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  1. I remember when I use to be a huge fighting game fan. I always like to read about the old series I use to play. Apparently 2B is way too strong in Soul Calibur 6. She launched yesterday and people are crying about her already... I'm like no shit, shes OP as hell in the game shes from. XD I called it when I saw the trailer. I honestly wish she'd be a new Smash Bros character.


    1. Sledgstone


      I haven't played Soul Caliber since the second one so I haven't been following it much. 2B looks like a great fit in the game. I wonder how often they do balance patches.

    2. DeathscytheX


      The last one I played was the one with Vader and Starkiller. A friend bought it and I remember how frustrating fighting Starkiller was to unlock him. We basically took turns trying to cheese him with Vader by throwing him over the ledge for a double ring out. XD Eventually it worked.

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