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  1. I never watched the original Fruit Basket because the description just sounded too silly. The premise of all anime is that at least one of the protagonists has a flaw. Luffy can't swim, Inuyasha turns human on the full moon, etc. I just generally dislike when a flaw is so overwhelming it's a massive inconvenience. BUT Since the simuldub started Friday I'll be watching the reboot. It seems to have a huge following and the first ep was quite good.

    fruits basket kyo soma GIF by Funimation

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    2. DeathscytheX


      I must say, the dub for FB is phenomenal. Comparing a scene from the original to the new one, you can tell how the cast has improved their craft over the years. Its the same people but they're projecting their emotions in a more natural way. Plus the recording equipment is obviously superior today. The original sounds like they recorded it in a janitor's closet. The animation quality is so beautiful, the original looks so bad to me putting it side by side. XD Now I think about what other series they could do like this. Yu Yu Hakusho would be amazing along with Inu Yasha.

      Kono Oto Tomare!: Sounds of Life and Senko-San also have really good dubs so far. Funi has stepped up their game on casting this season. I'd say Space Dandy is probably the best dub they've put together before this season. Not that their dubs in the last 5 years have been lacking, but there is always a show here and there that takes it to the next level. I just glad they didn't use one of their squeaker box VAs for Senko as they tend to go overboard with that for little female characters. I can't remember the VA's name, but that's her real life voice. *shutter*

    3. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      O.o Senko with a squeaky voice would be horrid, it'd take away from her healing factor (I haven't heard her dub voice but her Japanese VA is amazing, they chose well on that one).

      Can we just say that FB is fucking amazing? The newest ep is a probably my favorite episode thus far (so much emotion) and her Grandfather is a fucking badass (that's all I'll say). Gah, kinda wish I would of watched the original all the way through but I'm glad it's getting this remake because I never knew I needed this show in my life until now (same could be said for Senko-san as well).

    4. DeathscytheX


      Yes the past episode was really good. Two completely different types of anime but Tohru reminds me of Saber from Fate/Zero, in the way I don't want anything bad to happen to her because shes such a nice person.

      The person they picked for Senko hasn't done a lot of big roles from her casting history, but shes killing it with the extremely joyful yet soothing voice. I just noticed she did Demon Lord Milim which is crazy because she was kinda squeaky there, but it fit the character's persona. I wouldn't have guessed it.

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