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  1. With GW2s new draw distances, Ive noticed a few improvements in the core game, where map textures load further out, but Southsun Cove is a wreck. XD I went there for the first time in a long time for the daily JP and the increased draw makes some parts look funky and incomplete. After thinking about it for a minute while running around, i realized because the horizon is just a solid blue color making the distant textures look odd as if the map was incomplete. It could be the filter I'm running on SweetFX, but its def bizarre. Its the only map like that, that I've noticed. Maybe because its pretty flat and a plateau.

    1. Sledgstone


      It might be the sweetfx. I went there yesterday and did karka queen for the first time in half a year and didn't notice anything odd. :P But then again I was streaming the game to my laptop and that always drops the quality a bit. I might have noticed something different if I was directly on my PC.

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