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  1. I got on the Arknights hype train. Its pretty fun but it will drain your battery pretty good. If you like tower defense style games it's worth checking out for a time killer. 

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      Oh I have an AL regime. XD I knock out my easy daily missions and combat assignments while I eat breakfast, I'll monitor my commissions through out the day. I'll knock out my 3 hard clears on lunch break since I don't eat as my shift is to where I eat breakfast before and lunch when I get off. Then I'll clear a world or two when I'm off. I probably still got more than a million left of the 2mil on Saint Louis. It feels like its going a hell of a lot slower than the 1 million xp. But thats all I have left for her. I finally got Kaga from 3-4 today, just need Akagi. w00t. These rate ups love me, I did a 10 pull today and got 2 more  Gloucester's XD I have everything for her full limit break now. I gotta save my Bulin's for Ayanami since I guess she doesn't even drop after you get her from the collection.

      Pramanix is super nice, but Orchid isn't to be underestimated. I've had to swap back to her just for lower 10 cost for certain missions since I have her potential maxed. I'm starting to notice how much more synergy matters, and not so much character level at points... at least for the dailies. Resource Search is fucking nightmare to 3 star. I think that's the allure of this game is to just 3 star the daily's so you can auto cruise them after. I'm sitting here with 40-50s and enemy 30s are getting to my base. at least 1. But I finally made it to SK-3 which gives out those sweet carbon bricks I've desperately needed to further upgrade my base. I'm about to dump a lot of my excess sanity into it now. I've done swapped my squad around so much it doesn't resemble that anymore. XD I discovered the part of the store you can use all the accumulated free currency to buy stuff. Holy shit there is so much different random currency in this game I don't get half of it. But I was able to pick up a batch of head hunting licenses  and got Nightingale and Shining. (I guess my rate up luck is good on both games. 😛 I didn't get Seige though which is who I really want) I'll level them up later when the LMD daily comes back around. I highly recommend Tactone's YT channel for a lot of good information. He's a super hype whale, but damn he's pointed out a lot of good stuff. Like his recruitment guide. That link is from one of his videos, and there are certain tag combos you can pick to get guaranteed operators. I set Silence as my support unit if you want to try her out. Although I haven't promoted her yet to get her healing drone. I've just realized I've been missing out on free headhunt tickets because of the pinboard missions. I didn't use a practice session to advance it and now I'm raking them in from backlogged progress. XD


    3. DeathscytheX


      *screams internally*



    4. DeathscytheX


      Once I get to where I have a 2nd support unit slot I put Siege in it, I E1'ed her. Since shes 6 star it won't let me put her in the first slot. But I did E1 Silence if you want to check out her healer drone. I'm a little demoralized right now because I made it to 382 enemies on Annihilation. I wasn't paying attention and my healer went down on the bottom path and she couldn't come back in time to save it from being overwhelmed. X_X. 

      Edit: the drone is amazing. Silence is by far my favorite heal unit. It costs 5 DP but doesn't count towards the unit limit. It heals in a 8 tile area for 10 seconds anywhere its placed. But it must be placed in the ground units area. It can't go on elevated areas.



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