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  1. Holy cow there seems to be a subscription crate for everything now. AC Filters, Clothes, Bras, Candy, etc. XD I actually just signed up for Umai Crate. It seems to be the most unique and best value. Its just a box full of different Japanese instant ramens. I'll report if its any better than the cheap shitty ramen you can get at the grocery store. For $25 a month, the box seems to be full of 7-9 bags/boxes/cups of various types. If I'm not impressed with the first box, I'll cancel it and feel like it was worth trying something interesting. I watched a few youtube unboxings and taste tests and it seems to be pretty well received, even in the comments on their facebook posts. I recently had authentic ramen at a local hole in the wall and it was amazing. I always thought ramen was just that shitty Nissin stuff. XD Some of the videos I watched, its def a little more complex than just pouring hot water into noodles and a tiny spice packet. Some of them have multiple packets to enter in before and after water is added. And apparently there are suggested fresh add ons you can buy separately at the grocery store. Things you obviously can't dehydrate like hard boiled eggs.

    1. Sledgstone


      Everything is rng now, even our food. Lol. Definitely let me know how that ramen turns out. I've had a few slightly fancy ones with multiple packets. It had a packet of freeze dried veggies, a spice packet and a broth packet. It wasn't that impressive tho. My favorite ramen is still the nong shim brand kimichi ramen. It has a nice spiciness to it that nothing else really matches in terms of flavor and its only $1.20 per bowl at the store. For some reason it's sold in the international section instead of with all the other ramen.

    2. DeathscytheX


      It was either this one or the Candy Club. I don't want to feel obligated to destroy 3 tubs of candy a month. It just seems so unhealthy. At least Ramen lasts a good while before having to be used. XD

    3. Sledgstone


      Before you know it you'll have a stock pile of ramen that'll turn into christmas presents. XD Everyone will remember it as the christmas you gave ramen to everyone. XD 

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