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  1. I have a whole new understanding for Arah path sellers after tonight. 5g is a fair price for the time they put into beating this dungeon. X_x

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    2. DeathscytheX


      TTS def makes for a confident dungeon run. Even with people dropping, one guy pleaded for a LFG, but the leader was insistent about TTS only. I can see why. An elitist would have raged over having 2 rangers in the party. I love Dungeon night, even if it takes longer than a PUG group for other dungeons, I'm all in for ones I'm familiar with like AC and HotW. Even if it takes longer, it's content I don't regularly do like world bosses, so I enjoy it more.

    3. DeathscytheX


      I have no probs with speed runs, but when you are a slow ass guardian and you get downed trying to skip a mob it's embarrassing in a pug group with no thief. With TTS you can laugh it off. This really is the best guild to be in for a casual player that wants to experience the hardcore parts of the game.

    4. Sledgstone


      I agree with that leader about tts only. Even one guy can be in the group and if someone gets a disconnect they can easily get another person in there and kick everyone else.

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