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  1. Since the founding of Kickstarter I've only backed one project and that was Kung Fury. XD I recently backed two more projects. A new wallet and a retro style watch.

    I honestly don't get the whole "minimalist" wallet thing. I think it's pretty dumb actually. Before this fad even started it was hard enough for me to find a wallet with enough card slots to begin with. I have a debit card, drivers licenses, concealed carry permit, Social security card, health insurance card, dental insurance card, Kohl's card, and 3 credit cards (Visa, Master, Discover). Now that everywhere takes Visa I kinda wish I didn't have all 3, but there was a time Sam's club only took discover, and my master card was my first line of credit that just got upgraded to a mastercard when it was originally just a sears card. XD Anyways all in all I have 12-14 cards, and I feel like I always need them in case of an emergency. I don't carry cash, so the whole billfold that only holds 1 card... I don't know how people do it. I backed this Grip6 wallet because I've been using their belts and they're amazing. I also break belts a lot since I only use 1 for everything and I'm very active at my job. If it wasn't for the leather sleeve that increases card capacity to 14, i wouldn't have bothered. It's a cool concept. I use my debit card multiple times a day. All my cards that pay for stuff will go into the pop up slot. My lesser used cards like insurance and ID will go in the leather sleeve.

    I've also reinvigorated my love for watches. I own 3 in my rotation. I've lost my love for metal bracelet watches as I always break them, and leather I ruin from sweating at my job so much. I just ordered a canvas strap to replace a leather band actually. But I also love analogue watches. I don't like pulling my phone out to look at the time, its just easier to look at my wrist. I've always had a watch since I was 14. I'll never be one of those serious watch collectors that owns $5000 watches... thats too extreme. I stay under $400. I've been looking for something retro and classy to add to my collection.. buying real vintage watches is out of the question so I found this... but its only half funded with 27 days left so It may not become a thing.

    I'll never back a kickstarter game after all the shenanigans over the past couple of years, but recently I've found it to be a good source of finding things that no one else is making to my needs. I still did my research on the company/owner before backing, but hopefully I get two decent products. With all the crazy OT I've been getting lately I have the luxury to splurge a little.

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    2. Sledgstone


      That Kohls cash bonus worked amazing last black friday. If I was looking at the regular prices, its crazy, but with the sales along with the coupons and kohls cash bonus it makes it a good deal. I just don't get the marketing involved with all the coupon codes and kohls cash. Its like they want people to see the great savings and jump through extra hoops to get it. But its definitely better quality than walmart clothing.

      Flex waists ftw. XD I was hesitant at first with flex waists because they looked like they'd be thick and uncomfortable. Nope. So much more relax fitting for me, especially since I have to sit all day for work. Standing up I want my pants to be fitting right, but sitting down I don't want the waist crushing into my stomach. Flex waist is amazing. XD

      Walmart is the same way with their pants. XD I can almost never find my size, but they'll have 30 inch or 48 inch XXL no problem. XD I use to wear 36 and then 38, but now I'm down to a 32. I still can't find 32 in stock most of the time. As I've gotten older I tend to prefer sit as hip style relax jeans instead of at waist.. mostly because my hips and waist are an odd shape and at waist pants always drag down to my hips anyway. But then I want 29 inch length instead of 30 and nobody has 32x29 at hip relax flex waist. Thats my ideal jeans. XD

      I need new boots but I might go back to bass pro shop for those. I have no idea what brand I should get tho.. I want something cheap, but decent looking for going out in public while still keeping my feet warm. I can still use my big ass insulated lacrosse boots for shoveling, but they are not the best looking boot for going out in public. lol.

      I don't know about having too many lines of credit affecting the score, but too much debt definitely does. I know at one point I canceled a credit card and it didn't affect my credit score. I haven't looked at my report in a couple years so I can't remember if that card is still shown on it or not. 805 credit score is beastly, no wonder the car sales person was shocked. XD An 805 credit score can get you just about any line of credit or loan and get the best rate. For example, to qualify for a house, people need their credit to be at least 630 or so I believe, but the higher the credit score the better the mortgage rate. My credit was 780 when I got approved for my house. But house loans also require underwriting where the bank looks at everything. Credit score, work employment, length of employment, income to debt ratio, living expenses, bank accounts to verify savings of around 10% of the cost of the house to cover down payment, closing costs, inspections, etc.. and the house's value and taxes value in comparison to income and payment ability. I mention that underwriting because after they did all that for me and got me my approval for the house.. once I got the loan my credit score slowly dropped down to 680 in the following months. I have a lot of credit card debt, but I think getting the mortgage actually hit my credit score harder than the underwriting.. but I think in terms of credit score it only counted as a single inquiry into my credit. But I got another credit card for my lawn tractor in May and put over $1700 on it for the tractor. Over the last handful of months my credit score actually went back up to 720 or so.. because I got another line of credit I guess. wtf.

      Another odd thing, 5 years ago when I paid off my car loan, my credit score was 780 then too.. then like 2 months after I paid it off, my credit score dropped to 740.

    3. DeathscytheX


      Yeah paying off definitely hurts a little which is silly. I think instead of too much debt its how much debt compared to how much credit you have. I was almost $80-90k in debt at one point between my credit cards and my student loans. But thanks to discover cards ridiculously huge credit line I was still $40k under my total limit. XD I think having everything maxed out is what gets you. Credit card debt apparently is a science to the formula. I got myself into some trouble loading them all up, but I never maxed them out and I always paid on time more than the minimum, even if it was $10 more than the minimum. I have everything on autopay the minimum just so I don't miss if I forget.  I was like $30k in debt in just credit cards at one point. Now I have 2 lines with only around $500 each, and my Discover is at $6800 which I really need to work on better. Every year I had been using a large chunk of my tax returns to pay off the cards.

    4. Sledgstone


      Yeah that's what I need to do. I have a card maxed out right now. It's a pain. Buying the house ended up with us buying a crap load of stuff for the house. In the end we did to much this first year. Now we're in pay off mode. X_x 

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