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  1. Please Sony don't do what MS did and have a lame ass montage of a bunch of generic people talking about a console's vague specs you don't get to look at. Don't bother having a presser until physical hardware is ready to see and they're are games to announce for it. 🙄 I hope you missed E3 for this reason, and you're own event will not feature this garbage.

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    2. Sledgstone


      I didn't watch it but the gist seems to be.. "most powerful console ever (like they all say every single time a new console comes out), 120 fps, 8k support, backwards compatibility support, blah blah..." no details on whether that 8k support is for movies/streaming movies only or if its for games.. 120 fps, but no details with at what resolutions to achieve that. It almost seemed like they were testing the waters. Ever since they did their last big reveal with the Xbox One, with no used games, must have a kinect sold with it, etc.. and it initially flopped and got ripped apart by the community.. its like MS wants to be as vague as possible so they can read peoples comments on what they actually want to make sure they have a solid product now before they finalize it.

      What I want to hear from Sony is backwards compatibility of all digitally purchased games. They are making the PS5 backwards compatible, but both MS and Sony are not giving details on their consoles backwards compatibility. Is the backwards compatibility only for disc games? Or can we finally use our digital libraries over multiple consoles like all PC players have been able to do since the beginning of the Steam store and more recently the Epic store?

    3. DeathscytheX


      The more I've thought about this, the more I'm convinced both consoles will be digitally backwards compatible. They both want to be all digital and streaming one day, but mostly for PS+ and Games with Gold. Remember how shitty the free games were, until basically the end of the consoles life cycle? When the consoles launch they'll have a strong last gen line up to give out for free monthly rather than random indy shovelware for the first years. It's too perfect not too do.

    4. Sledgstone


      That's a damn fine point right there. I hope that happens.

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