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  1. I completed my 6th world completion on Guild Wars 2. It will probably be my last. Mounts definitely made this one much easier to complete, but it still wasn't much fun. My first two runs were done the old school way with WvW map requirements. My third, forth, and fifth were done post HoT with gliding, and elite specs providing me with more mobility and power. This last one took less than half the time, but the hearts are so tedious, it's too much. The Beetle is cool for zipping around the map and unfogging everything. You may pick up a few WP and POI along the way, but if you were to move from heart to heart, half the time you'd just get your boost meter full and you'd be at your destination already. The raptor is still the best for these scenarios. The best thing the Beetle is for is getting to an event fast before it completes. Also the skimmer made maps dominated by lakes and ocean so much faster. With 10 gifts of Exploration, I doubt I'll ever grind out the Gift of Mastery track 10 times to go with it. I kind of wish I would have bought more than I did before that change occurred.

    1. Sledgstone


      I hear you about that gift of battle. I should have bought 10 of those damn things when I could have. Meanwhile I have that mastery track set to be always repeating and whenever I see a WvW daily that is "spend currency" I buy some crappy food, get the potion for the reward track and dump it into it. I'm halfway to another gift of battle after a year and I haven't played wvw in over a year. lol.

      That beetle is great at long distances but starting with no endurance and the slow build up time its a bit too tedious for me. That and I clip on every bit of ground somehow and stop all my momentum. -_-; I would say it'd be great for the silverwastes but I doubt it will all the little ground outcroppings that it would clip on if a jump wasn't timed perfectly. I bet that beetle would shine on maps like cursed shore where there are no hearts.

    2. DeathscytheX


      I had all of Orr done before the beetle. Its probably the most depressing part of WC because it's so dreary. I knocked it out first this time. 😂 You're probably right though.

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