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  2. Ugh, and they got Ewan McGregor on for an Obi-Wan series. Too many streaming services, but I need this one.
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  4. I'll preface this by stating that I've never been good at small tactical gameplay. Search and Destroy has always been my worst game mode, and I've never liked 1 life modes. But this 2v2 is pretty amazing. I guess if works for me because if you die, you get put back into the action fast so there is very little downtime like S&D if you're the first to go down. I played a few hours of this and had a blast even if I got my ass handed to me a bunch. The only things I don't like are shotguns wild inconsistency and the 5 second delay on tactical/lethal equipment. I mean if the other team is dumb enough to stand in the spawn, they deserve to get double KOed. Most matches never see any nades because the match is over before the cool down runs out. I think 2 seconds is fair. Here is a montage of my best matches. My friend doesn't have PS+ as he is more an Xbox guy, so we couldn't party chat and for some reason it only recorded his voice like he is talking to himself. The M14 is a monster amongst men in this game. I wish I got to use it more, holy shit is fucking RIPS. Its like the second match in the montage. I'm pretty proud of my long range Deagle headshot as well. Footsteps are everything in this game. My turtles died today and I'm done with the company as a whole. They've regressed with some cost cutting measures over the years. the last 2 pair I bought were defective and then broke in a few months. Neither had optical input and sounded worse than the old ones that lasted me 5 years. I got some Astro A40s and its the best headset I've ever owned. (it better be with what I paid for them). They're crazy comfortable. But yeah the sounds in this game are phenomenal, the gun play is amazing too. This being only an alpha I have high hopes for the full game.
  5. Just because it hasn't been done yet and this happens to be my favorite op out of this season (still takes second to Demon Slayer though)
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  7. I watched alot of the Life after people show. Its amazing how fast nature can take everything back if humans just vanished one day. Aside from buildings taking a long time to fall apart, certain stainless steel will be our legacy. lol. In the right conditions a stainless steel sink could last a long long time. Imagine some future humans looking into what ruins are left of our civilization and finding a stainless steel kitchen sink tub. "It must have been extremely important to them to make it out of metal like this.. perhaps they worshiped it as a god." other people.. "This is far too advanced for what tools were available to them at the time..."
  8. Ever since that series "Life after People" it always made me wonder how old is humanity? Were always told we're but a blip on the map of time. But there has always been small bits of evidence here and there like things resembling batteries, and the Giza plateau structures being older than they should be. If we all died tomorrow, pretty much all evidence of our existence would be gone in 200 years. The earth would reclaim all of it. 200 years is practically nothing, so how many other times has civilization advanced and got wiped out by an asteroid or what not? If you ever get time to listen to something, these are worth it. Completely fascinating. If you don't have YT red, you can download these from podcast sites. Regardless of your opinion on Joe Rogan, Randall Carlson is just fascinating to listen too. He backs what he says with science. There are episodes with Graham Hancock as well who also does similar research, and they do this podcast together a few times. Those are very interesting as well, I'm not going to sit here and flood this single post with video scrolling. Ep #872, #725, #1284, #417 are all solid. #961 to a lesser extent because they invite some "professional skeptic" that just gets destroyed but wont shut up after he completely lost the argument. TL;DR: Humankind is much much older than we've been told. It's not really a conspiracy and more just prideful bullshit that archeologists are too stubborn to admit they're wrong.
  9. That is alot of optimism and speculation. I hope they announce new elite specs. But if they did that they'd have to add alot of extra hero points somewhere in the game.
  10. Oh you and old papa Midgardsormr become fast friends throughout Heavensward (fuck you get him as a mount and no it's not big badass mode, I'm sure you've seen someone riding him around) and Stormblood. Meh, I still think all you nubs need to suffer through ARR but considering I am leveling an alt character I'm happy to hear they're condensing the story because the whole 2.1 - 2.55 slog sucks ass (I'm guessing they're going to get rid of the majority of the useless inbetween quests and just condense the story elements from those into others because honestly there is quite a few things they can't cut out). Then again though I actually play this for the story so the running errands and what not didn't bug me that much since it adds to the story as a whole. It's Lahabrea by the way, the worst of the three major Ascians (and I'm so glad we're done with him but I won't reveal what happens, you'll have to learn that on your own).
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  12. I marathoned most the day through the grueling redundant quests. Holy cow I was starting to get disheartened with the roller coaster of awesome and then redundant. Fight a big ass dragon on a bridge... cool this has to be the end right? Nah escort this scholar and help Tataru find some pearls... lets go in and out and in and out and in and out of Rising Stones. I saw where they plan on condensing the story some.. they really need to just get rid of all the unnecessary foot travel after you initially defeat the Ultima Weapon and Lahabawhatever. all these 4800xp quests are meh at best. Keeper of the Lake was amazing. Favorite dungeon so far. I'm finally at the Before the Dawn. I had to stop before that because god damn pal, The good 40 minutes of cut scenes was a lot to take in... and now there is another warning for a long cutscene set. Though I just bitched about all those shitty quests, the pay off was crazy. I was just thinking about how GoT-sey this game was. Ishgard/Coerthas is so Winterfell, Ul'dah is Casterly Rock, and Lima is Kings Landing kinda with the doucheyness residing in Ul'dah. I guess Gridania can be High Garden. As I was thinking that they had to go full Red Wedding on me at the banquet. I honestly hated Coerthas and everyone in it my initial run becasue everyone was rude as fuck with the whole fake bishop thing. But yeah I'm warming up to Haurchefant. Before all that madness though Press F to pay respects to Moenbryda's equivalent exchange moment, I'm still catching all these references. Midgardsormr better start backing me up since he took me damn blessing too. I look forward to a long session when I wake back up.
  13. I defeated the Slyph primal, helped create the Crystal Braves and now I'm looking for the spy within the Flames, after half ass hunting the heretic in Snowblinds. On a side note the jumping puzzle thing in the current festival was hilariously easy. Coming from GW2 and its savagely brutal JPs, even its easiest one is much harder, and its festival ones are the most insane. But I'm not complaining I hate JPs with a passion and was pleased not having to go through that frustration. Fuck this halloween JP
  14. Yea but the Doman Refugee's actually play a pretty big role in the story later down the road so helping them now is a good thing (the story for them comes full circle in Stormblood and gets you brownie points with the second coolest Samurai (after Gosetsu, one of my favorite characters in the entirety of FFXIV (he only takes second to best girl Y'shtola and the man, the myth, the legend known as Haurchefant (hey the man grows on you, I initially found him annoying but his character really grows in Heavensward)). Ah so you're closing in on Shiva then so you got a little ways to go yet but things move pretty quickly from here on out. I can't wait until New Game+ is added in 5.1, really wanna go back and relive some of those earlier main story quests.
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    I really wish GW2 would add this system. There is a "sexy stretch" in the hand on hip idle. Each idle stance has an animation that goes into it. That way people that bitch and moan about it never had to see it, but people that liked it can have it in that stance. I have more fun that I should messing around with poses in this game while I wait to be match made into a dungeon. /sit has different sitting positions, and you can sit in chairs or on boxes and have different sitting positions there too. I'm sure this is nothing to every other FFXIV player, but to me its so unique and fun. There is even a /pose where you do a little turn around over the shoulder look.
  16. I finished reading LoTR The Two Towers a couple weeks ago after taking a long long break on reading it. It felt like Frodo and Sam were walking forever to Mordor. That part was so long and boring. -_-; I'm glad its over with. When they finally got attacked by the spider I was thankful something was actually happening. Now I'm reading Return of the King and my god this is moving at such a better pace. The attack on Gondor is happening now. After I'm done with this book I'm going to re-watch the entire movie trilogy again.

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      Lol. I've watched all the LoTR and Hobbit movies multiple, multiple times. XD Mostly because of them being on movie channels on TV when there is nothing else on, I'll put on one these while going to sleep. XD Although, I will never watch the last movie all the way through anymore. All those ending scenes are too much for me. XD 

      The Helm's Deep battle was definitely better in the book. I have high hopes for the battle of Gondor, so far its awesome. :D

    3. DeathscytheX


      XD This was my first memory of this series.

    4. Sledgstone


      Mine too. lmao! XD Classic. XD 

  17. Sledgstone


    I miss sexy stretch. lol.
  18. I'm glad you liked it. I'll read the manga so no spoilers on it please. lol. I'll get to it eventually.
  19. Yes it was Lost City of Amdapor because I accidentally did it when I was suppose to do Amdapor Keep. the mechanics were cool until it wasn't. We kept trying to explain to the guy not to open doors at random. Ugh. I just beat "Leviabeetus" last I played. i read the main quest texts but i stopped reading most of the side quests text not too long ago because I just want to get it over with at this point. Moving back and forth between the same two locations on a map just to give me something to do on some of these quests is sorta asinine. I feel like the ARR story has ran its course and I'm just doing busy work with this Doma refugee thing.
  20. The last quest you need to do is "Before the Dawn" and after that it's Heavensward content (if you've done Keeper of the Lake (dungeon) you're on the home stretch, you'll have one more Trial to do and quite a few MSQ's to do but it's all pretty quick (unless you're into the story and reading everything). Then you get to enjoy the high point in the story for many before Shadowbringers). God it's been so long I don't even know what Dungeon you're talking about (I'm assuming it's Lost City of Amdapor (Normal since you shouldn't have access to Hard yet)). Fuck I got Snowcloak the other day in 50/60/70 Roulette and I was completely lost on what to do for the second boss (it's been like 3 years since I last ran it). I never did Odin when he was relevant (I've done the fate countless times, that's a blast) but I recently solo'd him and damn near failed it with my fully gear Paladin (1 second more and I'd of wiped). Just wait until later dungeons, the mechanics get pretty crazy (I wanna meet the guy who designed the Shadowbringers dungeons and kick him in the nuts, that motherfucker has a serious hard on for melee range aoe's and it fucking sucks when you play a Samurai. Over half of the fights I'm standing in a corner because I can't do shit) The highlight for me, mechanics wise, is Extreme mode Titania. That's a blast, frustrating but so much fun. Crystal Tower is a quick knock out honestly. Most runs I get through them are no more than 20 minutes (people are so overpowered everything just melts) it's just the quests to unlock each section that take the longest now (and you didn't even have to do the original attunement). With you being this close to clearing ARR completely though I don't blame you for waiting.
  21. *splits topic out of GW2 thread* I still haven't made it to heavensward yet, and my next job quests are in the city I can't access until I get to it. I've run several dungeons on hard for various quests. The Odin fight was my favorite of all of those. Diabolos was the most frustrating. My first run, my power flickered when Diabs only had 10% HP left, so running it again I had some guy just opening random doors causing us to wipe 4-5 times. The mechanics are cool until someone does that. I unlocked the Crystal Tower, and now I'm just running food around for refugees. I'm just trying to get through this main sequence hoping it leads to where I need to go. I'll save the raid for later.
  22. *reviving a dead topic again (I'm good at this)* So I finally got around to watching the movie tonight (I really like the idea of renting movies off of PSN). Honestly it was a lot better than I thought it was going to be and that CGI is fucking amazing (better then Ghost in the Shell's which I honestly didn't think was possible and those fucking battle scenes were awesome). Rosa Salazar did an amazing job bringing Alita to life and I have to give props for that as I didn't think any actress would be able to do so (her CGI was a lot better than the trailers showed though she is still in the uncanny valley for me (her look didn't throw me off or anything but I think a lot of the other Cyborgs looked a lot better than her and much more believable)). Now you're wondering, what do they do wrong Strider as someone who has read the source material (currently in the middle of re-reading it since I bought the Deluxe Edition Hardcover set that was recently released)? I'm not going to nitpick this to death like I did Ghost in the Shell as it will be a lot of spoilers for the source material and I suggest going and reading it if you can. I will say that they re-wrote a lot and took way too many artistic liberties when adapting this but it works for the film as it's telling it's own story not the original's (and it's obvious Cameron is a fan of the manga as he took great pains to adapt it in his own loving way). They changed a lot of characters names, changed a lot of scenes from the manga to make this work, threw Motorball in only as a means to an end (this was my biggest disappointment of the whole movie, we finally get a chance to see an adaptation of Motorball and they do a piss poor job of it and fucking make Jashugan look like a fucking punk (he's a fucking badass in the manga and is the fucking Grand Champion of Motorball)), changed a lot of Hugo's back story and story in general, and added in characters that didn't even exist in the manga (and changed quite a bit about Ido but god damn did they pick a perfect actor to portray him). If you want a full list of all the changes and aren't afraid of spoilers since you have no plans on reading the source (what the hell is wrong with you? go read it and if you need me too I'll send you my scanlations discreetly) let me know and I'll go into full detail about all the changes. Overall a solid 6.5/10 mostly for Rosa's portrayal of Alita, Christoph Waltz's Ido (god damn did he do a good job), and the fucking amazing CGI. Soundtrack wasn't too bad as well.
  23. I mean you could get an IL 130 Bow for Poetics if you grind them (I think all together it costs 600 for the tokens, tomestone, and carbontwine to upgrade it) plus you can also get a whole set of IL 130 armor doing the same thing (plus IL 130 will last you to lvl 55 and you can start getting new gear from dungeons then or use the MS quest reward armor around then). Not entirely sure what roulette's will give you Poetics though since it's been a long time since I've run shit that low (but I believe 50/60/70 roulette (if you have access to it), MSQ roulette (easy 300 poetics if you can put up with the cutscenes), and Alliance roulette should if their available to you (though you will have to unlock all the level 50 dungeons and actually have access to all the Crystal Tower raids (Labyrinth, Syrcus, and World of Darkness))). Yea the Relic weapon for ARR is a grind and a half. I'm still not done with it on my Ninja (I have two steps left but I have no want to grind the low level dungeons for the mats and spend the gil for everything else (but I still want it since it's one of the better looking Ninja weapons (if only Ninja wasn't trash in Shadowbringers >.<)). I've also done all the relic weapons up to their Zenith step (next step for you, only one I'm missing is Black Mage because that's still level 30 since I hate dps caster's in this game (though I have to level it to 80 if I want my Amaro mount)). The Heavensward weapons isn't too bad to get but it's another grind (I know because I've done it twice, once before it was nerfed (cost over 5 million gil to do just one step) and once after it was done (the Bard one is by far one of the best looking weapons in Heavensward (with Dragoon's and Paladin's)). For reference I have the NInja one (which there are screenshots up here for) and the Bard one (which I completed a few months before Shadowbringers launched)). I wouldn't bother doing the Stormblood weapon when you get that far unless you want to spend countless hours farming an unforgiving set of content that has yet to be nerfed yet (I gave up after one three hour session in Eureka, wasn't worth it imo)). Heh, I either take screenshots in one of the inns (last three were in the Crystarium's Inn) or outside my apartment in Shirogane. That's mostly due to the congestion is most of the places I log out at (my server is still full and I'm getting sick of the queue times) and I don't like having others in my screenshots.
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