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  1. In 2009 I bought a 32" Sony Bravia TV. It was my first HDTV and I bought it for the release of MW2. Its been an awesome TV, never failing except one of the HDMI ports recently went bad after my PS4 had been hooked to it since I got my PS4. With 4k TV's becoming affordable I'm probably going to upgrade to a Sony X900F 55". Its not OLED, but I don't plan on looking at it at an angle so it should serve its purpose. I'll stick with Sony TVs since its all I've ever used and none of them have ever gone bad on me. My old SDTV 20" VCR combo is still in my Mom's room. XD I won't be getting a PS4 pro though, with only 2-3 years left in this console cycle it will be pointless. I'll wait for PS5 to take advantage of 4k gaming. Plus I want to be able to see these damn snipers on Battlefield that can see me through blades of grass. They probably have 75" TVs though. -_-;

    1. Sledgstone


      Lol. With the change to spotting no longer giving everyone a noticeable triangle target to aim for, larger tvs will definitely give a advantage for seeing enemies off in the distance. 

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