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  1. Did my taxes today. Got my biggest return I ever had. I found that interesting since everyone was trying to say all the stimulus checks were going to make it smaller. I also worked OT a lot this past year during the pandemic... to the tune of $11,000 extra to my base pay. XD

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    2. Sledgstone


      I had no idea menards only hired PT. That's some bullshit. My last 3 jobs I got from temp agencies. Those 3 companies I worked for all had a policy of exclusively hiring full time temps only because they could get full time employees without having to pay benefits and they could fire them for no reason if they wanted and have no repercussions from it. The temp agency could work ppl full time for 3 months before benefits would kick in. So either the job they get you hires you directly after 3 months or they let you go and the temp agency then has no job available and because the hours would drop from 40 to zero they wouldn't have to pay benefits either. It's a shitty system to, but maybe some temp agencies around you have some jobs available?

    3. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      It's really the only way Menard's makes money. They can't really compete with Lowe's and Home Depot due to their limited reach (and shitty tools, they don't sell anything of quality) and the owners and big wigs are pretty shitty people all around. The only reason the one I work at does so well is the nearest Lowe's is an hour and a half away so most people don't want to drive that far to get actual, quality shit. I never thought I could hate a company more then I hated Walmart but Menards makes Walmart look like saints

      Meh, the temp agency market here is pretty dried up atm due to the lack of jobs since, as noted, most of them rely heavily on the oil field (and the ones hiring are hiring in places I'd have to move to). I'm honestly at the point where I might just start looking elsewhere for a job since I'm sick of this city and only moved out here due to family issues. Sadly I can't afford  to get a place atm so it'll be really hard justifying a move with little money unless I find a job that pays quite a bit more (which is unlikely out here since this is the only part of the state where most jobs are willing to pay a living wage of $15 or more (and that's getting rarer now with the oil field being in shambles and most people moving out of the state and back home)). Plus with the issues that have cropped up recently (one of the reasons I've been awol) I can't really leave.

    4. Sledgstone


      Damn that sucks. I hope Menards gets their shit together and gets you on full time soon.

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