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  1. Been trying to up my soap game. I use to be a body wash person, but after obtaining some skin issues because bacteria can fester on those scrubbers, I swapped to good ole dial antibacterial stuff and it cleared it up in 2 days thankfully. My issue with bar soap is it doesn't last long, and you end up losing the last bit of it when it gets small and thin. I've been doing a lot of research and came a cross a few brands.

    Dr. Squatch seems to be the most popular, but that's mostly due to marketing from reviews I've read. When it comes down too it, it seems to be overpriced soap that doesn't last long or even smell good.

    AoS (Art of Sport) is another popular one, the reviews are mixed, but it seems to be pretty good for sweating. I'll def give this one a try in the future.

    Duke Cannon makes gigantic bars of soap. It lasts a pretty long time and they smell pretty industrial/economy if you now what I mean? XD I can see myself buying it again. Right now I don't see anything beating it, but the size is a bit inconvenient to hold on to. XD It feels like it will break a toe if you drop it on your foot.

    Next on my list though is Viking Revolution and No 63. I bought a bar of each off amazon to see what that's about. I have high hopes for No 63 because all the reviews said it lasts a crazy long time. That's mainly what I'm looking for. The smell is less important as no soap scent lasts more than an hour out of the bathroom, and even then someone needs to basically press their nostrils against your skin to smell it. That's what Cologne is for. Which is a whole other topic.


    1. Sledgstone


      I've never heard of any of those soaps before so I googled them. Duke Cannon's website says "BIG ASS BRICK OF SOAP" rotflmao! XDXDXD

      Those soaps look good. I'm not well versed on men's products anymore. Mostly because once I find something that works for me I stick with it. Although I do want to get a new shampoo. Something that can hydrate my scalp. I have thin hair and such extreme low humidity in my house during winter that after a shower my scalp becomes almost bone dry and the skin almost wants to shrivel up and flake. I basically have to jump on a step machine and work up a very light sweat just to rehydrate my scalp. Wtf.

      I don't like body wash because the scent lasts too long. I use Olay bar soap with shea butter. I can buy a 6-8 pack at walmart for around $9. These bar soaps used to last forever but they got changed years ago to melt away like all bar soaps nowadays. The 6 pack are larger individual bars than the 8 and do last slightly longer, but for the price for amount of soap it's not bad at all. I have sensitive skin and Olay with shea butter is the only bar soap I've used for years. That sliver of soap isn't a problem either since I found out if you don't want wait until they are super thin, you can merge them into a fresh bar by pressing them together at the end of a shower. Just work them together a bit and leave the sliver piece on top and after a couple more showers it melts right into it.

      Pardon my filthy soap dish, but here's a pic. XD


      I also use dial antibacterial liquid hand soap at the sink. And Dove men+ care stain defense clean deodorant. That deodorant causes significantly less yellow staining on clothes, but I sweat like a bastard with any deodorant I use. Lol. And Curel fragrance free lotion is the best for my sensitive skin. No smell, no greasy after effect one it absorbs and it's got no smell at all.

    2. DeathscytheX


      I've had dandruff issues my whole life. I guess because my hair is super thick. Every barber has always made a comment about it my whole life about how thick my hair is. Try T/Sal. I think its new? T/Gel works too but damn it smells like road tar or asphalt. -_-; When i was a young kid my mom always made me use T/Gel when my scalp got bad, but T/Sal doesn't smell at all... like seriously zero scent... again unless you stick it up in your nostril. XD I know a lot of things say no scent and they still have one, but this one smells like nothing.


      Maybe my skin just doesn't take to scented products very well, I must absorb them or something. Body wash never lasted long on me, even some colognes. I recently upped my game on that since i found the FragranceX website. They sell discount overstock like Tester bottles meant to be used by department stores. Amazon tends to have too many counterfeit colognes going out so I had to find a good discount retailer. I like Tommy Hilfiger Eau de Cologne, but it lasts just a little bit for me. Versace Eros and Polo Green work amazing for me and last all day. In the summer I sweat profusely at my job when it gets really hot so antiperspirant doesn't last all day sometimes.  Its like a last resort second line defense if that happens. XD I use Degree mostly because its strong. I don't have too much of an issue with stains even on my undershirts unless they're extremely old.



    3. Sledgstone


      Thanks! I'll have to try that shampoo. :D

      I almost never were cologne. Ever since I started working office jobs 20 years ago, if a guy put on cologne or ladys put on perfume, they'd be the most hated person at work. We're all sitting in cubicles or in a row of desks and that one person smelling strong all day would result in all kinds of issues. XD "why do I have to smell Jim all day!? Who the f*ck does he think he is?" Another person walking past a perfume lady "that perfume is so strong my eyes are watering" another coworker shouts from a row over in agreement: "it's really strong I'm going to have to go home for a half day because it's flaring my asthma."

      meanwhile another coworker burns microwave popcorn and brings it to her desk to eat the good ones still the bag. "Jesus christ woman!? Seriously!?"

      When eating fish on fridays became a thing for some ppl.. it eventually stopped being a thing when ppl in other departments starting complaining they could smell it through the walls. XD

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