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  1. My PS4 kicked the bucket tonight. just shut off in the middle of playing it. I cant safe boot it or anything. It just beeps and doesn't come on. Guess I won't be playing any PS until I can get a 5.

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    2. DeathscytheX


      I think the cooling system/fans are broke. It came back on a few days later and I played for a few hours and streamed some.. but tonight I let YT run for 2-3 hours and started playing a game and it cut off on me again. I guess I'll have to limit my playing time until I get a PS5. I'm not paying to fix it or get a new PS4.

    3. slippers


      my brother lend me ps5 for a week back in jan. mostly i played ghost of tsushima but it had sound glitch. it goes mute every 30 mins or so while playing. this is my game that played flawlessly with my ps4. im still not that eager to buy one if its available and maybe its too soon to tell but my brother is now convinced ps5 is not much better than ps4.

    4. Sledgstone


      @DeathscytheX I had dust build up in my PS4 pretty bad a few years ago, I used a can of compressed air and a vacuum to blow and suck all the dust out. It really did seem to help the air flow.

      @slippers My brother has a ps5, he seems to really like it, but I don't hear him raving about how amazing it is like when the ps4 came out compared to the ps3. I think its still too early and theres not enough games out yet that really take advantage of the hardware. I guess one good thing is that it can play these ps4 games. I remember when the ps4 came out the only game I really played on it for that first year was battlefield 4. With no backwards compatibility my ps4 sat for months without use and got dusty.

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