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  1. My internet went out over the weekend. Apparently the line in the ground was just very old. My cellphone gets really weak reception at the house so I can't really watch YT or even load webpages very well at times. But I learned mobile games somehow work flawlessly. XD Thankfully too, since I was able to get in a ton of Crimson Echos on AL. I just have D2 and D3 to 3 star, I have every ship except Amagi... which I will whale for at the end if she don't drop since shes top tier PvP. I'm 83% through getting Monarch, and about 20 blueprints from maxing Saint Louis. I'm glad Kaga (BB) dropped for me so I can spend all my event currency on blueprints, oil, and coins.

    I also finally finished Chapter 4 of Arknights. Now that I have plenty of E2 operators, I felt confident about beating the boss. Holy shit and I barely just beat her. Myrtle is such an cheat code in this game. Is hard to believe shes only a 4 star vanguard. Yeah she only blocks one and 0 when her ability is active, but I just slap Projekt Red behind her and let the DP points come pouring in so I can set up as fast as possible. Its actually pretty boring to grind for mats and resources. I normally watch youtube or anime while I do that stuff so I actually decided to play the game again and I'm fully impressed with my upgraded units. Now that my internet is back though, i need to E2 more units to trudge into chapter 5. I already peeked at the first map design and I was like "nah fam, I need to get stronger". XD

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