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  1. Lets take a moment of appreciation for how utterly bad ass Maki's fight was on this weeks Fire Force. Same dude Arthur struggled with. That rig Vulcan set her up with is wicked. I'm really not ready for season 1 to end. Same with Dr. Stone. Both totally different series with outstanding world building. Its gonna feel a bit empty when they're done. MHA will probably start picking up steam soon though. Stars Align has been a nice surprise, and Azur Lane is totally my guilty pleasure this season. XD XD *ahem* But I digress.

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    2. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      When I logged in this morning my first thought when I got Belfast was "DX is going to lose his shit". Seems I was right XD

    3. DeathscytheX


      I did. XD I already stripped a few other ships of their better gear, and making her hit the books while I commission her up to par. XD I got Noshiro today off my daily builds so I have everything from the event. I was saving my currency in case she didnt drop on the last day but now I was able to buy the last SR catmander and fill my oil reserves after being stuck in the 900-1000s the last few days. I'll buy everything else before its over with. 

    4. DeathscytheX


      All I can say is goddamn, Belfast is a monster. Despite changing only a few things around in my 2 main fleets she already in the 90s in rank, passing everyone except Enty and Portland. Shes MVP every single time. Which btw Portland Retrofit... wtf? Shes about to pass Enty hogging all the MVP glory in Fleet 1.  Fleet 1 is Eagle Union and Fleet 2 is Royal. Illustrious is clutch with the shielding as if Bel's smoke screen wasn't powerful enough. I'm missing a lot of Sakura and Iron Blood still as far as elites and SRs go. I got Atago but no Takao... which I'm tempted to buy that super adorable skin for her they just put up. I just need 1 more star for Z23 and Laffey to get Ayanami. The SR Bulin thing is killing me right now. I just spent medals to get one, I guess I need to clear more stages but its getting to the point where I'm not powering through as easily. I made it to 8-1 yesterday, but I'm spending my oil on dailies and Hard missions this week since 3X Core started today. Plus I run 3-4 a couple times a day hoping that Kaga or Akagi will drop eventually. I need to Max Yuki and probably Atago since the challenges have been the same so far for their individual missions. 

      Also, those weekly maintenance and random user benchmark rewards are pretty clutch. I guess its just my luck. I needed oil badly last week and they topped me off. And then the skill books from the user count was something I needed reaaal bad because I was about to run out. I'll pretty much feed them that $7.99 every 30 days for that trade package too so long as they keep my interest. I'm a t3 carrier part and a bulin away from Saratoga's retrofit (uuugh I want her Pop Idol skin!!) and I'll probably work on Hammann and Warspite or Sandy next.

      I dunno if its my lack of ship diversity right now, but damn they can be real douches on Hard mode. Like the fleet requirements deny all my synergy. They make sure to keep Indy and Portland apart. Poor Atago had to take a beating for 6-3 because she was locked in at level 80 until I could limit break her again, and her gear isn't really the best right now. XD

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