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  1. While wholly unoriginal. The "final" season of Attack on Titan is brutally dark and amazing. The Titan's origins are explained... but we fall back on racism and xenophobia... Code Geass/Aldnoah.Zero style and every other anime that use it as a crutch. They literally are pulling and blending aspects of WWII German and Japanese culture. But it works. I've heard the final season won't cover to the end of the manga, which I suspected since there is way to much left.... but I also heard there will be a sequel series. I stopped reading the manga when I reached the end of where it was at the time... which is still probably after this anime ends. Is it the best ever? Nah... but for me its highly entertaining.... the anime pacing, seasonal wise was handled poorly due to the no use of fillers, but at the same time not waiting for the manga to get to a certain point. I've said it before, but season 2 shouldn't exist. It should have been parts of season 1 and 3. If you binge it now, it won't make a difference though since you didn't have to wait. Regardless, this series has some of the best high tension action sequences around... and the damn near best monologue I've ever seen on a show of any medium. I'll be interested to see where they call it for the end.

    I rank this the best fucking dub performance of all time... I don't even like this character, but this scene made me respect him and the voice actor that fucking nailed it... which leads to the best action sequence by the best character of this series not contained in this clip.


    1. Sledgstone


      Well I never saw all of season 2 yet. Sounds like it gets alot better. I need to get caught up on it.

    2. DeathscytheX


      Season 2 was awful because it was like something taken out of context. Season 3 is amazing and often forget it's split into two since there was a long break in the middle of it. Part 2's sequence of eps is where the pacing takes off and it hasn't stopped yet.

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