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  1. Oof. This anime season is supremely lackluster so far. Black Clover assumes the top spot since this arc is batshit crazy. Not really impressed by anything new. Nekopara, BOFURI, and... *takes in a bunch of air* If My Favorite Pop Idol Made It to the Budokan, I Would Die, are cute. Plunderer will probably end up being my favorite of the new stuff. Most will play in the background while I grind Arknights/AL. At least it looks like Paranoia Agent is coming to Funi. It'll be a blast to watch through that weirdness again.

    1. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      I mean if you watched subs you could watch the wonderful Eizouken (probably my favorite of this season), Asteroids in Love (this show if fucking adorable), and Somali and the Forest Spirit (another adorable show and my second favorite of this season).

      BOFURI is a lot of fun, didn't think I'd actually like it but after watching the first three episodes Tuesday night after work I fell in love with it. Such an interesting premise and by god is Maple a little monster.

      Outside of those four and Isekai Quartet S2 (god I love this show and they brought Naofumi in from Shield Hero finally) I'd have to agree. This season is kind of a downer as I have no interest in any of the other shows. I'm pretty much just coasting through this year waiting for Promised Neverland S2, Slime S2, Log Horizon S3 (god damn am I so happy this got a 3rd season, can't fucking wait), the rest of Azur Lane, the continuation of The War for Underworld arc in SAO, Fruits Basket S2, No Guns Life S2, and Yuru Camp S2. Those are the shows I'm really waiting for.

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