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  1. Wearing a mask with glasses sucks. I've been using neck gaiters, but when you were anything that has to go around your ears it makes your glasses lose grip. I'm going to get a new Rx on contacts Monday. I stopped wearing them about 2 years ago becasue I couldn't wear them a whole day without my eyes getting irritated. I just need them for 8-10 hours tho, just to get through work.

    1. slippers


      i also have glasses on so a face mask will pull my ears down, gives me a headache. so i wear a bandana instead. i tie it very loose around my neck and pull it up when needed. comfortable than other stuff i tried on. but what bugs me is most ppl wear it incorrectly anyway. eventually no one can breathe with that face mask thing on for that long. most ppl either cover their mouth only so they can breathe thru their nose, or pull it all the way down to their chin so they can talk on a phone. seen so many ppl doing that while working or out shopping. defeats the whole purpose of wearing a mask. 

    2. Sledgstone


      Lady made us masks when NY forced us all to wear them. All the fabric stores at the time were all instantly out of stock of alot of fabric and elastic. So she made our masks using pipe cleaners for the ears. That way it's adjustable and it doesn't pull like elastic. My problem is wearing glasses because they fog up. So even with an extra piece in the nose to tighten it up I have to have some air gaps on the side of the mask so it doesn't fog my glasses. It's not 100% effective like that but it's still helping and will catch the majority of the air droplets coming out of my nose and mouth so I'm doing my part in not spreading anything. I will say tho, wearing one all day for work would be a pain in the ass.

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