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  1. Netflix put Code Geass up. Rewatching it reminded me what a badass Cornelia was (ultra best girl), and how savage Euphemia's death was. Damn it was so gut wrenching. It will always be the moment I'll never forget about the series. 

    Also, how I yearn for a return drawn mecha battles. Even the most degraded model quality in motion is so much better than wonky slow CGI. The Lancelot is such an awesome design. 

    1. DeathscytheX


      I also didn't realize how shit Zero was the first time I watched it. He only won his first and last battle... every other one was a complete failure minus Euphy's massacre. Yet the Black Knights kept following him even though he abandoned them multiple times. XD Plus he forgot all about Kallen, the second most bad ass female behind Cornelia, after she was captured. She just escaped by chance. There were several times, several people could have revealed his identity and ruined him... I mean the only one that made sense was Euphy since she loved Lelouch and had to reason to hate him. I guess the story isn't all that great, but I still love it.

      I also like the fact that Netflix deemed the series TV-14 even though Villetta's and Kallen's tits flop out multiple times. XD WTF, I guess it would get through any parental control options.

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