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  1. I've used Yahoo mail for the better part of 20 years now. A few years ago they started adding these intrusive adds that look like emails, and you can accidentally click on them. They've always had ads on the side or as a video when the inbox is empty, but these are annoying. I guess one of the last Ublock updates made is possible to suppress these ads. Every once in a while I'll see it for a second loading in and it goes away when Ublock blocks it.

    Now Yahoo has a pop up that demands the blocker be turned off or it reverts back to "old yahoo mail". At first this was an easy fix to where you could just turn the new version back on after it reverts... which serves no purpose outside of looking modern. But now you can't swap back until you tun it off or pay a sub fee... my email bookmark loads into the new version anyways, but the tactic has become more aggressive to where you can maybe click 2 times before it pops up again.

    I mean what a joke. I'm not disabling my blocker out of spite. I use my phone email app more anyways, which blocks all ads. Yahoo gains nothing since they freely give out the POP3 info for you to use outlook or any other 3rd party email program that their ads can't be seen on.

    1. Sledgstone


      Wow. Yahoo seems a bit desperate. Most of these companies all sell everyone's "anonymous" user data to keep it free. I switched to gmail for everything over a year ago mostly because of work, but also the convenience of gmail on my phone. I'll get some promo email thing from them occasionally but it's noticeably marked as an ad.

      I still have my ancientclan.com email that I check everyday, but I've been moving everything to my gmail for a while now. My ancientclan.com email is nice because it's unique but fuck spam. It became so tedious setting up anti spam measures on the old server and I'd still get hammered with it. Now the new server is all managed for me but since I have no control on it, some things are getting blocked and it's an extremely aggressive spam block. There's no winning. I'll just use my gmail now.

      I had a coworker still using aol.com email. XD holy crap its an old email account. XD

    2. DeathscytheX


      It seems adblock+ was the culprit. They've really dropped the ball over the years. I probably should disabled it completely. Ublock seems to evade almost all detection. I leave them both on for double the protection. The only time Ublock got detected after turning off AB+ was when l was watching an anime series on a questionable site that had a lot of old series i wanted to watch... which oddly enough Funi acquired most of them in the past few months. 

    3. Sledgstone


      That's a good point about adblock. I always leave it and ublock on too.. maybe adblock isn't even doing anything at this point. I haven't tried running just ublock alone yet. 

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