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  1. This simuldub season is pretty meh compared to last. If it wasn't for the fact that MHA and out of all things; Black Clover was still running. I'd be hard pressed to keep up. Ep 1 of Overlord season 3 felt like a waste of time, but the second one made things pretty interesting. Angels of Death seems kind of bland so far. How not to Summon a Demon Lord is a typical fanservice trapped in a video game world show. Same goes for The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar. Lord of Vermilion feels like a better Tokyo Majin.. which isn't saying much. Hopefully it will be something better. Harukana Receive is bouncy bikini beach volley ball, but Haruka is a total best girl, so I'll shamelessly enjoy it. XD On the opposite end, I'll skip Free! because I'm not watching a bunch of dudes swim, and I'm already watching HR and Hanebado... an anime about freakin Badminton. With Dies Irae and AoT not staring until later in the month that leaves three unlikely contenders for a surprise best in season for me, that isn't Overlord or AoT which I already expect to be solid at worst.

    Magical Girl Raising Project is apparently a dark ass violent series with cute moe magic girls. XD A total clash of genres. The first two eps only have brief hints at it so far, its mostly just cutesy. But if it turns out like I think it has the potential too. It should be pretty interesting.

    Chio's School Road is a "school" anime thats about Chio's walk to school every day, instead of the actual school day. The absolute absurd happens apparently every time. The first three eps have been pretty hysterical so far. Its different, so I like it.

    Island is a pretty big mystery to me as to what its suppose to be about. It has my interest to see how it unfolds. It can honestly go either way. I guess I'll be reviewing these at the end of the season and we'll see how my opinions have changed since this status update.

    1. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Overlord has been pretty meh so far, thankfully the current arc ended with episode 5 (the most current on CR). I'm all for world building but honestly these side stories are becoming a little to much for me (I know they're part of the books but I want more Ainz action). I won't go any further as it will ruin the character development but it was honestly unnecessary to show this.

      If it wasn't for Overlord I wouldn't be watching any of the new shows this season considering none have seemed interesting to me. My Hero and Steins:Gate 0 are the only currently airing shows I'm watching (and boy has Steins taken a turn for the extremely interesting as of the last episode. MHA is really dragging out this current arc so I'm not entirely sure how this season is going to end, my current prediction might not actually happen until the next, hopefully, season).

    2. DeathscytheX


      I don't understand why they are structuring the anime to have arcs end in the middle of seasons. The open endedness of last season was odd. I figured Steines will be over within the next few weeks. I didn't look up the episode count to avoid spoilers but I know it won't be running through the entirety of this season so I don't count it. I don't even really count MHA or Black Clover since they are continuously to semi-continuously running through multiple seasons.

    3. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      SG0 has the same number of eps as SG so it'll end in little over a month if they don't take breaks (episode 18 is the newest).

      They're doing it the same way they did the books. Each arc is an adaptation of one book though by the sounds of it the current arc was book 8 so they skipped book 7 (which a lot of people are pissed about) and everyone is worried that now we only have 8 episodes to adapt books 7 and 9 for this season (which may or may not be enough episodes). Plus the way they were going we were in for some major story developments (we still are if they do the next 8 episodes right) but I think they're banking on getting a S4 so they're drawing shit out they don't need to (the feeling I've been getting with MHA but at least MHA is guaranteed a 4th season with how popular it is (I mean fuck it's getting an original movie that has nothing to do with the manga)).

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