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  1. So I preordered the standard edition of Destiny 2. I'll let you know if downloading the Beta is worth it since I'll get early access. I have a feeling there might not be any open world like D1. They haven't shown any at all if you think about it. They'll probably just be a strike, the first mission, and PvP. I hope I'm wrong, because I'd rather just run around a map and test out weapons more than anything else.

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    2. DeathscytheX


      My biggest interest going into this beta is class diversity. I just saw where Hunter has a trait line where the staff does double damage per hit and they were just destroying the Titan during their shield ult. A rock paper scissors approach would be nice. Although Warlock still looks like the master race. I doubt I'll use dawnblade much though. I'm in love with blink... and with my custom controller I'll really love it. (beaing able to jump, crouch, AND melee without ever taking your thumbs off the sticks is so underrated) Void Walker is what I'll be testing out most of the time. You hunter mains can be jealous of Titan and Warlock super jumps, but I like Warlocks shortest jump the best. XD Interesting how they took blink away from Hunter though, and they basically split the Titan bubble ability between the Titan and Warlock. Those Warlock rifts are going to be super powerful in group content. But Warlock gets a lot more utility than everyone else. In some sort of shitty trinity Titan is Tank, Hunter is DPS, and Warlock is a support god that can tank and DPS it feels like. In D1 Titan was a Tank and Support and Warlocks and Hunters were DPSers. Bungie doesn't have the trinity down right it feels like.... I would say Warlock got the GW2 Elementalist treatment from John Ryan, but he doesn't even work for Bungie anymore. Probably for the best... we don't need a Trahearne in D2. XD

    3. Sledgstone


      They need to get the voice actor of Trahearne to play the ghost and every time you need to interact with something it'll say "Guardian, a word please." XD

    4. DeathscytheX


      XD Your ghost would take credit for every Crucible win, and Strike completion.

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