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  1. This has got to be Destiny's last run. Twice expecting people to pay for a Y2 overhaul can't be sustainable. I don't regret my purchase of D2 because I did get a lot of fun out of it. Bungie just has no idea how to balance a game to appease hard core and causal players. They've reverted the game to get max progression via raids again so I'll probably never play since my clan died off months ago. They either give it all to you easily or make grueling time gates and obnoxiously low drop rates. Like there is no in between here? Now they have some new $100 million dollar deal for a new IP which makes me think they are giving up on Destiny. With even COD ditching the MP season pass, the days of paid DLC are going away and yet Bungie is trying to milk two season passes out of each game. Meanwhile Overwatch is still healthy after 2 years.. match queues are pretty much the same as they were 6 months after launch. No DLC, free heroes and maps, along with constant rebalancing and hero reworks for underpowered characters. I REALLY hope Battlefield V gets this level of support for 2 years until the next main BF game comes out. I'm getting a bad vibe that the launch game will only have like 5 maps or some BS "because Tides of War". Yeah we get it, we'll progres along with WW2, but give us the same amount of maps every launch title has had. Hopefully The Division 2 comes out swinging from lessons learned unlike Bungie. The Division is in a good state right now and if they can release it with all the content this last free patch had, they'll be good to go. Really I just want games to be successes again, I want to stress over what to play instead of waiting for something that's hopefully worth my time. I hope Anthem is amazing for BioWare's sake, and I hope Borderlands 3 is going to be amazing as well.

    1. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      It saddens me that Bungie thinks they can get away with this shit. I mean the expansion looks good (Bladedance making a comeback?) but honestly it's not worth the price tag (especially considering I would need to drop money to get get Curse and Warmind just to play it) or the disappointment tied to it once it's apparent they'll only deliver on half the promises they made. It's baffling how people still give this company money (and how many still praise how great D2 is, even after all the bullshit they've pulled).

      Honestly as long as BFV is half of what they're talking about I'll be happy (even if it's only 5 maps but I doubt it, DICE has never really screwed us that badly. Their bosses on the other hand are another story). I won't hold my breath for The Division 2. Outside of R6S Ubisoft has done nothing to make me think it'll be any better than The Division (a game that still hasn't had any story progression beyond how it ended). True the game is in a better place but how long did it take? Are you really ready to invest money into a game that will probably have the same start as the first one? I'm not and unless I'm impressed by what I see once it releases I probably won't (don't get me wrong, I liked The Division for what it was. The story was good and the game play was solid but it just got so tedious without a group to play with. Plus after a while the grind for better gear got boring and wasn't as rewarding as it is in other games (I don't mind grinding gear but I hate grinding when the chances are slim to none that I'll get anything good (I mean come on I still play FFXIV, a game designed to be a grind and I fucking love it because I always feel like I'm working for something tangible))).

      Anthem is BioWare's swan song. It better be good because if it isn't we might not see BioWare for much longer. I really hope it's everything they promise it to be but I'm tempering my expectations. I refuse to get hyped by all the youtubers making video's about it or to get hyped in general. I want tangible proof this game is worth my money and that won't come until we get game play footage and actual news worth getting hyped about. Gaming is leaving nothing but a bad taste in my mouth as of late and games as good as Detroit are becoming few and far between (which as a lovely surprise by how good the game actually was). I have only one game this year I've been looking forward to and that's Ace Combat 7 because those games are the only ones I get hyped for (I've never been disappointed by the main Ace series (numbered titles, Assault Horizon was thankfully not a main series staple because you and I both know how much that game sucked)). I just wish we'd get more information on it.

    2. Sledgstone


      Maybe Bungie's biggest flaw was making the Destiny engine to begin with. They made it playable on the old generation of game consoles and ever since then it's been held back. Perhaps Bungie could make an amazing game if they used an existing game engine and focused soley on plot and gameplay mechanics. But then again they made Destiny 2 just like Destiny 1.. eh.

      Its hard for me to get hyped for any game and its been that way for a long time. I'd be hyped for BFV, but after BF1 I still don't think DICE go in the right direction. But if it has BF4's progression system and predictive recoil instead of bullet randomization crap that could really motivate me to buy it.

      The only game coming out this year that I am really interested in and will most likely pre-order is Tomb Raider 3. The first and second were both solid games with plot and action and I loved the gameplay.

    3. DeathscytheX


      Nier Automata, Breath of the Wild, and God of War are probably the best games I've played as far as enjoyment factor in the past 5 years. They're all single player games. The problem with MP experiences now is balance is prioritized over fun. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 after the Javelin Glitch and Model 87s were nerfed was just a fucking blast to play... because EVERYTHING was OP as shit... the models were so OP that they were more OP than all the OP stuff. XD The game mechanically may have been a mess, but everyone was on an equal playing field with just about every gun being viable because you could choose in what way to be OP. It balanced itself. That was fun. Basically Esports ruined MP games. Overwatch is about the only game I enjoy that is balanced fairly well... but its purely an objective game with the need for strategy. MW2 demolition, you shoot 4 tubes around the bomb, chuck your nades, call in the air strike, pave low, arm the bomb, and post up the choke point and obliterate everyone that funnels in. XD  Ah back when I try hard carried teams to victory. Now if a MP game can't be esports, they just don't fool with making them.

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