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  1. You could definitely tell this was the last E3 for this generation of consoles. Super small showcases for everyone this year. Next year's E3 will be back to the ultra hype reels for Sony and Microsoft unveiling the next consoles followed with the games that are being made for them. It will be an off year for Battlefield next year, but the first COD will be by C studio Sledgehammer, since MW4 will be the last COD this gen.

    1. Sledgstone


      They need to make digital games purchased to be compatible with all future console generations. I can buy a game on GoG or Steam and have it for life. But for consoles I only have it for that generation unless I want to rebuy it again. If digital games could be carried over with every new console I'd look forward to upgrading.

    2. DeathscytheX


      They should have both formats compatible. Digital games should last forever, But I could understand only doing physical for 1 generation back. They should get rid of discs all together though and go to those SD cards that the switch uses. Keep the Blu-Ray drive for PS4 games and blu-ray functionality. They should also do a 4TB HD and quit with the BS on small storage. It would also be nice to have feature to "zip" your unused games so you can unzip them later when you want to play them rather than having to redownload the whole thing. They also need to get their head out of their ass on cross platform. They don't need to repeat the PS3 generation where they fall behind because they got to arrogant. They made a massive comeback this gen, pummeling Microsoft in resounding fashion. Sony has way more exclusives, and that's what sells the console. Let people play across platforms, this would maintain the health of a lot of online game populations by consolidating the playerbase. It would probably save companies resources on having 3 different servers or 3 different partitions of a server for their games. Smaller studio games that have failed may fair better when everyone is playing together from all platforms. Let studios decide what they want to do.. Because I know COD would probably not do this to keep their old games dying so people have to buy the new ones.

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