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  1. Where you saying in general, or did you mean a certain person? But yea, what dubird said.
  2. Sesshoumaru is sex, he's miles better than bankotsu. Why the negetivity towards inuyasha? even though he may be stubbern, and at times plain stupid he is still cool lol.
  3. Ive seen it a few times, its sort of immature but its very funny. If I can watch spongebob and laugh then im not too old for this.
  4. My current favorite show, It should be in the weekly adult swim lineup imo. Mugen is my favorite.
  5. o.k highlight the part that say's address (url) and right click it there should be an option that said copy choose it, go to your control panel and go to edit signature i think it say's, then there should be a small icon and it should say insert picture or something, click it and in the open space right click and choose paste and click o.k ar w.e the choice to continue is and it should appear.
  6. If you see a sig you like right click and go to properties, then copy the url and go to you conrol panel/sig and go to the little blue insert picture thing. Paste the url in there and hopefully that should do it.
  7. I can change the background color to whatever the person wants just ask.
  8. Is it me or does Kanami look like aeris from ff7. I like the show alot even though Im just getting into it, the alter in Deathscythex's avatar is very cool to me. Edited--->Zetsuei, thanks.
  9. I was waiting for a thread like this:happy: I love the show, but I havent seen Most of them. I alway's see like two new good ones then 12 old ones but Red x has to be my favorite character (sig).
  10. Maybe I should just get the episodes of the , since they might take it off the air.
  11. well if there are only 8 left guess i should just wait and see it from the beggining to avoid spoilers but thanks for the info:(
  12. Ruckus

    Make a character

    My imagination is out of order right now but ill give it a go. hair about half inuyasha's length (red)about 6'2, red pupil's with black in the center, built more muscular than inuyasha but not too big, blind in one eye (making it up as i write), weapon of choice is one of his hands has long metal claws and he can swing it at high speeds for a powerful attack wich vary's depending on his anger level (maximum power about 2 wind scars) he would be a full demon but all information is unknown for example the type of demon. He would be an enemy of sesshoumaru and really care less about inuyasha. He would be about as fast as sesshoumaru and he would wear clothes similar to inuyasha but black and white with designs on it and the right sleeve missing (attack claw is his right hand), name umm when i think of one ill edit it in.
  13. id have to say faye valentine from bebob.
  14. Never seen it but it looks interesting, im sure i will get into it soon.
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