went about it in the worst possible way (ala Zechs in GW) and caused so much unneeded death.

      That was a great moment. The lack of care Mikazuki shows while in battle is amazing. "Oh you want a fair fight, no dice" *proceeds to dash in and murder everyone* This is why he's one of my favorite characters from the show. Yea, he's pretty much emotionless outside of talking to those who he cares about but he is probably one of the best pilots in any Gundam show based purely on instinct alone.

      If it doesn't show already my favorite mech is the Barbatos Lupus Rex, such a finely tuned piece of machinery (not to mention it literally took 7 Dainsleifs to finally bring him down to Julieta's level of fighting (though he was practically dead at that point) and he still took out most of her soldiers before she "won").

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  10. Holy shit. I just finish this, and they HAVE to make another season! The Laevatein is a fucking monster! What a tease... I need more!!!
  11. I bet it'll be a 3 hour movie and the first 2 hours will be character buildup of the new boxer character and his struggles with raising a child while trying to work a job and have a boxing career. Slowly they'll bring in some other human mortal kombat characters and in the final hour explain some elaborate tournament and introduce 18 more characters a ninja army and a bunch of aliens in a train wreck of a final hour.. but the best scene will be in the last fight when the boxer has a flash back to him telling his kid something while he throws that perfect finishing punch that saves all of earth. There... now I can skip this movie.
  12. I cancelled my amazon prime membership. I wasn't getting nearly enough benefit out of it to justify the $120 price per year. Sure its got alot of benefits but its become like a cable package, everything all bundled together. I don't need 70% of what amazon prime even gives anymore. All I wanted was the free two day shipping. Amazon Prime video sucks ass compared to netflix since every app I used for it forces me to go and set a filter for prime only movies and the search always gave me results not included for free in prime. It felt like a constant advertisement and I stopped using it almost a year ago. eh.

    1. DeathscytheX


      I'll keep mine around. I order way too much from amazon to give up my shipping. I order 2-5 times a month. I order bulk items like snacks and coffee. I get a 48pk of Quaker chewy bars for $11, and sometimes $8 with a coupon. A 8pk at the store is almost $4. If I order it on Sunday I can expect to get it on Wednesday every time. I just have to make sure I order anything I want before Thursday to get it in two days.

  13. This sounds like a huge trainwreck.....
  14. I don't drink much soda anymore unless I'm at the theater or some other public event. But every time I see something new I gotta try it. My grocery store got some new specialty sodas in this week. Some haven't come in yet that I sill want to try. I've already had Cheerwine before which is basically a Dr. Pepper variation clone. They had some Faygo with real sugar, and a Shirley Temple soda that was liquid diabetes. But there was one called Moxie and it was pretty fucking nasty. XD It didn't say what it was, so I assumed it was just some type of cola... which it was with a vile aftertaste that can only be described as bitter grapefruit extract with a pinch of dirt. Apparently its an old soft drink made in the late 1800's and it should have stayed there because its nasty AF.

    1. Sledgstone


      I remember trying a cab of TaB back in the 80s. That was the nastiest soda I ever drank. XD faygo with real sugar sounds good. I used too drink faygo all the time when I was a kid. 

    2. Sledgstone


      *can.... I hate my phone. -_-,

    3. DeathscytheX


      Tab is the Good & Plenty of soda. XD I remember they came out with an energy drink about 10 years ago, and it almost made me throw up drinking it.

  15. Darling in the Franxx ended and it was pretty much a letdown. The wildly inconsistent pacing I could deal with, but when I thought Trigger wasn't going to be able to help themselves and give us a epic Gurren style space ending, what we got instead was WTF. Pretty bizarre stuff. This was a lost opportunity for sure. Toyko Ghoul:RE ended strong, If they don't skip to some random future part the next season it will be worth keeping up with. Legend of Galactic Heroes ended in a big cliffhanger... like Legend of Legendary Heroes. I hope there is a season 2! Katana Maidens ending was satisfactory, Not much more you can expect from a series like this. Basilisk: The Ouka Ninja Scrolls ending was cliche as it gets. This was a let down for me. It didn't hold up to the first. The character deaths were lame and meaningless at times, which is a shame because some of the characters I really liked. HINAMATSURI was a joy. It's open to another season so I'm all for it.
  16. A new chapter of Fairy Tail came out one year after the manga ended. It picks up right after the end of the series. Even tho the last couple arcs were written horribly I'm glad the series is back and can get a bit of a fresh start now that so many long term plot lines have all been resolved. The original mangaka is writing the plot lines and story boards but a different artist is actually making the manga. The art style is similar so far but its noticeable on some pages. If anything we might be getting less fan service with this guy. Lol.

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    2. Sledgstone


      I haven't read Edens Zero but I just looked at the first chapter and skimmed through it and it looks like an alternate reality Fairy Tail except instead of mages, theres humans versus robots.. and space travel.. wtf. XD I guess I'll read this. But yeah those characters are exactly like you said.. The main character is Natsu but with Grey's hair and Lucy looks the exact same except her name is Rebecca.. and theres a cat.. also named Happy. XD

    3. Sledgstone


      And of course I saw one page where the girl starts crying and the guy gets a nakama power up.. "I'll fight for those tears" *instant owns everyone* -_-; yeah, this is the same guy that wrote fairy tail.  XD

    4. DeathscytheX
  17. Ancient Magus Bride is amazing. Omg watch it!
  18. Recovery of an MMO Junkie (and yes the original title is literally the translation, that's what its called in Japan) is a pure gem, I watched it as it aired and instantly fell in love with it. Probably my favorite show for that season (I still haven't watched Ancient Magus's Bride or Black Clover yet (which started during that season)). It's was nice to finally have an MMO related anime title that didin't deal with being stuck in a game and focused more on the players and what went in their actual lives. Not only that Morioka is such an adorable character it's hard not to love her (plus I admire her commitment to quiting her job just to play video games, something I wish I could do (damn debt and not ever having any money >.<)). I'm with DX, definitely worth a watch if you're looking for a lighthearted show with good comedy and a good story.
  19. Hooray for plot changes! I stand by my original assessment, this movie will be horrible (especially now since they're not even following the manga plot, at least the OVA did).
  20. The action was good at the end, but all the human characters are so meh. Either i've been getting spoiled by top tier animation like Violent Evergarden and My Hero Academia, or the CGI was worse than last time. The characters felt so janky at times. Like I felt nothing at the end, and the whole nano-metal angle is bizarre.
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