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  1. I've owned 3 cars now. My first car was a 1993 Nissan Maxima. It had 110k miles on it and it served me well until 215k miles. An alternator and a break hose were the only major repairs I've ever had to have done on it. Then I got a 2004 Mazda3 which also served me well from 11k miles to 80k miles, a fuel purge sensor was the only major repair I ever had to do on it. I'd still have it if some kid didn't pull out in front of my and total it. With the insurance check I should have just put a nice down payment on a brand new car... but at the time I didn't want a car note so I got the only thing I could find... a 2004 Ford Mustang. It had less miles than my Mazda so I figured it was like I just had this car all along since it was the same year. Wrong, its been the biggest POS I've ever owned. I've had to have the power steering pump replaced twice, major exhaust work twice, serpentine belt, entire ABS system, read axle, front calipers, CV joint, motor fan, and the transmission that was put in to replace the already busted on they tried to sell the car with, is about to go out again... to top it all off the paint just started crumbling off the car and now its rusting. I bought it with 65k miles and now it has 116k miles. Now that my college loan is almost finally paid off, I'm looking to get a brand new Honda Civic or VW Golf. The Civic is a car I've always wanted since wanting a car, but the Golf is very nice and has more horsepower. I'll never buy another ford car again. I remember when my exhaust system basically fell off the car because the manifold cracked... the muffler shop I went to basically said "Yeah this is pretty common at 90k miles for this car" which I was pretty much at... wtf. Screw Ford. I've never had so many catastrophic failures with a vehicle.

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    2. DeathscytheX


      Thanks. Eh I'm not sold on the rear cam. The only time I'd ever really use it is for having to parallel park, which is an absolute rarity. Or backing into a parking space. It does have a nice feature that you can make it look directly down so you can line up the prefect parking job.  Its susceptible to the weather though. One thing that the VW had was that its camera was build into the back logo that acted as the latch to open the back. It popped out when activated so it never got wet. It rained today and while it didn't really affect it this time, I did see a giant water droplet in the top corner. XD 

      I'm really loving the CVT transmission. There are a lot of hilly roads where i live and the CVT doesn't miss a beat when driving up them. I never feel the weight of the car slowing down the vehicle. I don't have to press further down on the gas to keep speed which I find very interesting. I just see the RPM meter go up and the car keeps going the same speed.

      The biggest adjustment I have to make is the lights. I have it on auto so the appropriate lighting activates depending on the time of day or weather conditions. When I get to my destination I'm always anxious when I lock the doors and walk away when the lights are still on. They shut off about a minute after. I do like how the doors lock after 30 seconds of the engine being off and the key isn't in the ignition or when I put it in drive and start moving. I've been behind the curve on car technology for so long it's definitely taking some adjustment. Its not really the advancement in technology, its the fact that all of this stuff that you could only get on a $60k luxury car 10 years ago now comes standard on a base model compact sedan. My Maxima, Mazda 3, and Mustang were well equipped trims, and besides the sound system, they don't come close to all the bells and whistles this civic has.

    3. Sledgstone


      That cvt transmission sounds very nice. I've never driven a car up a hill like that without having to push more on the pedal. Can you turn the lights off if you wanted to if they auto turn on? The one thing I thought was really odd was losing that functionality with my corolla. At night the lights auto turn on but if I go to pick someone up at work I try to park away from a window because i can't turn the headlights off at night. My car was really basic low end when i got it in 2010, but nowadays the tech is crazy. Built in gps, satellite radio, apps, back up camera, bluetooth for phones, voice recognition, turn nobs for gear shifting, etc. My father in laws new truck has the oddest key. Its literally the fob itself that you insert into the ignition and it locks in place like a magnet. I've seen other cars with smart keys that only need to be in the car and you push a start button. But that uses rfid tech that I don't have any real faith in security tho. 

    4. DeathscytheX


      I'm not sure. I mean I can adjust the settings manually. I can turn the head lights off for sure, but I'll have to check on the LED day lights. I think those might stay on regardless.
      The CVT is really nice. I've read the technology had a rough start, at least for some american car makers. Honda's is one of the best. I've read its cheaper to maintain in case something goes wrong because its belts and pulleys rather than a giant tube of gears you have to completely disassemble just to see what's wrong.
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