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  1. Random thought. How much is too much? I remember when I was young, and my parents had adult social gathering with friends, there was Budwiser, Miller, and Coors. Maybe some others here and there. When I came of age the selection got a bit more vast. I don't really drink beer anymore as the constant pissing and bloating isn't worth the small buzz it provides. Holy cow today there is so many damn beers tho. Like 6000 IPAs alone. How do you even decide? Especially if you're as adventurous as someone like me. You'd never be able to settle on a favorite because you want to try something new too much. There is so much that I'd forget something I liked after trying 30 more beers over the course of months. It kinda reminds me of damn yogurt. When I started in the grocery business there was 3 types of yogurt. Breyer's Cream Savers, Yoplait, and store brand. Now there's a 20 foot section of yogurt at every store... and let me tell you... MILLIONS of dollars go in the garbage every year from it going out of date. Its the biggest food waste in America. Anyways. Overall I don't drink anywhere near as much as I use to and when I do its bourbon/whiskey only. I have my tried and true, but I'd always like to venture out and try something here and there when something new would appear on the shelf... but now Bourbon is the same way. XD WTF My curiosity gets the better of me and I've tried nothing but new stuff the last 3 bottles I've gotten the past year. They've all been pretty good, but nothing mind blowing. I'm going to pick up something new again tomorrow for the kick off of Season 2 for COD. I'll stand there like an idiot for 20 min trying to decide, knowing that I won't be back for another 2 months. By that time 10 new bourbons will be out. I don't know whether to complain about it or be happy that the market is so robust after there was apparently going to be a bourbon shortage according to some reports a few years ago. I don't, and I never will drink cheap. If I can't afford the good stuff I go without. And now that I go through a bottle every 2-3 months rather than 1 a week or two like in my 20s. XD I'm willing to spend even more per bottle. I tried some Prichard Bourbon last time, it was pretty good but had some sweet tones like brandy I didn't care for too much. I like my bourbon to be rough and tough with that good oaky taste that incinerates your sinuses upon hitting your tongue. XD Before that I had Clyde May's Alabama Whiskey which was really good. There are a lot of staples that are releasing new stuff I want to try unless its that fruit infused crap. Uh damn Millennials ruining alcohol with there fruit flavors. White Claw is an abomination of mankind and shouldn't exist. /endrant.

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    2. Sledgstone


      You haven't experienced crap until you are stuck at home in a blizzard and only have an old bottle of canadian ltd. XD

      I haven't had Chick-Fil-A in years, same with Sonic and Popeyes. 5 guys and Wendys are my go to for a good fast food burger. I don't each nearly as much fast food or restaurant food any more, maybe once a week or every other week. Lately its been once a week tho and I've had to settle with burger king or KFC because the selections aren't that great around here, but Arbys does make a decent brisket sandwich when I'm craving bbq. The best chicken tenders I've ever eaten are from Raising Cane's. I wish they'd open one here near me. Every time I visit ohio I go there for the chicken sandwich, its 3 tenders on a bun. Damn thing is delicious. That and white castle. lol. Gotta eat at least a couple sliders. XD

      Since I sometimes go a month or more without eating a particular fast food, when I go back to it, I'll notice the difference in sizes immediately. lol. Theres been a couple times where the jr bacon cheesburger from Wendys has shrunk noticeably twice over the years. And KFC chicken tenders have shrunk so much over the years, if I order a 3 piece meal I usually get 4 pieces of boneless fried chicken that doesn't even resemble tenders anymore, just white meat chicken thats too long to be considered a nugget. Raising Cane's tho on the other hand, thats a f*cking chicken tender. :drool:

      Back to booze, Bookers was good, but damn it was strong. My tongue has gotten alot more sensitive to salt and alcohol as I age. Weird, but now if something is too high in alcohol it basically burns my tongue. Any mouth wash I use has to be zero alcohol or I'll basically burn my damn tongue. Anything over 35-40% alcohol for me now has to be watered down with something. x_x

    3. DeathscytheX


      You really gotta try that Popeye's Chicken Sandwich, its magical. The chicken paddy is massive. Its pretty simple though, It's just a big succulent chicken paddy with some zesty sauce and pickles. I love Arby's but its the furthest chain from me so I don't go too often. Their social media is on point though. Raising Cains. ah yes, that's very Similar to Foosackly's but Foo is better (better sauce selection, and bacon queso fries option). There is also another tender chain called PDQ which I really liked, but ours shut down for some reason. I'm surprised they even have a Cains up that far north. Foo is superior because its a local thing and the chicken is super fresh. but Cains is really good. So is Zaxby's but its at the bottom of both Cains and Foo.

      Five Guys is so good, but I don't consider them fast food since they cook to order like Whataburger but their prices are pretty high around here. I mean Whataburger is too. You'll pay a good $9-11 for a combo at Whataburger, but its like $15+ at Five Guys for the equivalent. I get the double cheeseburger fully dressed... what can I say? XD Whataburger is a Texas chain, so everything is big. Their medium drink is the size of a route 44 at Sonic. XD In-N-Out is really good too, but there aren't any here. I got to go to one in Vegas and it was really tasty.

      I fucking hate BK. Fuck them. Their customer service is absolute trash at every single one I've ever been to in several states. Their burgers are hot garbage. The bun is too dense, and they nuke the damn thing before they give it to you. If I only had a choice between McD's and BK. I'd pick McD's instantly for the rest of my life. BK's chicken fries are the only reason I, on very rare occasions, go there. McD's McRib is my weakness. XD I don't care how many chemicals are in it. Its delicious trash tier BBQ. XDXDXD. But I do crave some McNuggets every now and then. KFC is poor man's Popeyes IMO. The chicken is good, but all their sides are garbage in comparison. Nothing.. and I MEAN ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, beats Popeye's biscuits. Its like they make some Pillsbury Grands and toss them in a pool of salted liquid butter to marinade for a bit. XD You can feel your soul dehydrate with every bite but its soooooo good. XD

      The biggest travesty in downsize is McD's Big N Tasty.. which I call the Small n Tasteless now. I remember when it came out in the early 90s. I was a young teen. But the paddy was so big it jutted out of each side of the bun. The Monster Burger from Hardee's is a close second. Back when they had super models half naked eating them on TV, they were so good. The monster burger was insanely huge... and then Ruby Tuesdays had the ultimate colossal burger which was even bigger. XD

      Back to Booze like you said. Bookers is so good, but yes it BUUURNS. I prefer Blanton's because its unfiltered like Bookers but the taste is way smoother in a Gentleman's Jack type way..... But way to be a pansy on mouth wash. XD I use the maximum 7 action burning Listerine. If it doesn't feel like my gums are melting, I feel like its not working. XD I endure the pain for 40 seconds before spitting it out. The incineration of my gums, tongue, and cheek lining, convinces me that all germs have been eradicated.

    4. Sledgstone


      XDXDXD Lady loves those BK chicken fries which is why we go there. Arbys is right there so I'll hit up BK for her and then Arbys for me sometimes, especially if its happy hour at Arbys. I think its 2-4 pm at Arbys, during happy hour all the sliders are knocked down to $1 each and I'll order a combo and a couple extra jalapeno roast beef sliders, or just skip a combo and get nothing but a variety of sliders. lol. I got thinking about it and its hard to consider Five Guys fast food since there is no drive through. I suppose its more of the fast causal restaurant. What I don't get is why some of these fast food places have different menus depending on what state you're in. I know they're all franchises, so maybe the individual owners don't have to carry certain things. But 5 guys in ohio that my parents go to sells a variety of shakes and even have sweet potato fries. All the 5 guys near me don't offer either of those. And your McD's still sells the Big N Tasty!? I haven't seen one of those in years. First they shrank and then they were gone. That was my go to sandwich, but no McD's near me have had these in forever. McD's here is horrible with their staff. Incompetence. They have double lane drivethroughs and every time theres one drive through that gets served faster. Last time I was at one, I got in the second lane, the first lane had 3 cars have their order taken before I was served. wtf. I ordered a Quarter pounder deluxe and when I got my food I got the bacon quarter pounder. At that point I wasted so much time there I didn't feel like going in to complain. -_-;

      Most of the fast food places you've mentioned I've had to google. XD I've never seen them. XD There is a popeyes in my region, but its like a 30 minute drive one way. I plan on going there eventually. If I want a really good more gourmet style burger I'll go to Red Robin. I've only eaten there once, but damn if that burger wasn't delicious and the honey mustard sauce they have is truly unique for dipping fries in. lol.

      McD's rib sandwich is a rip off. XD I say that because I swear to god they are using Banquet Rib patties.


      Thats the mcrib right there. XD Its $1 at walmart, microwave it, put it on a bun with a couple pickles and you can have a mcrib whenever you want. XD It tastes good to me and I eat them often enough that when the McRib comes out, I swear the tastes is so damn similar that the McRib looses all "limited time!" appeal to me. XD Banquet even sells just the rib patties in a family six 6 pack so you don't have to even deal with those potatoes and hard corn. XD

      Ultimate burn listerine. XD Screw that. lmao! XD

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