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  1. My Mobile game spending habits have been pretty tame. I'll drop a few dollars on Arknights banners now and then. Azur Lane, I have it to a science to generally go into events with 100+ cubes to get everything. But lets face it. Azur Lane makes it's money off skins... and the best way to get skins is to make it easy to get the ships. Arknight's skins are mad expensive, and I only found out last week that the Siege one I really want is gonna be free with Contingency Contract coming up! Other than that, they don't do much for me as the E2 art looks amazing as is... and I'm the only one that gets to see them so I can't flex.

    Azur Lane tho I can flex with my defense fleet in PvP. XD Plus you can have multiple secretaries grace your home page at random. Being a man of culture, I can appreciate all the fan service bikini skins they throw out there... but it ain't for me. The in game chibis have to look just as good as the secretary full art to get my money. That being said... they just had to bring out a bunch of black dress skins.... and FINALLY Enterprise gets a skin that's not prudishly modest. INSTAPURCHASE! I went to town on the Qipao skins a few months ago. I'll probably buy most of these as well. I'll buy skins for characters I don't have yet if the art is good and the in game model looks cool. (I'm so glad I bought that Taihou L2D qipao now that I have her XD)

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    2. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Interesting, the open world concept sounds fun so I really hope it's implemented well. This new update might actually get me playing a lot more than I currently do (will also mean I'm going to have to step my research game way up to get those anti-siren ships built (curse you Izumo for not being done yet). Really want to get my hands on Azuma). Also look at that Unicorn Oath skin, so fucking adorable. Going to have to start using Uni a lot more so I can oath her (good thing she's my secondary carrier for my RN fleet).

      I was using PVP to level but as I said I just got to bored doing it and I don't need to do it for SR Bulins (I've got those coming out of my ears, don't know what to do with them all). Should really do it more so I can get Eldridge but just can't bring myself to do it unless an event mission requires it.

      Yeah, for some reason the game just likes handing me SE ships left and right (except Nagato, so pissed I didn't get her during her event) but won't give me shit for RN or IB. As I said not complaining as I love the SE ships but I really want to build up a killer IB fleet. I think I'm only missing like 30 or so SE ships (I know I'm missing 10 SR's and have most of the Rares and Normals (missing like 5 normals I think). Not to sure how many epics I'm missing). Most of what I am missing is event only though so it'll be awhile before I get those (most of the Epics I'm missing are chapter related (like Hiryuu and Souryuu, some reason the game decided I didn't deserve them when I was doing the story)).

      Also can I just point out how fucking cute Little Illustrious is. God what a fucking great addition to the game. I also didn't know there was a Little Bel either and after seeing her I must spend all my cubes to get her. Man, Yostar out here playing a dangerous game with these adorable mini version ships (I really want Akagi-chan but gold is becoming a slight issue lately with me increasing level caps and this event (thankfully I got the last event ship I needed today so goodbye cubes, Strider wants his Akagi-chan)).

    3. DeathscytheX


      Ugh I'm missing L'Opiniatre, damn wishing well running at the same time. I'm trying to get U-81. I got Albacore from the merit shop already. I know subs aren't really important right now, but I still want them and want to get them leveled and geared. 2 missions a week is kinda wack. At least I got Centaur. Lets not get started on Azuma. I have her Qipao L2D for one day... (LOL I did my last hurrah 10 pull with 12 cubes left and got L'Opiniatre... I'm tellin' ya, if I cry and whine about it here, I get it on my next pull almost every time. XD)

      Little Illustrious is super cute, so is Little Renown. I guess I missed Lil' Bel tho. The PvP thing is kinda a chore. I try to log in the 3 or so times a day so I only have to do 5 runs at a time. I kinda wish the shop had better rewards... you know like purple parts to upgrade gear. The Sandy retrofit event should be coming up soon... I wish it was Warspite but Sandy is the best AA ship in the game at full retro. I hear you need strong AA for world 12, but I'm sure it will come in handy for the new stuff. (plus i just want a rainbow tier ship just to say I have one.) Speaking of cuteness though, I think Unicorn tops my list (in the anime and game). I bought that big date skin since its the only one I could get that didn't cover half her cute little face. On top of that shes so good. I think I prefer her over Illustrious as far as her special talent goes. I've had her heal my vanguard back to half health from red repair sign status. Lusty is one of my top Waifu's tho so yeah. XD 

      I just sorted by IB and holy cow its sparse. Prinz is my only SR. Z23, Z1, and Admiral Hipper µ are my only Elite. Leipzig is my only rare, and I have 3 normals. This is whats stopping me from trying any IB PR ships because I'd have to grind the shit out of low worlds with what I have to gain the XP. I'm currently working on Neptune since I mainly use RN light and heavy cruisers for her 3 million XP requirement.

      Friedrich der Große.png

      One day..... One day....

    4. DeathscytheX



      Uuuhhh. Vice Admiral. I want Admiral of the Navy just one time! Its all based on luck tho. I've been getting lucky on that right most slot not having Warspite. XD still a few days left for me to get wrecked. I've already lost more than 3 matches too which I think you can only lose 2 or 3 to get it. No way I don't lose a few more times.

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