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  1. I got a promotion with my job yesterday. I'll now be making more than I ever have doing this. $60k a year to do something I barely got paid $35k for at my previous company. The best news is that I'll have Saturdays off, and get off by 6-7pm on most days. I don't have to go to bed like some retiree anymore. So hopefully by the end of this year. Battlefield 6 will be out... it will be good... and maybe we can get the band back together @Sledgstone and @Strider Hiryu. Even though Strider is PC master race. I'm sure it'll have cross play. My gaming life has really suffered these past 3 years.

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    2. slippers


      Congrats! :) thats a lot. I think jobs can be like a lottery sometimes..well life in general for that matter. i spent almost $100 on mega million hoping to win something last month but i know thatll never happen. XD

    3. DeathscytheX


      Thanks! $100?! XD I def bought tickets every week until someone won that billion. But only $2-6 at a time. 

    4. Sledgstone


      I did the same. $4 every week for the last 3 weeks until someone won. Lol. I would have loved having that money.

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