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  1. I've spent more gold on my Necro than any other character. I bought the most elite white dye for her today. So many complements on her looks XD!

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    2. DeathscytheX


      I still don't get the hoopla over Abyss. Its 3rd tier rare, and I don't care what people say, it is not darker than Midnight Ice. I've previewed it several times, and I just don't see it.

    3. Sledgstone


      I think it's only darker if you have some top of the line monitor with amazing contrast, but it looks identical to midnight ice to me on the majority of armor pieces I have.

    4. DeathscytheX


      But I have a top of the line 24 inch monitor :P. It may look better on metallic surfaces, but on pure cloth is looks like garbage compared to Midnight Ice. It tries to hard to show off the "detail" I guess and ends up looking a little greyish. It doesn't do it for me. Crimson Red does a similar affect that works really well. I guess to each his own.

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