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  1. Its no secret I have an extremely poor diet consisting of mostly red meat and dairy products. XD But I have definitely cut back on sugar intake over the past couple of years. I'll still eat candy and sweets now and then, but I drink soda maybe a few times a year when something interesting comes out. (Like Dr. Pepper Cream Soda ūü§§). I'll drink a glass or two of sweet tea when I go out to eat, and on holidays. But outside of that its coffee and water daily. I haven't put sugar in my coffee in probably 15 years. A few months ago I got into sparkling water because I miss soda, but at the same time I don't... I really don't enjoy it as much as I use too, but water gets awful boring sometimes. La Croix is fucking nasty, I already knew that well before this. But with the sudden explosion of new rivals I took a tour of whats available. Pepsi's Bubly is ok, The apple is probably my favorite out of all of them. Coke had Desani sparking water which was actually pretty good. The lime almost tasted like sprite... but they discontinued all of it for this new AHA shit with weird ass flavors. I tried Blueberry Pomegranate because it was the most normal one, and it seriously went flat before it even got room temp. I sat it down for a few minutes and when I took another sip all the carbonation was gone, wtf? San Pellegrino makes decent ones as well. But the best IMO is Perrier. I'd say Strawberry is the best, followed by Watermelon and Peach. It has a caveat though. There is something magical about the can. XD You have to drink it out of the can ice cold, and the flavor is good along with the different style carbonation (apparently it's natural). Once you pour it into a glass or get one of those plastic bottle versions, its not the same. It tastes flat and flavorless. Its very odd.

    But anyways. I don't enjoy sweet drinks anymore at all outside of tea. Maybe its a mental thing because it bothers my acid reflux, but it all started with the alcohol I drank, I moved away from rum or anything mixed as I stopped liking sweet liquor. Then it just kinda carried over to my daily beverages. I treat the rare soda as a dessert now. I can't stomach more than 1 in a day. I have no idea how I use to throw back 3-4 a day when I was a teenager. XD:barf2:

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    2. DeathscytheX


      I use to like those squirt drinks, but I have reservations against splenda which is what those are normally sweetened with. Mio and Crystal Light are the big sellers around here. The Kool-Aid ones do pretty well too. Which is basically what it tastes like to me. Kool-Aid. Not that I dislike Kool-Aid but I don't want to drink it all the time. XD Plus those Mio's have to be disposed of as hazardous waste in store when the are broken, and there is no explanation why. The only other edible/non chemical items that are disposed of like this are aerosol cans like cooking spray, and medicine. XD wtf... strike 2 and 3 right there.

      As for coffee I mostly drink Peet's Major Dickason's blend and Gevalia Majestic Roast. Since Its just me, I use k-cups for the convenience of a single cup at a time rather than tossing out half a pot of coffee. I generally order from amazon since you can get 75-100 packs for $30-40, rather than paying $10-12 for a 12 pack in store. I actually just subbed to Black Rifle Coffee Company yesterday. I got a sampler pack last year for Christmas but i didn't really care for any of them since they were all medium roast at as such tasted super weak. But now they have Freedom Fuel Dark Roast so I'll give it a shot. They're a veteran company and support a good cause by sending out free coffee to our servicemen and servicewomen overseas. After listening more about them over a Joe Rogan ep, I wanted to join their coffee club. They have an extra dark roast called Murdered Out, but they don't do k-cups yet. I'll probably swap to that if it ever happens. XD


    3. Sledgstone


      That coffee sounds good. Hazardous waste. XDXDXD I looked it up and its because it contains propylene glycol as a preservative. Theres industrial versions of it and food versions of it. I'm guessing your company has it listed as hazardous waste in the system because its all sorted by one generic listing of that ingredient. Probably because the industrial use of it is for antifreeze. XD


      I found out Mio sold in Canada doesn't have the ingredient. I'm surprised these don't have that California cancer warning on them like every other product I buy. XD

      Interesting article about it:


      I don't think I'll have to worry about getting toxic levels in my body with a couple servings a day. I do have liver issues and I have another liver blood test coming up in a few months so it'll be interesting to see if these squirt drinks affects my levels. I don't have any other drugs like ibprofin, etc. in my system anymore for the last 3 months except for asthma meds. Lady's been drinking this stuff for years and all her blood work has been fine except for high blood pressure which she recently started meds for over the last 6 months.

    4. Sledgstone


      Looks like those brownie bites might be listed as hazardous too, but then again they added some extra words to the propylene glyol so maybe not. XD


      And theres multiple flavors of Cold Stone creamery ice cream with it as an ingredient too and I had no idea. Apparently its in some Betty Crocker cake mixes too.


      Now that I'm done going down the rabbit hole of propylene glycol, I'll have to look up some other ingredients this weekend. XD 

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