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  1. Deep into my one and only mobile game, Facebook caught wind. 🙄 I've spent the past 2 weeks grinding out on Azur Lane. I've pretty much fallen in love with the simple little game. I enjoy the collecting, retrofitting, gearing, dorm managing and commissioning more than the actual missions. XD  But now I get every shit shovelware ad for mobile games on my facebook feed. Kiss of War, Raid Shadow Legends, Epic Seven, Iron Saga. I wonder how much they actually add to their playerbase/funds from these? I don't choose to hide the ads because the comments section are gold with the mockery. Of course I only get these ads on my phone while on my PC i get FFXIV ads which I already have a sub too, and some anime crate which I allow to keep showing because I've hid every other possible ad in the algorithm from showing up. I rather just keep that one around because they have nice promo art most the time.

    1. Sledgstone


      A friend of mine asked me to look up some Rec Tec smokers and now all my Facebook ads are for Rec Tec grills. XD the only Facebook ads I had to block are political ones. Trump specifically. I hate the guy, I sure as hell don't want to see his face on my feed in between posts from the meat smoking fans and pomeranian fans posts. XD

      My feed is like.. onion article, cute dog, smoked prime rib, space article, random friend posts, cat memes, kotaku article, etc. Most of my ads now are amazon and walmart products I've googled.

      One of the funniest ads I saw was for traeger grills. It was a smoker and the guy cooking ribs was wearing a suit. The comments were amazing. "When I smoke meat I always wear my suit, that way I smell like charcoal at the office." XD

    2. DeathscytheX
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