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  1. Tried to get back into No Man's Sky after the big patch... nah. They took away the boost jump. Having to constantly get back in your ship to take off and refill the booster fuel because the planet is hazardous is tedious. Your 2 levels of protection upgrades last all of 10 seconds before eating away at your shield is annoying annoying enough and wasn't buffed. They took away on foot mobility, so you can't go very far outside your ship or shelter unless its a rare planet that doesn't have a hot/cold/caustic/radioactive hazard. At least with that boost jump you could quickly get back to your ship or find shelter for your protection to recharge. Its just not for me.

    1. Sledgstone


      I think the only reason some ppl are saying it's good now is because they can build stuff and finally see some random strangers in the game. Maybe they improved the campaign but i doubt it. 

    2. DeathscytheX


      They added a bunch of stuff. I was really lost TBH at the start. There was a lot of QoL improvements from using items to the scanner scanning animals further away. Fuel types seem to burn faster... which was my least favorite part of the game originally when it seemed you had to refuel with every use of everything. I mean I get using Hyperdrive once between refuels, but just taking off and landing on a non landing pad surface was pretty annoying. The mobility with the boost jump was great, especially when you upgraded its longevity. I could hit 6-7 things around my landing spot and run back, take off and pick somewhere else to land. Now I'd have to take off for 4-5, and sometimes all 6-7 of them. The only thing you can really do when you land now is gather resources around the area. Eh. I removed it from my PS4 last night.

    3. Sledgstone


      That sounds incredibly boring. XD

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