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  1. I've lost a lot of interest in Anime recently with the COVID stuff. With the dubs at a crawl, I haven't consumed anywhere near as much stuff or kept up with it. the Fire Force dub is only on ep 3... and I finally got current with Fruits Basket Season 2 yesterday. (My god the feels are about to explode it seems). I also lost interest in mobile games... just one day I just stopped playing AL and Arknights. They started becoming a chore that I felt I had to play, and in the end it just wasn't enjoyable anymore I guess. I've lost interest in a lot of stuff recently, and regained interest in other areas. I guess its just a part of getting old. I ordered TWD Compendium 4, So I'll be reading that tomorrow to get ahead of the TV show again. Other than that I just really sit around, drink coffee and watch science videos on YT. I guess that's what I'm content with now these days. XD

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    2. Sledgstone


      The last mobile game I played was Snoopy Pop. XD But my phone sucks and games load too slow most of the time. That along with me taking videos of my dogs doing cute stuff I'm always running out of space.. then I delete a game to take more videos of my dogs. XD

    3. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Don't really blame you any. I go through periods where I don't touch the ones I play for months except for doing the bare minimum (logging in for daily credit, "chore mode" if you will). Then again I don't really dedicate any time to playing them, I just jump on them when I have a free moment like when I'm waiting to go to work in the morning or when I'm just bored and don't want to do anything that will require more then a few moments to play (like waiting in queues on FFXIV).

      As I always say mobile games aren't for everyone. Most people either get super addicted to them or they grow bored with them in a short amount of time. You'd be surprised how many mobile games I've played and dropped (it's sad really, last time I looked at my google play history I was honestly surprised by how many I've played and dropped over the years) due to lack of interest/time/boredom. Quite honestly I'm ready to do a purge again of games I play sparingly because at the moment I currently play 13 (some more then others but 13 all together) and it's getting a little too time consuming keeping up with chore mode (about a half an hour in the morning and an hour plus in the evening (mostly AL due to the Bismarck event)). I wouldn't say I'm addicted but I do admit that it does become somewhat of an obsession after awhile if you let it.

      On the SR Bulins, I've never had any real trouble getting them (in fact I have like 4 currently that I have no use for since the two ships I currently have sitting in the dorm are already fully limit broken). Then again I don't hit the leveling and limit breaking hardcore either. I focus only on the ships I want up and I'm in no hurry for it. I also don't take anything serious in the game except events. PVP for me is just a leveling resource, could care less about anything else (well I shouldn't say that but I can't take it seriously when I can't get past Captain because a lot of the players on my server are powerhouses that keep me in the mid to high 4000's and I don't have the time to watch my PVP tries to get more then 10 chances a day). It's just a fun way to pass the time while collecting ship waifu's and arguing with other people who the best one is (Laffy, it's always Laffy. Yea, I might have an unhealthy obsession with her (I might need help)).

      XD I honestly don't know how to react to that Sledge. Then again my mother does the same thing on her phone with her dog so I kinda get it.

    4. Sledgstone


      Its a pet parent thing. XD

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