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  1. Hands down, tonight's episode of GoT was their crowning achievement. I can't see the last 3 eps topping it. Simply incredible.

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    2. Sledgstone


      With only a few episodes left I was expecting a large majority of characters to die just so the show wouldn't have to finish up a bunch of plot lines. lol. I figured it was going to be lazy writing with this season only being 5 episodes. I imagine a board room meeting.. Producer: "We have 5 episodes left with about 300 plot lines going on.. whats the best way to resolve this massive story?" Other guy: "Kill 90% of the characters, no plot lines to resolve if they're dead." Other Other guy: "Instead of killing everyone, lets bring in Ghost with no reason as to how he survived or where hes been for the last 4 seasons.. then everyone will focus on that wolf and ignore the other 8 seasons of unresolved plot lines." XD

      All those NPCs lost in that battle. XD I bet she left multiple groups of sully and dothraki guarding different locations along their path. She conquered alot of kingdoms on her way to the north. She'll probably pull those troops in for the final battle against Cersei. If not, then they're pretty screwed. That was a horrible strategy with the dothraki.. don't lead with a dragon breath attack or anything.

      That ultra dark was dumb. When my tv is outputting lines of grey/black like dark lens flares because its so damn dark nothing can be seen it really made the quality look piss poor. Considering GOT budget is massive they could have done that alot better, especially since they had so many epic battles in pure day light in previous episodes.

      Jorah would have given his life for her on so many occasions.. at least he died doing what he swore to do.

    3. DeathscytheX


      Its 6 episodes though 😛 The next ep is 78 min, and the last 2 eps will be 79 min. The Battle for Winterfel is the seasons longest ep at 82 min.

    4. Sledgstone


      Lol. At least they have 3 more eps to finish up. I hope we get to see Cersei killed off.

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