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  1. Cellular service has become more shit the more advance the technology has become. I went through Hurricane Ivan and Katrina.. both Cat 4-5 storms with extreme wind damage and didn't have any loss of service the entire time, even with the power off for a week. Sally rolls through almost 2 decades later as a cat 2 hurricane and cellular service is unreliable for many people in my area. I wish SMS could work off WIFI like calls can, because having to rely on some shit tower that might be too far off or isn't operational is irritating.

    1. Sledgstone


      I hate SMS never using wifi. I downloaded google messages app and use it as my sms program because it's supposed to work over wifi when cell service isn't available. It should technically work but it's completely unreliable imo. I had wifi calling on all the time under the advanced calling setting but it would never make the call over wifi because I always had 1 crap 3g bar of connection that it would default to. And there is no way to force the phone to use wifi for calling and texting by default. So wherever I was home I'd have the wifi calling turned on and I'd have to turn my phone onto airplane mode to force the phone to disconnect from cell service so wifi calling and texting would work. I was able to make calls and get text in airplane mode but after a week of doing that I had people tell me they called and it would sometimes go straight to voicemail or I'd get a text a day late or not at all. Eventually I got that femtocell from Verizon to give me full bars of service inside my house over my internet. I have seen tho that it has dropped coverage once when verizon had a service outage. I guess when their service goes completely down it's not just a cell tower issue because my femtocell directly connects to Verizon servers over the internet.

      Google messages stating it'll work over wifi:


      You can try downloading it, turn on wifi calling and then switch to airplane mode and see if it works? But airplane mode sucks and might silent alarms, etc.

    2. Sledgstone


      I just realized that pic says google fi help. Ehh. I don't think that makes a difference because I remember getting texts over my phone in airplane mode. Maybe some android OS updates has made it more reliable than when I used it like that.

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