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  1. I guess since I basically sleep my off days away and I'm stuck at work 10-12 hours a day I didn't notice too many April Fools pranks this year. I guess with the current times maybe people didn't feel is was appropriate. GW2's patch notes were pretty lame this go around, but the cats were funny. Azur Lane giving elite Universal Bulin a skin was probably my favorite. XD  The cruelest was a Star Wars fan page posting about Original Cut Trilogy coming to Disney+. 😢 I actually fell for that one because all my days run together. I didn't even realize the Bulin skin event was a joke until I unlocked the skin and realized what day it was. X_X

    1. Sledgstone


      A couple weeks ago I was planning on taking the Tifa wallpaper on AC and photoshopping a face mask on her and putting some conoraviruses on the wallpaper.. but then a couple weeks later it seemed bad taste. XD I got swamped with work and other stuff too so april fools day got away from me. I hardly noticed any april fools except the GW2 cats.

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