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  2. Not so much, species 8472 turned their sights on us once the Queen was killed (metaphorically speaking, there hasn't been a resurgence of a new body for the queen at least in STO). They play a pretty big role in a lot of the beginning quests trying to bring down the KDF and Starfleet from within. There's also a whole Expansion dedicated to fighting them (and it sucks, they're just as bad as the Borg when it comes to taking them on sometimes). I'm sure they're still fighting but with the Borg in a weakened state they turned their attentions to us (along with everything else in the fucking galaxy. I've had to fight the Tholians, Dominion (yes, they are still around), Cardassians (yep, still around as well), The Breen, The Xindi, The Hirogen, The Vaadwaur (yes, that species the Voyager team woke up), The Voth, The Iconians, and many other species/factions besides the KDF, Borg, and 8472. It's been literal hell). Could be but not much was ever covered on Unimatrix Zero outside of Voyager. They're called the Cooperative and they're allies with Starfleet through Seven (who makes an appearance in the game acting as sort of an ambassador). All I really know about them is that they're free from the Collective by some means. I'd say it took roughly 40+ years for them to rebuild the conduit hub because they're in vanilla STO and have they're own storyline (they're still trying to invade the Alpha Quadrant). I only say 40+ because I'm not sure how long after Voyager returned home that the events of Nemesis took place (all I know is that Janeway was an Admiral by that time).
  3. LMAO! They had transwarp drives back in Star Trek 3 wtf. I completely forgot about that. I like how the later series completely forget about this tech and act like it never happened until voyager. I'm guessing the 2 free borg faction from voyager survived 40 years into the future. lol. Voyager covered all the borg stuff. It was worth rewatching a while back just for all that lore. At the end of Voyager they killed the borg queen, destroyed their entire transwarp conduit hub and set them back in progress a great many years. Without their conduit into the the alpha quadrant it probably took them many many years just to make it back into federation space. The large free borg faction in voyager was from unimatrix zero. I'm guessing the allied borg faction 40 years later was a result of them?,_Part_II_(episode) As far as I know the war between the borg and species 8472 never ended. I wonder if its still happening all those years later.
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  5. Ah, yep there you go. It's been like 6 years since I've rewatched Voyager and now I remember it. That episode was fucking bonkers. To amend something I said above it's actually a Cyclical Quantum Slipstream Drive and it still can't be used for long periods of time (the game limits it to a 30 second boost to warp 24 and it's on a 2 minute cooldown). Starfleet and the Klingon Empire built their own corridor system by the looks of it in the game as there is a transwarp gate at every major strategic holding for both sides (I should also say the Romulan Republic has their own as well but they have no true allegiance in the game as you can choose whether your character serves Starfleet or the KDF). I don't really know much about the lore in-between Nemesis and the game but it seems the Borg are no longer a real threat anymore, shit we don't even need to use rotating shield or phaser frequencies just to fight them. Just goes to show how much 40 years can do for advancement (though they are still a bitch to fight and we have two factions now. The normal collective and one that's allied with us). Scotty never ruins anything, he just happens to sometimes modify something in a way that makes it break
  6. Scotty ruined everything.
  7. That's all kinds of interesting to me. I love how that video really showed the difference. It's crazy to think how fast warp 9.9 is. The Voyager series covered everything about trans warp, warp 10 and quantum slipstream. I actually watched it recently and remember some of it off hand. Basically going warp 10 equals infinite mass and infinite speed. They actually went to warp 10 in a very odd episode with their delta flyer shuttle. The end result was the pilot Tom Perry kinda had a glimpse into omnipresence. He could see everything everywhere and go anywhere he wanted. He recalled events and places on earth, every place of space between them and earth, and pretty much everything else. The ship sensor logs literally filled all its storage with data. The event was to much for his body to handle and he ended up mutating thru an advanced evolution that somehow turned him into a salamander looking dumb thing oon the end. At first it looked like an evolution thing but it really just fried his DNA imo. Trans warp was Borg tech and they had specifically made trans warp corridors that existed in a different plane of subspace or something like that. They wouldn't do instant travel between the locations but it was pretty damn quick compared to warp 9.9. Voyager used some trans warp conduits and shaved 30+ years off their warp 9.9 average travel to earth. Voyager also developed a slip stream drive and shaved decades off their trip to. Slip stream worked like trans warp but wasn't as fast. It was like they were making a trans warp conduit on the fly. They couldn't stabilize the engine tho and shelved it for star fleet to do research on. In the season finale they showed the Borg trans warp conduit hub. It was a way station connecting all their conduits. I think the massive structure was built into a huge black hole / gravitational mass anomaly thing of some kind. I can't remember what it was but damn it was gigantic compared to the actual conduit hub structure.
  8. PSN is having a sale. I picked up the latest TWD telltale game and BF1 premium is finally on sale for $25. I got that to. I'll be playing some more bf1 over the next couple weeks. Some footage from the newest dlc is looking pretty good. 

    1. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      I still need to get on and play the new DLC. I got to try out some of the maps prior to its release because of Premium but never did get around to actually playing them now (I'm not looking forward to seeing the unlock requirements for the new guns though I want to get me hands on the Federov, makes medics extremely op now).

    2. Sledgstone


      Using spears on horses looks brutal now. lol. I'll be playing a bunch this weekend to try it out.


  9. About half a year later I finally watched One Punch Man and loved it. The biggest draw of this series is the secondary characters. Their fights are amazing and easily on par with every other action series out there like dragon ball z, Naruto, bleach, etc. All the hero's are bunched up into categories based on their strength and they are assigned to fight monsters or bad guys appropriate for their levels. There is usually multiple battles going on simultaneously and even tho Saitama aka one punch man can defeat any enemy he can't be everywhere at once. It really lets the other hero's shine. And some hero's are small fry that just help the average person evacuate or stop a burglary. This show really covers alot of ground while having thoughtful and emotional moments. The only odd person out is Saitama because of how powerful he is. He's actually depressed most of the time and even lets himself get beat on for a while just to make a fight last longer. Genos and the other "S Class" level hero's are the equivalent of ultimate powers like sayians from dbz. None of them are powerful enough to destroy planets or anything like that but Saitama might be. It really is an amazing series and i highly recommend it even if Netflix still only has the subtitled version. Just a slight spoiler.. the final ep has a massive battle like its right out of dbz.
  10. Yes! I think i have that day already scheduled off. I will marathon it that weekend.
  11. They probably never fully developed the technology at the time or they were never able to (I'm not that well read on old school ST lore, I'm pretty knowledgeable about everything past TNG and Enterprise era). I know one of the biggest things that came out of Voyager was them stealing Transwarp technology from the Borg to try and make their trip home a lot quicker (if I remember correctly they did but never fully integrated it into their warp drive, they shaved a couple of years off their travel time before it gave out if I remember correctly). All I know is that tech has seen a significant advance in STO (shit we have Quantum Slipstream drives now (which enables the Transwarp ability on the space map, normal transwarp is instantaneous between transwarp gates)), mostly due to the Iconian threat and the intervention of time travelers (yea, the Temporal Time War is mentioned and we do get to fight the Xindi as well. Hell my Science Officer is flying a ship from the future and she's from Kirk's era (yea I know, bonkers)). I just find it funny that our ships are more powerful then ever before (yea this is a game so I understand that aspect) yet warp travel is still stuck at 9.97 (though I do remember them explaining why this is in Voyager I just don't remember the specifics, this is the reason they turned to transwarp).
  12. Last week
  13. That's interesting, as much as I love Star Trek I'm not really up to speed on the lore. The first time I've ever heard of Transwarp was in the experimental Excelsior in Search for Spock. So why was it never really utilized?
  14. Damn, that's interesting. I'd like to point out that Star Trek Online, that takes place 40 years after the events of Nemesis (and is canon in the old timeline), warp speeds still max out at 9.97 no matter what (unless you have access to Transwarp which will put you at roughly warp 24 (Vice Admiral and above ability), which is sad considering how much more advanced Starfleet is 40 years later (and we have access to technologies from the Borg (where we got Transwarp) and the Iconians). I've got one of the most powerful ships in Starfleet and yet I can only go warp 9.97).
  15. For me the biggest disappointment is the weapons. I have all the good stuff (except Hard Light still -_-). Foward Path, Martyr's Make, Valakadyn, Nameless Midnight, Better Devils, Ureil's Gift/The Number, Merciless, A Complex Solution, Vigilance Wing, A Time Worn Spire, Rat King, etc. The "new" weapons on the faction rally were just reskins of other weapons with a different static perk. Grenade Launchers a shit, and I kinda miss LMGs. If there were way more weapons, there would still be something to grind for. I wasn't expecting a Borderlands level of quantity, but I was hoping for at least triple of what we had. Again, it goes back to PvP balance holding back the PvE aspect. It seems to be a common theme in every game I like these days. I really am missing Ice Breaker right now. Nightfall's aren't really that fun to me, they are just means to an end to get powerful gear. The time limit thing is pretty meh, the no wipe rule was more thrilling. Now when everyone wipes, everyone sits there for 25 seconds or more, because if you respawn solo, you'll likely die instantly when you take on all the aggro on the boss. Normal strikes are pretty pointless because public events are just as rewarding and you can do 4-5 of them in the time it takes one strike. They should have make strike specific loot. The only strikes I've played are the 2 I needed on each character to unlock the nightfall, and the nightfalls. I think someone on reddit said it best that the token system is a great support mechanic, but shouldn't have been the main loot drop mechanic. Prestige mode should have had its own loot. I don't think anything should have had a better power level as most these people that play this content indicate... it should have had unique weapons and armor though. There should have been more Exotic bounties as well. I actually enjoyed the MIDA/Sturm/Rat King quests. They were reasonable, and took a decent effort to obtain.... well MIDA was super easy, but that's besides the point.
  16. Yea, IB was a joke (though it made getting Call to Arms done easier since everyone was doing it). I honestly feel Bungie should of never touched IB and left it as it was because I had no fun doing IB last week (fuck I just did it so I could get Call to Arms done). IB was the pinnacle of what Bungie did right with D1 PvP wise (and I fucking enjoyed it, its the only thing I missed about playing D1 when I quit) and to see it stripped to just a casual, monthly crucible event saddens me greatly. I love the ease of access this game gives us casual players but I'm really starting to think Bungie went to far with it's casual friendliness. If it wasn't for the $60 I paid for this game I would of quit playing it after last week (IB really was that disappointing). I'm officially out of stuff to do by myself (Nightfalls are only fun with friends and I don't have a Clan or raid team to do the raid with). The only thing driving me to continue playing is getting my PL to at least 300 (I'm 283 as of last week) and after that nothing. I feel no need to take my Warlock up anymore (where in D1 I actually felt like doing it because, while flawed, I enjoyed the leveling process in D1 a lot more) because I honestly don't want to do the grind all over again (yes I know it's easier to gain power with your second and third characters but I just don't see the point). Don't get me wrong I stand by my earlier impressions, D2 is definitely the game D1 should of been and is the superior version of the game and is definitely worth purchasing for the story (though I'd wait for it to go down in price) but I find myself getting more pissed off with the lack of content in D2 the I ever was with D1. It seems Bungie learns from past mistakes but continually develops new ways to continually fuck up.
  17. Iron Banner, but its not like it matters, there are no level advantages in any PvP, even Trials. As casual as this game is, this is one thing I don't stand by. There is literally nothing for hardcore players to do outside of Prestige Raid and Nightfall as Strider has said. Once I got The Forward Path on my first engram, I was done with IB because Control is such a shit game mode, with half the maps completely unbalanced towards one flag side. The map that takes place on the Leviathan is such a joke, its crazy how it got passed testing. If you start on A flag, you pretty much automatically have a win unless you're team is organized and can take the flag from them. A has a straight line of sight and travel to B, while C has a closed off door way with a chasm, and no real flanks to A all your paths are narrow hallways leading to an exit that the team at A can see and shut down. I've started continuously finishing at the top of my matches. My weapons help out a lot as I have all the best Auto rifles. But If I'm by myself I still lose more than win because while my K/D is around 2.5-4 on average per match, I'll get a team that all go 0.5 or worse. I only do PvP for my weekly powerful engrams which is around 15 matches (5 per character). Thankfully losses count towards that progression or it would be a lot more.
  18. Good review about the game. Bad review about some of it's fanatics.
  19. Holy crap I've been sick as hell for the last 4 days. Its a combo strep throat and flu. I've been off an on sick for the last month but this is kicking my ass on a whole new level.

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    2. Sledgstone


      Nope. Didn't get the flu shot. I haven't gotten one in about 4 years now. When I did get the flu shot before I still got sick but at least it wasn't a solid week of pain like I've been going thru now. At least last night I was able to breath out of one nostril when I laid on my side. 

    3. DeathscytheX


      Gets some Affrin with menthol. It burns like crazy for a few seconds, but it will open you up when you go to sleep. It lasts about 6-8 hours. So it will get you through the night.

    4. Sledgstone


      I've never tried that before. I'll pick some up when i hit the store. Thanks!

  20. Nice streak. Was that regular pvp or iron banner?
  21. I think I got the hang of this.
  22. YouTube bypasses Adblock Plus now. -_-; Ads are more annoying on PC than on the phone. I always wondered what those yellow lines were in the play timeline, they pop banners on the video at those times. 

    1. Sledgstone


      Try watching a list of music videos. Every 2-3 minutes there is a commercial inbetween every song. x_x They keep trying to promote their youtube red add free feature on me.

      Use "ublock origin" addon. It'll block the youtube ads and you wont even see the yellow lines in the video.

  23. I finished IDO the other night. It was enjoyable. It felt like the first half consisted of 15 minute episodes though after you cut the opening and credits out. They are 24 min total as is. One thing I dislike a lot about Netflix is their translation team when it comes to written text. A lot of times they don't bother with signs or other text. The end of IDO it goes through what some characters did at the end of the story, and the text flashes on the screen so fast you can't even read it before it goes away.
  24. We'll have to wait until 2018 for the new anime series.
  25. Idris Elba would have pulled off a perfect green lantern.
  26. I just cant take Aquaman seriously no matter how hard they try. They should have rebooted Green Lantern with Idris Elba as John Stewart for this instead.
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