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  1. The French Open... freakin' Tennis out of all things is going to cause a 2 week delay for Fruits Basket, literally the highlight of my Fridays. UGH I can't blame Cartoon Network this time....

    darth vader no GIF

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    2. DeathscytheX


      Ep 9 was up yesterday for me as well even though Funi announced it was going to be delayed... they made it sound like it wasn't airing at all, but I guess it was just later in the day. Which doesn't affect me since it's the only show that was coming on before 4pm ET. It was a really good ep.

    3. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      As far as the article on ANN said it was airing on only one channel while the other three were going to be delayed (it apparently airs on 4 channels at different times) due to the tournament. Funi must of went with the latter airing episode than if you got it (don't know what channel CR grabs from but since it's subbed it probably doesn't matter). Then again you also need to remember it airs a day ahead of us due to time change so the episode aired at 9 pm June 1st (so roughly 5 am your time on the 31st) over there so I'm not overly surprised Funi still got it up in time for you to watch. They were probably just giving a heads up to cover their asses just in case they weren't able to get it done in time.

    4. DeathscytheX


      I guess they were trying to be careful because apparently another sub-liscenser was releasing AoT episodes before the Japanese airing, so the main studio wasn't going to release the ep to any of the license holders until a few days after its original airing, totaling screwing the simulcast. I think they settled on a much smaller delay in the end though.

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